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Wishful Thinking

My fucking of Madhu last night was really incredible. After a long time, I finally felt like I really can fuck, that this is how I would like to be able fuck a woman every time -- and yes, there are still lots of those: her sister, a couple of their cousins, some friends, relatives, some of the maids. Even if it's only ever going to be in my imagination. Last night, with Madhu, though, it wasn't just fantasy.

The morning's massage helped a very great deal. The stomach was clear, the knots in my back and shoulders had gone and I felt strong and fit. I'd kept light at dinner so I wasn't feeling very bloated. Before I left for dinner I was feeling a whole lot hornier, and it seemed to have waned a little by the time we got back around 11:15. Madhu was pretty much on the cusp and had I not insisted, it could well have gone into yet another night of aridity.

As it happened, it didn't take much to get her turned on. I was naked and waiting and already had a moderate hard-on. I'd used a novocaine-based spray on my cock-head to avoid any danger of cumming too early. This one is very good, quite without taste or odour, unlike the brand I used earlier.

She came out of the bathroom a minute or so later in her white lacy bra and panties, looking gorgeous. The curtains were pulled wide. Standing near the small desk, we caressed each other gently, kissing sexily with wide open mouths and lots of tongue. Her breasts were already heavy with excitement. I turned her around and pressed my lips to the nape of her neck -- a sure-fire turn-on. She moaned softly and leaned against me. I lifted and squeezed her breasts and then slid her bra-straps down her arms. Her breasts were gorgeous in my hands, full and heavy and laden with lust.

Even then, with my cock in full erection, I remember feeling distanced from the present and thinking how fantastic it would be to see her like this with another man -- one of the trainers from the gym, maybe, or a handsome young servant, or even my email friends, Raju or Ajay. Especially Raju. I imagine he'd be tall and wide-shouldered and lean and hard-bodied and capable of fucking her mercilessly and hard, which is just how I would like her to be taken.

I slid my hand down her belly and found that she'd taken off her panties. Her cunt was very wet already, which is always a good sign. I squeezed her breasts again and pushed my finger into her mouth and she sucked and licked it sexily, moistening it for me to rub on her nipple. She pressed her butt back against me and squeezed my cock between her butt cheeks. One day I really want to fuck her up the ass. Or, better still and as always, to watch a young servant do it. And then to fuck her mouth, of course, and cream in her face. Meanwhile, I rolled my palms over her nipples while gently pushing my cock in and out between her butt cheeks.

She turned around in my arms and unhooked her bra. Her breasts are really wonderful -- the sheer weight and heft of them gives me a hard-on, not to mention her incredible cleavage when she totes it in a low-necked shirt, blouse or even one of those wretched caftans. Her stubby nipples were nut-hard. I felt her shudder and moan. I bent my head and squeezed one of her breasts into my mouth, whipping her hard nipple with my tongue. Her hand came down to my face and I opened my mouth and she slid her middle finger into my mouth and ran it in and out as if she was fucking it till I had it fully wet, before running it over her other nipple. It was incredibly sexy. I slid my finger down between her legs and arched my finger into her cunt. It was warm and wet and tight in there. I felt her cunt closing on my finger and her hips moving back and forth.

She moved back onto the desk on her own accord, surprising me -- she doesn't often do that. I continued tormenting her breasts and then moved down between her thighs, lifting them high and wide in my hands. Her cunt was dripping sweetly. We paused to move the clutter and I went back to between her legs.

I took my time tongue-fucking her: I pressed my tongue firmly into her crack and held it there and then let it ripple slowly up. She moaned and arched and her hands flew to her breasts in ecstasy. I flickered my tongue in her cunt. Her thighs trembled and butterflied in and out. I drove my tongue in deeper, and then stopped, letting it ripple up and out of her cunt, gently contouring around her mons and pubis.

"OHHHHHH yes!" she gasped.

I slid my finger into her cunt right up to the knuckle. She moaned and her hips rose, her feet on the edge of the desk. Up and up she lifted her hips and I gripped and squeezed her buttocks and again pushed my tongue into her crack. It was wide open, utterly helpless now. I could do what I wanted with it.

"Stop, oh god please stop!" she groaned as I flicked her clit and sucked on it.

Her hand fluttered down to her crotch and pulled her cunt-lips open wider for me. I pushed my tongue deeper into her cunt. It tasted wonderful. She moaned. I stopped, loving the sound of her gasping moan. Oh, if only I could see her like with a lowly servant or Raju!

"Stay there ... fuck yourself," I murmured.

She obeyed. I sped across the room and fetched the dildo. When I returned she was still on her back, masturbating dreamily, her finger caressing her clit. I moved around to the side of the desk and pushed my cock to her face and turned her head to my crotch. She sucked my cock hungrily. In the low light, I could see my cock distending her face. Her head rocked back and forth. I squeezed her breasts and caressed her face, enjoying the feel of her lips encircling my shaft and cock-head. I took the vibrator and pushed it into her mouth with my cock. She moaned and sucked the ersatz cock.

"C'mon, suck hard!" I grunted. "Keep sucking my cock!"

She moaned and went back to sucking me. I pushed her body onto her back again and, turning on the vibrator, ran it over her breasts and into her armpits. She moaned deep in her cock-filled mouth, sucking me even harder. It felt incredible and perhaps even better because I wasn't in any danger of coming. I continued fucking her mouth and slowly ran the buzzing vibrator down her body. Her legs flapped open. I pushed the vibrator down her slit.

"MMMMphmmmm," she went, her body arching again.

Slowly, I turned it back and slid it into her cunt.

"Oh fuck yes!" she breathed before taking my cock in her mouth and sucking harder and harder.

I switched off the vibrator and began frigging her with it. Her hips trembled and writhed on the table. I turned it on. She gasped and arched again. I drew it out and pushed it in again as much as I could and began running it in and out, in and out, then pulled it up and pressed it to her clit.

"Stop, stop," she gasped. "God please stop!"

I relented, but made her keep sucking my cock.

"C'mon, fuck me now," she said to my utter delight.

I fucked her on her back on the little table and it was wonderful to hear her moans at this position. She slid down a bit and I squeezed my cock smoothly into her cunt and bent slightly over her. I was in no hurry. I felt strong and in complete control.

"Oh god yes!" she breathed. "Oh god, this is so good in this position!"

I began fucking her slowly and unhurriedly. I could feel my cock grinding down her clit. I took my time, rolling my hips from side to side, mashing her cunt-flesh and then stroking in and out.

"Yes! C'mon! C'mon!" she moaned as I fucked her.

I went faster. Her body jerked with my thrusts. I relished the sight of her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing with my thrusts -- god, it looked so sexy!

Again I felt myself distanced, a fly on the wall, somewhere up near the ceiling looking down at the two heaving bodies and, of course, it wasn't me I saw fucking Madhu but a servant, or perhaps even Ravi, my masseur of the morning with his dark good looks, his broad, hard body and flat belly. I imagined it was a servant with a really big cock, fucking her really hard like this ...

"Yeh, c'mon, take it!" I grunted, holding her hips and ramming myself into her cunt. I was in no danger of coming.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" she moaned and began to come much too soon as she so often does.

I ignored her orgasm. I was now fucking her for myself and my head was filled with visions of her as a whore and a slut, fornicating with other men. It drove me wild. I fucked her harder, thrusting powerfully in and out of her cunt, savouring the sight of my thrusts bouncing her body on the table (I actually made it creak), her breasts bouncing as I pounded in and out of her. I slowed down for a brief respite, rocking unhurriedly in and out of her cunt, which made her moan. After a bit, I spread her legs wider and folded them back. I leaned forward, bending her legs steeply back and pulling them wide and began fucking her hard again with deep, lunging thrusts. I felt my cock rebounding off the back of her cunt. She gasped and moaned out, in some discomfort I believe, but I really didn't care. I felt like I could go on like this for a long time.

I remember thinking what it might feel like to have her cousin Pallavi like this on this very table. I could see us now, my wife's gorgeous cousin whimpering, her full breasts bouncing, her lovely face creased in lust. Or perhaps Alisha, desperate for sex with me.

Still I didn't come. Madhu protested.

"It's going to take some fucking," I said. "Not so soon!"

We moved to the bed and I made her mount me. Her cunt still felt tight but that could have been because my cock felt so huge. I was still a distance from my cum. To begin with, I held still and compel her to move. She moaned but obeyed -- as I imagined she would her illicit naukar-lover -- rearing up and looking utterly gorgeous, her full breasts thrust out and head flung back, her belly sucked in and her hips swirling in circles and grinding back and forth.

"You're going to cum again," I announced.
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