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Wife Wants Husband To Seduce Mother-3

In the drawing room, Sasuma kept sitting silent. She was lost in her thoughts. We husband wife have already planned all these words. We wanted her to keep thinking about my cock and giving hand job to me. We wanted that such thoughts keep roaming in her thoughts. We had already planned the seduction taking in mind the psychological angle also.

As hoped, the thoughts of masturbating me by hand kept coming to Sasuma's mind. Perhaps she was thinking about my proposal and perhaps also about the size and hardness of my cock.

Whole of evening and even at night she was silent.

When she went to sleep and was alone at night, she kept thinking of my proposal. This was the first time in last 20 years, when some man has asked her to give him a hand job. She was unknowingly getting wet in her panties, but she was still not ready for it.

Next morning, I acted silent and didn't speak much. Sasuma was thinking that I was still annoyed with her daughter. She was silent and not talking to me or even avoiding eye contact with me. She was feeling embarrassed to even look towards me.

I ate my breakfast alone (Aarti deliberately didn't come out of her room to show as if we are not on talking terms. This again made Sasuma worried.).

Anyway after breakfast, I took my bag. Sasuma was in kitchen. I went to her and said,
"Sasuma! I am sorry but Aarti didn't cooperate with me at night. I asked even for anal sex but she refused, she was not ready to use her mouth and then not even her hand on me. I am so desperate for some release. Please think of me. You are our own and only one with whom I can share my problems."

Sasuma was silent and before she could say anything, I went out.

Sasuma was silent. She was in a dilemma. Neither could she agree to me to masturbate nor could she ask her pregnant daughter to let her horny husband fuck her.

For whole day the thoughts kept coming to her mind but she could not decide anything. This was our already planned psychological part of seduction plan.

As per our plan we kept silent and nothing happened for 2 days. Sasuma was avoiding me but getting normal now. I also didn't bring the matter out.

Then one day we started our next phase of action.

This was Sunday, after lunch, we all went to our rooms to take rest. As planned, I and Aarti started shouting with each other (false). We were quarreling loudly. Though we were sitting on bed in each other arms but acting a quarrel.

Our heated voices were coming out of room. Sasuma came out of her room, but as she could sense the reason, so she was hesitating to interfere.

After sometimes, I took some chilies in hands and then rubbed my hands on my eyes, naturally I felt pain in eyes and water came in them. I again rubbed my eyes and now they were red. Also water (tears) was coming out of them. It looked as if I was crying. I slammed the door shut behind and came to drawing room and sat there putting my head in my hands.

I was falsely weeping. Actually in the name of sitting in a gloomy pose, I was rubbing my eyes, so that it may look as I was crying out.

Sasuma kept standing in kitchen watching me for some time and then as I hoped, she took pity on me and hesitatingly came to me and asked the matter.

As per plan I started crying loudly and then in sobs said,
"Sasuma! I am at the end now. Nobody cares for me. Aarti also asked to do whatever I want but she won't let me have sex with her, not a release even with her hands.

Even you also don't understand my situation and not ready to help me. I have decided that I will not go to any other lady or prostitute but I will end my life now. Enough is enough. I will commit suicide so that you all are happy."

Saying this I again falsely started crying and hid my face in hands.

Sasuma was stunned with my decision. She hurriedly came to me and patting on my shoulder said,

"Sonu Beta! Don't behave like this. I am a mother and cannot ask my daughter to help you. Don't think of suicide. OK. Let it be. I will help you with my hands tonight and give you a release. When Aarti sleeps at night, you come to spare bed room and lye under a blanket. I will come there. But don't let anybody know it."

I jumped with joy. Sasuma looked at my gleaming face she felt shy and immediately went to kitchen.

I went to my room. Aarti was standing behind the door and watching all this. She hugged me tightly with love and said,

"Sunil ! Congratulations. We have won the first phase of our plan. My mother has agreed to masturbate you. This is our victory. You are a great actor. Now the ice is broken. Shortly you will succeed to fuck my mother. It is great going, my dear husband."

Saying this Aarti kissed me with love and took my already hard cock in her hands and squeezed it lovingly and again spoke'

"Sunil ! See the devil is already gleaming with joy and throbbing in anticipations for the night. When you get to fuck my mother, please don't forget my cunt that is your first duty. Now take some rest and be ready for the next show at night. I hardly wait to see my mother masturbating her son in law. Please let the door be a bit ajar or window be open, so that I may see my mother doing the hand job to her son in law. "

Aarti seemed to be so happy. This was a special and weird type to love to her mother. She wanted her mother to be happy at any cost. Even if, mother is being fucked by her own son-in-law.

I was eagerly waiting for night. We had an early dinner. I was time and again looking at my Sasuma. She was so shy and avoiding eye contact with me. Aarti was looking at her blushing mother and teasingly winking at me to show the shyness of her mother.

Aarti retired to her bedroom saying she wants to sleep. Then I went to guest room and opened my lungi + t shirt and lied at bed and a blanket to cover my fully naked body. My cock was throbbing with happiness and it was rock hard already. Aarti was already hid near window and when I looked at her, she smiled and raising her thumb wished me good luck. I also smiled and gave her a flying kiss.

Sasuma came in the room. She was very tense and trembling; don't know with shyness, excitement or what. The room was dimly lit. When she saw me lying naked, she hesitated, but then came near to me. I asked her to sit near me.

She slowly put her hand on my naked chest and said,
“ Sonu Beta! This is so wrong. I have not done all this in last 20 years. Please let it be a secret."

I kept silent and putting my hand on her hand, slid it down ward to my navel. I was under blanket below waist. Sasuma slowly brought her hand below my naval but then hesitatingly stopped. I smiled at her and guided her hand under blanket to my cock. As soon as her hand touched my cock, I jumped with joy, and a moan escaped my lips.

As I jumped with joy, blanket slid down ward. My cock was still hidden. I put my hand on Sasuma's hand and made her wrap her fingers around my cock. Sasuma held my cock.

My cock was so big but it grew in size as she held it in her hands. She was silent but her breathing fastened. Her chest was heaving up and down. She had held my cock in her fist but she was still not moving it.

Sasuma was holding a cock after 20 years, so I gave her time to let her feel a cock in hand. She was enjoying the feel of a rod of flesh in her hand after a long time. Perhaps my cock was bigger than her deceased husband. She slowly started moving her hand on its entire length.

I was shamelessly moaning loudly now. Sasuma was feeling shame. After all in Indian tradition, it is a taboo for a Mother-in-law to hold her Son-in-law's cock in hand. And this was happening.

She was at loss of words. She didn't know what to say. It was so unexpected. She liked the feel of a hard cock, and on the same time wanted to run away as I was her own Son-in-law. Anyway silently she was moving her hand on the entire length of my cock now.

I looked toward window. Aarti was there and enjoying the show. She raised her thumb in air and signaled me to keep going.

I smiled and knowingly started moving my pelvic as if in enjoyment. This led to lowering of blanket down. And within one minute I was lying naked before my Sasuma and blanket was lying near my feet.

Sasuma didn't say anything as her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock. My cock was very big and hard. Sasuma was holding a cock after 20 years and feeling the touch of a flesh rod in hand. She was moving her hand on its full length.

I was moaning shamelessly and she was enjoying it. She was not expecting to see my naked cock like this but to hold it and hurriedly masturbate me under the blanket, but here I was lying without any cloth and she was holding my cock in light.

Sasuma's was also getting hot and horny now and her cunt was flooding her cunt juices and getting wet. She was shamelessly moving her hand on my cock's length and giving me a proper hand job.

My cock head was partially covered under cock shield. When she moved her hand down, the flesh would pull along and the cock head would come out of its confinement and when she pulled her hand up, it would again cover under its veil. Sasuma was enjoying this game. She desperately wanted to touch and rub her cunt, but as she was my mother-in-law, she could not do it before me.

I asked her to put her other hand below my balls and to caress them. Sasuma immediately put her other hand under my balls and started scratching under it with her nails.

I was in cloud nine and enjoying the first hand job from my own mother-in-law. I knew that my wife Aarti was standing behind the window and watching her mother in action with me.

Sasuma's cunt must be dripping wet now. Her head was spinning and she was lost in the beauty of the cock in hand. I was feeling my orgasm to be nearing.

I tried another step and hurriedly spoke,
"Sasuma! It is coming. Oh GOD I am about to shoot. Sasuma! It will dirty all the bed and your hands. Please hurry up and put your mouth on it to cover it.
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