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Chintu and his mother Mrs Priyanka Sukla left our house at around 10.30 pm. We took our dinner and went to sleep. We were hugging each other tightly and talking.
Bani said,” rana I love you, today atleast I took revenge from one guy, and all credit goes to you.” I kissed on her forehead and said,”
Me – I know you love me and we will take revenge from every one who was playing with your modesty.
Bani – really rana?
Me – yes, sweet heart.
Bani – ok then tell me what is your next plan?
Me – next I will meet Mrs Anu Chatterjee, who also trapped and raped on that night with you?
Bani – why? Why you want to meet her?
Me – team building dear
Bani – I did not get you
Me – next there are total 5 person Rahul, his friends aslam and rajiv, babu friend of chintu and Raghu ,the caretaker of that building. In opponent we are only two. So I want to make a team of three including Mrs Anu Chatterjee.
Bani – but how you will meet her?
Me – for that I want your help.
Bani – how?
Me – you will fix a meeting with anu within 3 to 4 days. Because after that babu will come back and also there is a chance of return back of Rahul any day.
Bani – you are right. Wait now only I will call her.
Bani took her mobile and rang anu’s no. after 2 or 3 rings anu picked her mobile and said, “ Hello”
Bani – it’s bani.
Anu – oh ! why are you calling me at that time?( She answered with a frightened voice)
Bani – don’t get panic. I am calling on my own.
Anu – ok how are you?
Bani – don’t you know how I am?
Anu – yes I know. Same here.
Bani – anu I want to talk with you for few min, is it ok with you?
Anu – yes bani please tell me what is that?
Bani – I told everything to my husband.
Anu – what?
Bani – yes it’s true.
Anu – did he leave you?
Bani – no, he forgave me, and assured me that he will help me to take revenge on them.
Anu – really? I can’t believe.
Bani – yes t is true and for that reason I called you.
Anu – I can’t understand what do you want to tell me?
Bani – I told him about you also.
Anu – (with a surprised voice) why?
Bani – because you were going through the same humiliation with me.
Anu – yes bani you are correct. I also want to take revenge from those bustard but I can not do anything. Because my husband is very conservative. If he comes to know a little then only he will leave me. And I can’t effort that. Because I was belong to a very poor family. But my husband marry me because of my beauty. He is also an old perverted man who marry me just to enjoy my body. But in that case atleast I was used by my husband. ( she start crying) but now I become a cheap slut. I hate myself. I always been dominated by men surrounding me.
Bani – I feel sorry for you, but I did not call you to share your tears but I want to know if you get the opportunity to take revenge from those bustard, will you take the advantage?
Anu – yes bani. I will. I want to take revenge at least from one man. Then I will be satisfied. But how it is possible?
Bani – my husband will make it possible. Are you ready?
Anu – yes of course.
Bani – then talk with my husband.
And she winked at me
Me – hi anu this is rana
Anu – (with a very soft and shameful voice) hi.
Me – we will work like a team and then only we can take our revenge.
Anu – ok what I have to do.
Me – first we will meet and then we will decide. But we should meet tomorrow.
Anu – can we meet 2 to 3 days later. Because I am out of Kolkata.
Me – ok, actually I want to meet you immediately because we can’t late, you can understand why I am telling like this.
Anu – yes I understand but…..
Me – actually tomorrow night I am going to delhi for a official trip and bani also go to her parental house which is very far from Kolkata.
Anu – oh you are coming to delhi. Then we can meet day after tomorrow.
Me – how come?
Anu – because now I am in Chennai in my relative place. I will leave Chennai. From Chennai I will go to delhi to meet one of my friend.So we can meet at delhi.
Me – it will be good. Then I will receive you at delhi airport day after tomorrow morning.
Anu – ok
Me – ok then bye and goodnight.
Anu – goodnight.
I cut the line and I went into sleep. My wife was sleeping beside me.
Next day morning I wake up and directly went to tarun office. I told him that I took revenge on chintu and his mother. He smiled at me.” Good rana da, but there is a problem, I cant fin any loop whole in babu and his mother. Here is their photo.” Tarun said to me and handed over the photo.
I was surprised. Babu’s mother is non other than Mrs Anu Chatterjee. Now I was in dilemma, what to do? I told tarun,” today I am going to delhi. I will return back after 3 to 4 days. I am sure by that time you will definitely make some way out.” Tarun nodded his head and said, “yes definitely.”
I moved out from his cabin and went to my office. I packed all my official documents and headed towards my house. Evening I dropped bani at her parental house and went to airport. Night around 10 pm I reached delhi and took a hotel suite. I was thinking about anu and babu. What I will do? Slowly I went into sleep. Next day I wake up and headed towards the delhi airport to receive anu.
I saw Anu was coming. I was mesmerized to see her. I felt jealous about her husband. She was so much beautiful. I never seen such a beauty. I don’t have any word to describe her beauty. But I am trying.
She was almost 5’5” . Very fair pinkish color. Cute face, her eyes are so deep, her lips were an art of a perfect artist. She might be 34-26-34. Perfectly shaped. No extra fat. Very very curvious. Her boobs are so beautiful. Today she was wearing a light yellow sari. Her skin color just matched with her sari. Her wearing told that She was very conservative and shyly housewife.
I was amazingly looking at her. She was coming towards me. Now she was standing infront of me. I was dumbstruck.
She smilingly said, “ Hi You must be ranada, Bani’s husband”
I said hello to her. We shake our hands. Who! it was so soft buttery. We moved towards the main gate. I took trolley from her hand. She hesitantly accepted it. We moved to our car.
After getting into the car I smilingly said,” yes madam now tell me what is your programme.”
She answered, “ Nothing big. I told my friend that I will be coming by evening flight. So now we will go to your place and have our lunch. And then we will talk. And evening I will go to my friend place.”
I smilingly nodded my head and asked driver to headed my office guest house. It was a small bungalow. One caretaker was there.
We reached our guesthouse and we settled down in a couch. She was tired. She asked me, “ how many guest are there now?” I answered her this bungalow is given to only one board member and his family at one time. At present It was booked by me so only we were here now. She smilingly said,” oh that’s nice”. Her smile again felt me jealous on her husband.
I got up from the sofa and told, “lets come with me I will show you your room, so that You can freshen up and change your clothes, and also take some rest. But before that you should tell me that what you will want to have in lunch.”
She looked at me and told, “ first time any man ask me about my wish. I was not habituated with this so please you decide as per your choice , I don’t have any problem.”
Slowly she took her clothes and headed towards the bathroom. I closed the room door and came out. I felt petty for her. She was such a lonely lady. I sat on the sofa again and was thinking about herself. How beautiful she is. Her nature is so soft and gentle. Any man can be mad for her. I felt that it was also happened with me when I first saw her at airport. Yes I fall in love with her. I love my wife bani but it also true now I also love anu. It can not be possible for me to take revenge from her due to his son fault. No I can’t.
After around 1 hour she came out from her room. She was wearing a salwar. She was looking very beautiful. I welcomed her and we had our lunch together. She was very pleased because fortunately all the menu I set, her favorites. After lunch I told her, “now take some rest.”
She replied ok and headed towards her room. But suddenly she stopped and asked me, “ You did not tell me why you meet me and what you wanted to tell me.”
I replied, “nothing much. Evening when we will have our tea then I will tell you ok.”
She smilingly nodded her head, and went of.
Evening she came out from her room. She was wearing sari, and light touch up on her face. I understood she was all ready to went out. I smilingly said, “ you are ready to go, but before that I think you should have a cup of tea with me.” She agreed and we were now seating oppositely and taking our tea. Side by side we was also chit chatting to each other.
Anu – now tell me what is your plan?
Me – I will tell you, but before that may I ask you a question?
Anu – please…..
Me – suppose two teen ager boys rape you. What you will do?
Anu – (surprisingly looked at me) what type of question is this?
Me – Sorry if I hurt you, but I just want to know that two boys, age is 15 or 16 like your son forcefully rape you then what you will do? Should you forgive them for their underage or punish them.
Anu – no question of forgiveness. If they rape a woman, then they are mature enough to be punished.
Me – ok
Anu – but why are you asking me this type of ill question?
Me – I am asking you because that night when you and my wife was gangbanged, after that Raghu again raped her. Not only that two young stars of 15 or 16 years also raped her after that in their flat.
Anu – what are you telling?
I can saw tears in her eyes.
Me – do you want to know the name of the boys?
Anu – name? do I know them?
Me – yes you know them very well because they both belongs to your building.
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