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Priyanka Bhabhi Goes to Goa

After that ribald office episode, I was not sure anymore that I wanted to wear the revealing clothes that Sanjay wanted me to wear. The riot it created in the office in one day was too much to handle for my conservative upbringing. Almost every man in the building knew about it, and some have taken pictures of me while I was walking after lunch and shared them on social media, and I could literally read the dirty thoughts off of their brains when they kept devouring me with their eyes. Despite Sanjay’s repeated exhortations that I should expose more, I refused to budge after that. But there was a considerable change in me already - I was now OK to wear mildly revealing ones, like exposing the minimum cleavage, or tight t-shirts, or showing off midriff or the thighs.

But my perverted husband always wanted more.

About the same time, we got invited to Goa by two of Sanjay’s college buddies- Rohit and Manoj, whom I had not met before. We flew into Goa while Sanjay’s friends drove down from Mumbai. Rohit brought his new bride Sahana - she was a pretty girl, sexy and voluptuous, coming from some high class business family in Mumbai. She had really big boobs, quite noticeable from the tight t-shirts that she wore. With a prominent butt, she had a curvy figure overall, somewhat like a slimmer version of Kim Kardashian.

Sanjay told me that Rohit and Manoj were also meeting each other after a long time. That means, like me, Sahana was also meeting Manoj and his new girlfriend Pooja for the first time. Pooja is an aspiring model that acted in some B-grade Bollywood movies. She was very sexy, slim and tall with a pretty face. Since they all drove down in the same car, Pooja and Sahana started their interaction early on. From what we got to know, it turned out to be an eventful journey. Both the girls believed they were prettier than the other and therefore jealousy was the dominant mood. By the time they reached Goa, Sahana and Pooja became bitter rivals.

When Sanjay saw them getting off from the car in Goa, he could not stop himself from whistling and commenting on the beauty of these two women. Both the girls were wearing some sexy outfits: Sahana was in a tight t-shirt and tight pants, while Pooja was in a halter top, and hot pants. Pooja was showing off much skin, being a model and actress and all that.

Suddenly a twinge of jealousy overtook my body. I just couldn’t digest the fact they were hogging all the attention from the men!

Sanjay’s friends were really gracious. They returned the gesture by lavishing compliments on me. ‘Bhabhi! You are looking so beautiful’. And the other one told Sanjay that I was ‘pretty’.

But these are not the words that I wanted to hear!

During the dinner that night, the three friends who met after a long time, started to relate to us all the ribald stories of their college days. From their stories it was clear that they often chased the same woman and therefore were always competing against each other. After getting a bit drunk, Manoj revealed how the three friends fucked the same prostitute once because they couldn’t afford one for each. All the woman said, Ewww!

Manoj didn’t stop at that. He related one such incident in detail.
Manoj: One day, I got a call girl to the college during our fourth year, and while I was going at her, both these guys were waiting outside hearing all the moans and grunts. I think I took nearly 30 minutes. After I was done, I came out, I asked Rohit and Sanjay if they wanted to have a go.
Sahana: Chee! Can’t believe that you guys were so cheap. So, what did Rohit and Sanjay do?
Manoj: Rohit was the first one to eagerly step forward and soon he was inside. He must have stayed in for about 12 minutes and then he was done.
Sahana: Oh! 12 minutes? Hmmm… Rohit! You have improved your stamina a lot after college.
Rohit: Sahana, it’s all because of you. Practice makes man perfect.
Everyone at the table laughed, though each of us was conscious that the discussion was going very adult now.
Pooja: So what happened after that? Did Sanjay also fuck the same prostitute?

The word fuck was now considered officially OK for discussion!

Manoj: Actually, Sanjay was in a dilemma then. He was not sure. You see, he was a bit conservative in college. And also a bit shy. Me: But nowadays he is not conservative, let me assure you. You can say that he has become a pervert of some sort.
Everyone laughed.
Sahana: But seriously, what did Sanjay do? Did he go in and fuck her?
Manoj: We both egged him on. Told him that this is the best chance. Upar se paisa bhi wasool. Being shy he wanted us also to go in with him. So we took him inside. And there she was. This beautiful woman, lying on the bed, completely naked, sweaty, fucked and randy, with her legs spread, waiting for her third man of the day. And Sanjay stood near the edge of the cot and kept staring at her. That’s when she said, ‘Kya dekh raha hain, saale! Jaldi apna lund nikaal aur daal andar!’
Pooja: Really? She said that? What a brave girl?
Everyone at the table was now enjoying the dirty talk without any embarrassment.
Manoj: Sanjay obeyed her like a school boy listening to a schoolmaster. He immediately stripped down, his dick was already hard, and he started fucking her. That’s when we both got out.
Sahana: So how was the feeling? The idea of fucking a woman who was earlier fucked by your friends?
Rohit: Actually, it was quite arousing. It felt like we were fucking our friend’s wife.
Sahana: Really? My God! I can’t believe you said that. Rohit! You are such a pervert!
Sahana went about hitting Rohit playfully.
Pooja: So how long did Sanjay stay in there?
Manoj: 5 minutes top!
Pooja: Oh! Poor Priyanka!
Me: No, he has improved too. You haven’t heard this before? Practice makes a man perfect.
To that we all cheered and did a bottoms up.
Manoj: We all used to joke about how it would be if we all had only one wife. May be you all don’t know this, but that’s when we promised to each other that we would share their wives after we get married, right friends?
Sahana: Chee! You guys are such perverts. I can’t believe I married one.
Manoj: Haha! Looks like you girls married 3 perverts.
Sahana immediately jabbed her husband Rohit, while Pooja gave a serious look at Manoj.

And I couldn’t believe that Sanjay was party to such a discussion. Is that the reason why he keeps asking me to reveal and expose?

To overcome the uneasiness that permeated the entire group, Sanjay said, ‘Arre Yaar! That was when we were young and foolish. Now we are mature! Let’s drink to that’. With that we got into the party mood. Looked like Sahana and Pooja could not shake off their husbands’ promise from their heads. Sahana immediately started to talk very nice with Manoj, while Pooja was blatantly hitting on Rohit. Probably they have started to imagine how it would be to fuck the other’s husband/boyfriend, may be just to spite the other woman.

Manoj complimented Sahana profusely and said that she was ‘extremely sexy’ woman, any man would love to be her husband. Sahana blushed a lot upon receiving this compliment. Pooja was literally fuming at that time. Rohit immediately said that Pooja was quite sexy as well, and that she may become top actress in Bollywood, like Deepika Padukone. Pooja went over and hugged Rohit for this compliment, which didn’t go very easy with Sahana.

With so much compliments flowing around during conversation, but all directed at these other two women, I was feeling insecure.

They think I am not sexy just because I am not wearing skimpy clothes?

May be Rohit sensed this in me. He immediately started talking about me.
Rohit: Bhabhi, Sahana and Pooja may be sexy and perky, but you exude certain sensuality, from your looks and the way you carry yourself.
Sanjay: Arre bhai Rohit, Priyanka can actually dress up well, and when she does, she looks like a sex bomb! But she doesn’t want to.
Manoj: Why is that Bhabhi? I think you should dress up, and you will be as sexy as Pooja.
Pooja: Yes, Priyanka, you should try some modern clothes, so that people don’t treat you like aunty.

Definitely it was a condescending remark! Fucking Bitch!

Hearing Pooja’s remark Sahana came to my rescue.
Sahana: I am pretty sure that if she wears some modern clothes, she can be far more sexy than any of us here on the table.
Sanjay: Actually, it is not like Priyanka doesn’t know how to dress well. Few days ago, she dressed up quite sexily to her office; and for some reason she didn’t want to continue. Let me know show you the picture.

Without asking for my permission, Sanjay took his smartphone and opened the pictures of me when I wore the deep t-shirt and tight low rise jeans to the office and handed it over to his friends.

Manoj: Wow! Bhabhi, you are extremely sexy in this picture. You are looking like Priyanka Chopra. But with much bigger and sexier rack. If I saw you in this outfit, I wouldn’t recognize you.
Rohit: Let me look at it… (looking into the phone). Arre Yaar! Sanjay, I didn’t know you married a bombshell. Look at her figure, Pooja, she is so sexy.
Pooja: She is looking like a slut. I can’t believe she wore this to her office. The cleavage is so deep – her boobs can be seen, and look how low her pants are, one can practically see her cunt lips.

This bitch, Pooja! She deliberately wants to hurt me!

Sahana picked up the phone to look at the pictures.
Sahana: Priyanka, you look amazing. Pooja, I don’t agree with you at all. If you models wear same dresses you call it stylish. Priyanka looks so sexy in these pictures. I would say that these are quite bold. Priyanka, you must have been a sensation in your office, right?
Sanjay: Yes she was. (laughing) I was told later that almost every man in her office had to go to bathroom to masturbate that day.
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