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Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 27

And then for the next forty-five minutes I was on my knees satisfying her with my tongue. I spent a lot of time on upper portion of her pussy, near her clit, and she would let me till it was too much for her and then she would push me southwards. I would spend a little time teasing her with my tongue at the lower end of her pussy. In doing so, often my tongue would slip a further down and lick her back hole. Surprisingly she never objected but only squirmed when my tongue accidentally invaded her puckered hole. Although Mansi had rimmed Rahul countless times, he sparingly reciprocated the favor; Rohini insisted he only did three times on her. I wondered if Mansi ever thought about receiving it, given that she knows how much Rahul craved for it.

She had two orgasms in the first thirty-five minutes but she never lifted her legs from my shoulder and every time I tried to rise, she forced me down with her legs. This was unlike Mansi, who rarely insisted on such a long foreplay. In the last leg she did something even more unusual and unexpected. As her second orgasm subsided, I worked on her lower portion of pussy and as usual my tongue occasionally breached the forbidden territory. However, this time on every occasion her pelvis tilted up giving more access to her puckered hole. I wasn't sure if it was my mind playing tricks with me.

Mansi had perhaps one of the finest asses among all the women I have personally known. Not that I had seen all of them naked but I could guess from general outline. Moreover, she certainly was one of the rarest to possess a reddish puckered hole that went along well with her pinkish pussy lips and slightly reddish areoles. I had seen Rohini's vaginal lips and asshole several times and they were very dark in comparison to her overall complexion. But then Rohini wasn't as fair as Mansi either. Rohini and I had once discussed about this and according to her most Indian women would have her kind of color difference. Mansi was special since she belonged to particular Brahmin caste that hailed from the Konkan region of Maharashtra, which was under French and Portuguese rule for quite some time. There were rumors that the rulers mixed with the local people, due to which most of these Brahmins have either blue or brown eyes. This was also one of the reasons why her parents were unwilling to accept me as their son-in-law.

I had little hesitation to rim such a beautiful ass However, I wasn't entirely sure if that is what Mansi desired, hence I focused on perineum instead of directly moving to her asshole. She let me do that for a little while and then she placed her feet on my shoulders and lifted herself up a little to give access to her rear entry point. She gripped my hand as my tongue probed her asshole indicating that she indeed found that pleasurable. I supported her bum on my hands to ease the pressure on my shoulders and started pleasuring my wife. Mansi immensely enjoyed the last ten minutes of our foreplay. By the time I was finished with her, her asshole had become so wet and supple that I could easily see-saw two of my fingers through her asshole.

Having satisfied her completely, I moved on top of her and kissed her forcibly and despite having climaxed couple of times, she responded fervently. She was not done yet and asked me if I had tasted his cum. To my utter surprise I quickly responded, "No but I wish I could," and kissed her again. Her hand quickly moved down to my erect penis but she had little difficulty in getting hold of it as our bodies were practically glued. I slid down next to her to give more access to her.

Our kisses were unusually wet, sloppy and extremely passionate. Breaking the kiss she said, "Perhaps he shot it right inside my womb." Her hands were busy jerking me very delicately and all the talk was now exciting me so much that I started to pump in and out of her fist.

"He breaches the narrow corridor of my cervix often," she said.

"Many a times he is deeply wedged inside my cervix while spewing his baby making sperm," she added in her seductive voice looking for a response in my eyes. In the faint light of our bathroom passage she could only sense my reaction. However, the frantic pumping underneath might have conveyed what she was enquiring about.

"Could he have impregnated me?" she asked innocently, reaching out for my lips. I kissed her passionately and very soon moved on top to mount her. She spread her legs and asked, "Where are the condoms?"

A rhetoric question! She immediately fished out one from our bedside table. Reluctantly I pulled it on top of my rock hard pecker that was longing to feel the insides of her vagina and perhaps have a shot at impregnating her.

"Just in case," she said as I slid my penis inside her well-lubricated vagina.

"I don't want to risk it."

"Although, I might already be pregnant," she said emphasizing that Rahul had the privilege of taking her bareback. Not sure what it was -- whether it was the humiliation or a sense of competition -- but it fueled my desire to quench her thirst. It was also Rohini's last words for the night that reminded me to do my best tonight; perhaps that helped me go down on her for over forty-five minutes. I never had much doubt in my ability to satisfy a woman with my tongue but satisfying a woman entirely with your penis is certainly a different ball game. I shafted her at a rapid pace as I thought about these things. Mansi certainly was enjoying our intense session; she was continuously moaning and grunting every time I rammed my penis all the way into her. A few minutes into it, she raised her legs and placed them on my bum and pulled me into her. As my rhythm slowed down, she said, "Slow down."

"Easy," she breathed out.

"I want you to last at least half as long as he lasts," she added again nonchalantly. It inflated my desire to shaft her as long as I could but given very little room I resorted to kissing her forcibly and she responded passionately. I was eager to hump her -- her use of pelvic muscles was making harder for me to control my ejaculation. Breaking the kiss she said, "I can see that you enjoy having your wife entertain well-endowed men."

"Perhaps, I should invite him over every weekend." She eased the pressure and let me freely shaft her; realizing perhaps that I wouldn't hold on for much longer. I noticed in the watch that it has been over five minutes since I started shafting her. It truly was an achievement considering how excited I was and that I had already spend enough time with Rohini. Unfortunately, even my best timings couldn't beat Rahul's worst ones. Rahul's quickies would last thirty to forty-five minutes, the bulk of which would be Mansi's foreplay on Rahul and then fifteen-to-twenty minutes of humping. Determined to please Mansi for as long as I could, I tried varying the pace and rhythm to postpone my ejaculation and after about another eight minutes I climaxed. Mansi hugged me very tightly as if were unloading in her.

"That was terrific," she exhaled.

"Looks like all the talk fired you up," she added.

"I knew you were making it up all along," I responded.

"I bet you wished it was all true," she said slapping my but.

"Of course, it drives me crazy," I responded.

"I am glad," she said, "I made you wear the condom."

"I wonder how much you would have ejaculated if Rahul indeed had fucked me," she added.

"You were pretty excited too," I retorted.

"You made me eat you for more than forty-five minutes!"

"I can't help it," she shrugged, "He has that effect on me."

"If he were to force himself upon me then I would have no choice but to accept him."

"Condom or no condom," she emphasized.

"After all I was his mistress," she justified.
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