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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 04

I looked at my wife again to see that she was asleep. Assuring myself that she was, I slowly open the main door in our drawing room. The light was on and I stood next to the door waiting for Akram. I was too numbed by nervousness and sexual arousal. I stood there looking at the lift. I saw the lift’s digital display come alive as I saw it heading towards our floor.
The lift stopped at my floor. The door opened and a man, I supposed to be Akram walked out. My heart beat definitely was breaking all speed records. And it was sounding more a like a drum beat. I did recognize him as he had shown himself on the cam. He extended his hands out towards me and said that he is Akram. He was taller than me and looked rugged and fit. We shook hands and I told him my name.
I was feeling too awkward and embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do next. Infect I couldn’t even see him in the eye. My wife was sleeping inside and I was too dazed not knowing what to do next or what to say next. Suddenly I was feeling unsure, of what I had got myself into. I was wishing I had not created this situation. But it was too late, anyway. He asked me if everything was ok. I could muster enough courage to say a meek yes. However, he didn’t seem nervous at all.
“Can I see your wife ?” he asked without any hesitation and with seemingly wicked smile.
“Wait, let me just once check”, saying so, I stepped inside and looked at my wife. She was fast asleep with a peaceful look on her face. She had no idea what her husband was upto. The man she trusted. I was feeling guilty as well as aroused. But there was no getting back now, so let’s just go through it and hope for the best I thought.
I went out.
“Yes she is asleep” I told Akram.
He immediately had a devilish grin on his face and said.
“Then let’s see your wife. Why wait ?”
I slowly walked in followed by Akram. As we both entered, I closed the door.
I turned around to see Akram staring at my wife. I didn’t know how to react. I was too scared and nervous. My cock knew how to. It sprang to life. I walked upto Akram and told him to be careful and not make a sound.
“yeah yeah” he said impatiently, casting aside my words “ she is hot maan, he said greedily
I could see lust in his eyes.
“what fucking boobs your wife has got. I gotta see them” he whispered into my years.
“Man, what a hot maal your wife is. Show her to me naked”
I was trying to come out of my daze but just wasn’t able to. I was shivering with nervousness and arousal. And also with fear thinking what if she wakes up. That will be disastrous for my life !
“C’mon take the her clothes off” I heard Akram say.
I realized he was referring to my sweet, homely wife !
By now my dick had a life of its own and was continuously throbbing. I bent down next to my and with my trembling fingers slowly pulled up her gown up till her knees.
“Higher” I heard Akram instructing me.
I stood up and told him its too risky to pull her gown any further as it would require me to pull her leg up, which could wake her up.
“Its ok, she won’t wake up. Do it man. Don’t do KLPD. I haven’t come from so far just to see her feet”
I was too nervous. I sat next to my wife and slowly lifted her leg and pulled her gown upto her thighs. She was really looking sexy now. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was exposing my wife to a stranger and that too inside our own home.
“Better, but higher still please. I want to see your wife’s cunt” these words were the most erotic I had ever heard. My cock was stiff hard. I pulled Vidya’s gown further up, exposing her pink colored panties to Akram’s eyes.
And immediately I could hear Akram’s reaction, as he was seeing some tasty food.
“Kya maal hai teri biwi” he said in hindi
I turned around surprised at hearing such slang from Akram. He had never used such words during our chats.
He came and sat next to me.
“Take off your wife’s panties” he whispered into my ears.
“No, that’s too risky.” I protested
“C’mon, don’t you want me to see your wife’s cunt” ? He whispered again into my ears. But suddenly I felt his hands on my thighs.
Before I could react, his hand was on my crotch.
“I want to see your wife naked “he said rubbing my cock over my pants
He started unzipping my trousers as he kept whispering into my ear
“I want to fuck your wife” His words were having a magically erotic effect on me. He took out my cock and held in hand
“I want to make your wife my fucking partner” he said as started rubbing my cock.
I was moaning looking at my wife lying half naked in front of me and complete stranger.
“take off her panty”
“what if she wakes up ? “ I asked
“then I will force her” he said as he squeezed my cock.
I tried hard to suppress my groan, which was coming out of pain and pleasure.
I lifted my wife’s ass very slowly and pulled down her panty inch by inch. As I was doing so I heard her sigh and move. I froze and didn’t move for almost a minute until I was sure she was sleeping. Soon my wife’s pussy lay exposed, with her panty pulled down to her knees.
“What a fuckable cunt your wife has got”
He just didn’t stop rubbing my cock all this while. But he used his other hand to guide my hand to his crotch. I was not at all a gay, but right now everything was turning me on.
“Take out my cock” he said
I did as told. I unzipped his pants and felt his cock over his underwear. He was huge. I put my hand in Akram’s underwear and pulled out his cock. When I saw it I was taken aback. He was double my size.
“Like it ?” He asked with a wicked grin “this is for your wife”
I moaned at just hearing his words. And began rubbing his cock
“Do you want me to fuck your wife” he asked as we were mutually masturbating each other.
I was in a trance
“Yesss. I want you to fuck my wife”
This time, without even without his asking I pulled her gown even higher, but it wouldn’t go up beyond a point. I wanted Akram to see my wife’s breasts, but I was finding it difficult.
“Make love to her” I heard him saying
“Whaat” I replied
“Have sex with her, that’s the only way you can take her clothes off”
“But what about you ?”
“I will hide and watch”
“ahhhh” I groaned in a sexual trance
“Ok go hide behind that curtain”
He walked upto the curtain and hid himself. After I assured myself that Akram couldn’t be seen, I lay next my wife.

(To Be Continued)
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