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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 02

Akram wanted to take it to the next level. I also wanted to, but I was scared and nervous. But by now Akram was completely controlling my thoughts and actions. He could make me do anything.

He said he wanted to see on Vidya’s intimate things, like her clothes, her innerwear, her photos. I said I can show those on webcam when she isn’t at home. He said not on cam but in real. I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was puzzled. “Do you want me to send you her clothes and innerwear”? I asked him.
“No don’t send. I want to see them in your house.” Akram replied
“What” I exclaimed. I was sure he was either joking or was out of his mind. But as I said he was completely controlling me. In fact he used to literally order me around.
“I am going to come to your house when she isn’t there and you show me her clothes, her underwear, her photographs, her intimate belonging etc” he gave the details of the plans.
I said no way could I face him like this in the house. I would be too embarrassed. And moreover I can’t give our address just like that. He said that he anyway knows where we live.
“You stay in Lokhandwala Galaxy building in Byculla, right?” he asked.
I was shocked and asked him how he knows it. He said he followed my wife that day from Phoenix Mill to our home. I was in a dazed state. I didn’t know what was happening. Just because of my kink, was I taking it too far. It was becoming irreversible. Akram knew too much about us and it was not just some online fun anymore. When it’s just on the chat I can put off the computer and I can get back to my real life. But now this was spilling onto my real life. Was I creating a mess out of my happy and peaceful life? But all this thought was also turning me on a lot. My dick was stiff hard and throbbing. I was aroused and in a risk taking mood.
Nevertheless I wasn’t able to muster up the strength to meet him face to face. I knew I would finally agree to whatever he wanted to me to do. I couldn’t resist for long in front of his persuasion.
But I managed to convince him, that I wouldn’t be there when he would be come, instead Gopal, our house help would allow him in. I would leave instructions with Gopal that you will be there for testing our internet connection. And when he would in our house he could go to our bathroom and I would keep Vidya’s clothes in the clothes basket meant for washing in the bathroom.

He agreed to it but not happily. He wanted me to be at home when he would come. But for once I was able to have my way. But the difficult part was to come now. “Ok that fine” he said “not give me the “exact flat number” As I was about to type the number my hand was trembling with both nervousness and arousal. I typed “4” and entered
“Just 4 ? Whats the full number “ he asked
All kinds of thoughts were racing through my mind. I still had time. I could just pull out of this, say bye to Akram and never chat with him again and pretend all this never happened. I was really going towards a stage from where there would be no return. I still had a chance to pull out of it. In a few minutes it would be too late. My mind was going on telling me all this. But my heart was in a completely rash and reckless state fuelled by my extreme arousal.
I typed “0” and pressed enter
“40 ?” he asked
My hands were literally trembling. And I typed “6”. Should I press enter? This was it. There would be no coming back after this. But I wasn’t in the state to think rationally and suppressed all these sensible thoughts and pressed enter! It was done!!
“406 is your flat number”? He asked
I said ‘yes’
“Are you sure”, he inquired.
“Yes, that is our flat number”
I was feeling all this was a dream. This all seemed so unreal. What was I doing to my otherwise, steady and peaceful life? But now it was too late. We fixed a date and time, before we finished our chat. And since then I lost my peace and tranquility. Every now and then I would think whether I should tell Akram that all this is just a stupid impulsive behavior from my side and we should call it quits. But these thoughts would be quelled by my constant state of arousal. I had a perpetual hard on, especially when I would see Vidya. She had no clue what I was upto. She looked so innocent and whenever she laughed or told me words of love, I felt like a villain, I felt guilty. But as I found out, none of these feelings stand a chance in front of the emotions that a stiff dick gives rise to.
When the day of our plan arrived I was absolutely nervous. I was in two minds and wanted to back out of it. But the other side of mine wanted me to go through with it. My heart beat just wouldn’t slow down. The D day had arrived. After Vidya left . I was in no mood to go to office and had applied for a day’s leave, but I too left to give Akram an empty home.
But before leaving I left instructions with Gopal, telling him that someone from the internet company will come to repair the connection.
As I left home, I SMSed Akram, that the coast is clear and he could come anytime. My heartbeat was above 150 for sure. Here I was allowing a complete stranger, with whom I had discussed my wife in the most intimate of ways, access to my house. Not only that, he would also be seeing all the used innerwear of my wife without her knowledge. How would my wife react to it, if she got to know about it ? I shuddered to think about it. It would be disaster for sure. Was I out of my mind? I concluded I was. But I seemed to be enjoying it too. Now I was into it, and so be it. Whatever happens, happens…lets it enjoy it for now, I tried to reason with myself.
I didn’t go too far and sat in a nearby coffee shop.
In an hour’s time I got a SMS “I am in your house”.
Moment I read that message my heart beat became so loud I could almost hear it. I ordered a cup of coffee to calm myself down but I was far away from the word ‘calm”.
In 15-20 minutes time my phone again beeped, announcing the arrival of another message. With nervous hands I clicked to open the message.
“ I am sniffing your wife’s used bra and panty. I am rubbing it against my face” The message read. My dick immediately violently throbbed inside my trousers. I was in peak of arousal. I could even feel precum leaking out. I looked down to see if it wasn’t visible through the fabric of the underwear and trousers. Luckily it wasn’t seen.

Time seemed to hardly move. I was waiting impatiently. And then the next message came
“I have finished and left home”

Immediately I paid and went home. I impatiently pressed the bell and Gopal opened the door. The first thing I did was to go to the bathroom. I locked the door and started taking out the clothes from the basket. I could see my wife’s bra and panty on top of the pile. I lifted them. I was imagining Akram standing right there and smelling my wife’s panty and bra. The thought was just too erotic. As I was about to place them back in basket, I suddenly saw something unusual on the panty. I brought it closer and saw white thick fluid on it. It took me no time to realize it was semen. I saw the same on the bra too. It was Akram’s semen?
He had masturbated on my wife’s inner wear. My arousal was reaching dizzying heights at what I was seeing. I turned around faced the mirror and dropped my pants. And even I began to masturbate. I kept looking at the Akram’s semen on my wife bra and panty as I jerked off. In no time I came. I saw to it that even my semen fell on the same spot on the bra and panty where Akram had cum.
As you can imagine Akram and I had a very sexually stimulating chat that night, revolving around my wife. He described to me how he jerked off on my wife’s bra and panty. How turned on he felt smelling Vidya’s pussy on her panty. I think I came without even touching myself, just reading Akram’s words.
And then he dropped another bomb, which he made a habit of it in each chat of ours. He said he wanted to see her naked in real ! And if possible he wanted to see us having sex.

(To Be Continued)
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