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How My Jeeju Seduced My Virgin Cunt

Hello dear readers, my name is Parineeti.

I would love to share with all of you an erotic and sensual experience of my life, which is still continuing since last three years. But I want here to narrate how it all started between me and my jeeju, (Bro-in-Law) Dev.

Many of the readers may feel that my story is a longer one and more details have been added than those were necessary but it is requirement of the story and more so of eroticism that real story should be enjoyed as real. So without going in much detail, I am 25-year-old girl with wheatish colour and I have a figure of 34-28-33. I am settled in an MNC in NCR Delhi.

This story started five years back when my elder sister Neeti got married to a handsome guy named Dev, in the same town of Bombay in which my family also resided. After marriage of my sister, I don't know how but I developed a strange habit in myself. I would look at my cleavage every now and again especially in the presence of Dev, in order to make sure that the position of my suit or top etc is alright and my cleavage is not visible to anybody.

But this habit of mine was no longer a secret as this was observed by Dev, who used to smile every time at me while he caught me red handed in checking the position of my dress.

May be I developed this habit due to being extra cautious but still I noticed many a times that now Dev was rather trying to peep inside whenever he got a chance, followed by some naughty smiles from him, when I caught him doing so. Even few times I also enjoyed being a teaser.

Then within a span of two more years, my sister’s marriage life was going through some unpleasant phases, regarding which my sister's behaviour as well as sometimes Dev's behaviour was equally responsible. Even then no special change was there in Dev's behaviour as far as I was concerned.

One day when he was at my home, I asked him regarding few things on my PC, which required an internet connection. Though I had net connection but was having a problem with that those days and it was not working properly. So Dev asked me for my email ID, and assured me that after doing the needful he will email me the same.

After giving him my email ID, I further requested him to accept some of my friends in my buddy list in my ID as I was unable to do the same due to my internet connection failure. He asked me for the password of my mail ID and I told him the password as I thought that I will change the password as soon as my connection will be OK, and as I had nothing like to be concealed in my mailbox.

Next day, he gave me a call and saID that my assignment is ready and he mailed it to me. I was more than happy with his performance and co-operative attitude. Even I asked about accepting the friend's request in my mail, he told me that it is also done, and further told me that he has asked one of his friends to check the connectivity problem of internet at my end also, who will come there by the evening.

In the evening one of Dev's friends came to our home and repaired the connection in no time. I again thanked my ieeju for the favour. In the night, after taking my dinner I decided to kill my time while surfing on net and in addition to it download the attachment regarding my assignment.

When I opened my email ID and logged on to Yahoo Messenger as well, I saw that in the list of my friends a new and unknown email ID was added by my name i.e. Parineeti itself. I tried to recollect but I could not remember anyone as my buddy. Hence again I called Dev and asked him that who is this Parineeti.

He replied to me that how could he know and told me that you asked me to accept your friend requests so whoever requested for it I have accepted. Then after wishing good night to each other we disconnected the phone. I thought of deleting this contact but again I thought what harm in it is if I have a friend who has the same name of me, and I did not delete the contact.

Later on I downloaded the attachment of my assignment. In the meanwhile, a chat window popped up and to my wonder it was Parineeti on the other end and we started chatting. After a formal chat I decided to sleep and wished her good night. Again on the next day, when we were doing chat, suddenly she asked me that if I have a boyfriend, to which I replied `no' and I also asked her the same then she replied yes.

When I asked her about her boyfriend's name, she told me Ankit. After that I asked her how long they were in to their relationship, to which she replied that soon after marriage of her elder sister. This reply seemed a bit amazing to me and I asked her how, then after a little bit of persuasion she told me that Ankit is her jeeju (bro-in-law). This was yet another shock for me.

I was confused and asked her to explain to which she replied that they are in to this relationship since last one year. The conversation was turning hot as I asked her if have they had sex. To which she replied in affirmative. After a lot of chatting I wished her good night and advised her to end this relationship. But her reply was negative.

After that, I went to sleep but I could not. The conversation was driving me crazy. Somehow I slept. On next day also she asked me for role playing on the net and for having some horny chat. I was a virgin yet and very keen to know and experiment sex, so I agreed and asked her to play the role of Ankit while I was assuming myself as Parineeti.

She agreed for role play with a further request that for this, I have to address her as as Jeeju, I agreed. Our conversation went on and on and I masturbated twice while imagining that Ankit is fucking me. I was in such a state of mind that it had become difficult for me to think about anything else apart from sex.

Next day my elder sister Neeti came to our house for staying a week with us and after the week was over Dev came to our house to take her back. During these days I was continuously chatting with Parineeti and enjoying our chat through role playing. The day Dev came to take Neeti back he had to stay for the night in our house and while my sister and mom were busy in kitchen me and Dev were busy in chit-chat.

Suddenly Dev asked me if I came to know who Parineeti was, to which I replied that yes she is a childhood friend of mine. I did not remember her and she accidentally added me on Yahoo. Dev suddenly said thanks to `Yahoo'. After that his next question was if I enjoy the company of Parineeti on the net.

I was bit surprised with this question but replied yes. Again jeeju asked me regarding what I liked the most in her company. The questions of my ieeju were taking me by surprise but again I thought he is asking it generally, and replied that nothing special. After that what jeeju asked me fell like a bomb on my ears. He asked whether it was role playing which I liked most in the company of Parineeti.

This question has not only taken me by surprise but also my mouth was wide open. At this on the pretext of closing my opened mouth, jeeju touched my lips with his finger, and I came back to reality. After touching his finger on my lips he put the same in his mouth and sucked. I had no words to speak.

After that jeeju asked me if I wanted to know that how he was aware of these things, I had just dropped my head in affirmative. What he told me after was taking me by surprises one after another. He told me in detail that on the day I had told him my ID and its password and requested him to accept my friend requests.

A plan worked in his mind and he made a fake email ID in the name of Parineeti and sent a request from that ID to my ID. Later on while operating my ID, he accepted the same. After that when I asked him regarding Parineeti, he came to know I am online, and he also became online on the ID of Parineeti.

After that he told me a story from the mouth of Parineeti and even had cybersex with me while role playing. I was astonished as well as angry, by his plan. After a little while I asked him `now what.' He simply replied nothing special. I was having fear and doubts in my mind that now he will blackmail me, as I had told him few personal things about my body on the net.

But he said he liked me and want to enjoy my company with my due consent. I replied him that I am not going to do this. Then he very frankly told me that there is nothing wrong in it, as a sister-in-law is considered as a half wife. But I flatly refused him that I don't want to cheat my sister. But jeeju remained adamant on his requests and me on my refusal.

In the night we had to sleep in the same room. My jeeju and sister slept in the bed while I slept in the adjoining folding bed due to my mental state and for the sake of separate bedding. It was winter season and I could not sleep whole night due to feeling of guilt and shame. After two or three hours my sister was in fast sleep and snoring.

I felt as if some hand is there inside my quilt, as my bed was just side by side of the bed. I remained still and was pretty much sure that it was my jeeju. The hand suddenly touched the bare portion of my arm. Then with some cautious moments, his hand touched my cheeks, then lips.

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