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Wife Affair With Boss Part 16

I went after Mr. Sen who holding his glass in his hand walked towards door in the left of room. I saw Mrs. Sen gave mother another magazine to look and walked to kitchen.

I followed Mr. Sen in his softly lit study chamber. It was a medium sized room in outer periphery of building. The room was wall to wall carpeted in red and had a tasteful middle sized black glassed topped worktable before big lather resolving chair and three other lather chairs on other side of table. There were a series of almerahs lined up of books and files. Long reddish flowered curtains covered the wall all around the room except a small lather faced door at extreme right. I had an overall mysterious sexy feeling in it.

Mr. Sen holding his wineglass sat on that lather chair and waved me to that small door and said, " That door opens in bathroom and there are two doos there. The door on outer wall is for out of building. Go out and to back door of courtyard. It is open and you enter courtyard and there is round iron stair. " He said after a brief stillness, " You may remain in unobserved in dark and in case of any odd, immediately switch on the light in room and break in through window or may come to me here."

I hurriedly came out of building and found the way to round iron. Cautiously going up entered the dark of room and came to chair I had set behind middle window.

They had not yet come and it was calm dark beyond the window.

Standing on the side of chair I adjusted the worn curtain and peeped out through window for another minute and heard footsteps climbing the stairs. I was surprised by the delay they had made.

A minute later the out side light of greenhouse was switched on and I saw the interior of greenhouse was magically illuminated by milky brightness that was coming through the large white glass panes covering the its entire front that also included a yellow PVC door.

It had mat finished light pink PVC tiled floor. A series of green and red wooden benches in three tires were arranged along outer three walls and those were lined up by miniature trees grown in small chinese styled colorful rectangular pots.

Most of trees had familiar fruits and flowers in miniature diamond tinny sizes. For a moment I thought I was looking at Alice's Wonderland. I could see that the milky glass panels were actually windows that opened on upper hinges for partial sunlight as Reddi ji was telling my wife.

There was no bench placed beyond the wall before me except some earthenware on floor having fern like plants in height moderately above sill of window.

However three feet from the wall a beautiful two feet wide swing chair hanged through a thick varnished solid oak bar. It had a padded seat upholstered cloud blue and hanged by two chains hooked at both ends of oak bar. The chains were tied to a pulley hanging from a thick plastic white painted pipe grouted in the side-walls. The pulley had another thick blue plastic rope that had sliding steel catch that was anchored in a large hook on my side's wall. I could make out that by adjusting the catch position one could actually alter the height of chair from the floor.

The atmosphere was enough to melt juices from the femininity crack of my bonsai-loving wife for the man who had created it.

- - - - - - - -

For few minutes I heard movements out side of bonsai house. Perhaps they were looking at lants kept under full sun.

My ribs began feeling my pounding heart, sensing that was happening. It was like a miracle occurring before me. I had concealed me in dark to protect my wife from any wild moves from the mighty man of my company with whom she appeared to be now in love. What I was going to do in that event – to break in through window or running to Mr. Sen.

I was not certain but surely I had full confidence in my mother's abilities. Suddenly I remembered her reluctance in allowing Ruchi to go with Reddi ji. I had not thought of that but that certainly had some meaning. Instantly I recalled her words she had said once to me while I had trouble with my colleague to whom I considered my confidant, "Learn guarding personal naked secrets from third persons even if they know lot about that."

It was confusing but as I tailored that in present situation it gave a vision to me. At least now I was not going to run to Mr. Sen in case of any eventuality.

Then the yellow door opened and Reddi ji and Ruchi entered. In that filtered light I could see that he walked closely at her back almost clinging to her and his lips were drowned in her dense loose hairs. He was holding her right arm just below clump of loose glass bangles.

They came in and he with his left hand pushed back the yellow shutter to its frame.

She in black kurta and white tight slawar looked exotic in that picturesque house evenly filled in soft milky light.


...to continue.
I had a clear view of greenhouse through the window and the split I had made in the synthetic pink plastic curtains that hanged other side of glass.

Reddi ji paused at entrance, and staying at back of my wife switched on the light. The greenhouse was lit by soft white florescent light that made the interiors look like a den of colorful diamonds. Exotic mini trees, lined on green and red plastic textured wooden benches were brimming with tinny fruits and bright colored miniature flowers all around the three sides before me.

I had a candid view of beaming Reddi ji, entering greenhouse behind Ruchi. She went tall to his shoulder height and he was almost touching her, and was tenderly holding her round rights arm loaded with black bangles.

Reddi ji was vigilant as if he was given a miss world for a night and he had to score marks for his manners. I couldn't imagine any other thing would have made him that excited. In those thirty seconds as they crossed the door I saw that at least five times he brought his lips to kiss her loose hairs. Ruchi was however not wholly aware of that.

Ruchi appeared completely dazzled by the interiors. I saw a marvel look in her eyes as they both passed through the leafless crab bush with tiny yellow orange and apples that surrounded the inner side of doorway.

In that soft white light she was looking equally romantic to her bright colorful neighboring. Her blazing black kurta fell little above to her knees, draping her round thighs tightly wrapped in white salwar. She still had those thin black duppata folds over he busts but not very carefully warped and the knot she had made at her navel was loose.

Her silky texture gave illusion of marble in that milky illumination. She did not have any winter aridness anywhere, even as an omission. I always ascribed that to her pre-bath coconut oil treatments.

Her feet looked brimming. She was wearing two- inch heeled calf lather sandals that had twin half-inch wide black straps, dotted with tinny jewel like white squares. One strap encased her delicate feet at middle while the other went near the base of her feet's fingers. At the back there was leather ankle strap with adjustable metal fastener. She had worn those at my insistence as they fitted with the environment of her black and white outfit, although those had airtight spongy foot-beds and that caused dampness in her sole and gave her prolonged lather musk.

The heels however gave her wide hips a pleasant prominence. In all she appeared a complete 'femininity-pack' for sin. Her eyes naturally went at right of door, as there was a red circular three-inch deep earthenware kept on pink plastic floor. It had a six-inch trunk base tree that went to her thigh's height and was crammed with little light green and yellowish leaves. Its roots were spread all over in the pot.

In that process she slightly came towards right of Reddi ji and I could have a view of his front. I couldn't believe, his huge penis was not hanging but it was erect and swelled and had stuffed his entire pant's face. It was downwards inclined and visible in its full length. The way it showed, it appeared to have a coupled strength of two unmated bulls.

Looking at that, a chill ran in my spine. How on earth one could have that force? Would it be possible for Ruchi to ever accommodate that in her smooth genitals irrespective of all her yearnings for his manly potentials?

Perhaps that was another reason he was keeping him well behind her.

Ruchi curiously looked at the plant's wonder while he, standing at her back sensuously kneed his lips to her right cheek and softly spoke, "This is trident maples, I found in a nursery in Pennsylvania."

She heard the whispered information as a flush of his breath's heat swept on her cheek and again validly looked at tinny leaves. Reddi ji slipped his hand over her silky arm he was holding and then brought back his fingers to her bangles.

She was next attracted to the left corner on my side where a one feet high marble white japanese lantern was placed on tiled floor. It was given japanese neighborhood by a two feet high mature black pine that had reverse upward taper on trunk.

Ruchi saw it with wide eyes and asked him, "Where you find such amazement's?"

He softly fondled her hips with the edge his groin carefully keeping his huge penis away from her. Ruchi turned her head back and looked in his eyes and said in overcast voice, "This lovely Japanese pair .Please let me see!"

She turned back and moved to the benches along the milky-glassed panels and Reddi ji followed her. I could see her generous hips evened with Reddi ji's powerful manly groin.

While moving forth those checkered painted, Ruchi looked in amazement at the captured trees in small pots and paused before an exotic six inches high shade tree that was placed on the bench top. It was more or less mayflower foliage that had bright small white and pink coneflowers like honeybees on a thick trunk.

She stayed there and looked as if it was a dream.
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