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The Teacher's Taboo Love

Shraddha just finished her last period, and was eagerly waiting to start her favorite work of the day, that is to daydream about Ayush! She was a computer programming teacher at a famous college in a big city. Ayush was her student. Devoid of any intimate male contact during her formative years, Shraddha remained extremely protective of herself, esp. when it came to the matter of lover & heart. That allowed her to create a mental image of what would be an ideal man for her. Ayush fitted the bill in all aspect. Except for his age, that is! She often thought and believed that if she were Ayush's age, of vice-versa, she would have chosen him as her man.

She sat there on her chair, thinking about Ayush. Soon, a beautiful fantasy started to form in her mind. She saw that Ayush was hugging her close to his body – their bodies were pressed tightly against each other. He could feel her breasts pressing into his chest. He looked her in the eyes, as if he was about to say something, but never did. She kissed him on the lips, lightly at first, and then he felt her tongue enter his mouth. They kissed passionately for several minutes, their tongues swirling round and round. She broke the embrace. They stared into each other's eyes.

They were both breathing heavily; her heart was racing. Ayush noticed that and gazed at her breasts. Shraddha followed his eyes and felt as if he undressed her with his eyes. She felt both complemented and a little embarrassed that he would look at her breasts. Her faced flushed and she felt a tingling deep within her vagina. In her day-dream, Shraddha felt something else too - the black denim jeans was sporting a very telling bulge in the front - she could feel the hardness touching and poking her just above her vagina. A very aroused Ayush!

Her fantasy would have turned even more interesting, had she not been interrupted by a knock at the door of the computer lab. She felt slightly disappointed that she could not continue with her favorite fantasy, but promised herself to complete it while she slept that night! This boy was a walking, talking temptation!

Ayush was a strapping young man, thanks some parts to his genes, and to his efforts to keep healthy and fit. That his father was a rich person also helped. He was the only son to his parents. While his father was usually busy with his business work, his mother was no more. She fell victim to cancer when he was only eight years old. When he reached puberty, his hormones and also the desire to have a company of a matured woman (perhaps an after-effect of his mother's untimely demise) attracted him to elder women. He had liked many women in the past, but could never express his desire to them, because he really thought that any such action would be inappropriate. Shraddha was the latest in that list, and something in his heart told him that she would also be the last.

In the matters of computer programming, he was way ahead of almost everyone in his class and even his teacher ms. Shraddha! The concepts that were covered in the class were something that he had worked on three or four years ago. So, the computer classes for him were, to say respectfully, boring. But the tedium in the class was relieved by ms. Shraddha herself – by the way she looked!

She really was a beautiful young woman. In her 'safe & conservative' clothes, she appeared to be appropriately curvy in all the right places, including a spectacular pair of shapely breasts. Since, her clothes did not reveal much of her (in fact they revealed nothing), he was usually left creating his own version of her body in his mind. Female teachers in his college were allowed to wear Indian, as well as western clothes, so long as they were thoroughly professional. She usually wore Shalwars & Kurtas, sometimes Shirts & Pants, and very few days, she wore sari & blouse.

Ayush used to feel extremely funny, whenever he saw women wearing sari. He often wondered how so much of cloth that revealed much of woman's body rather than concealing, was considered a ‘graceful’ dress! But, when he saw ms. Shraddha wearing a sari for the first time, he instantly started liking women in sari. For the first time, he saw the smooth & narrow curves of her waist, stomach and lower back. As a matter of fact, her bare body was a feast for all the young males’ eyes. That day, she was wearing a very interesting blouse. It was of cream colour, and shiny like satin, with a row of tiny metal buttons in the front. Under ordinary light, the blouse also seemed ordinary, but in harsh light it became dangerous - harsh light could turn the satiny material translucent. And it happened, when many lights in the lab were switched on. As a result, he and others could see hint of her white bra. He felt really aware of all those male eyes roving over Shraddha's body, and he felt angry and jealous.

He also experienced a new thing...

For the first time, Ayush developed a hard-on watching Shraddha. He was sure that many other boys in the class must have felt the same way, and wondered if she was aware that she gave the boys in her class hard-ons. Since that day, Shraddha established herself as the queen of Ayush's heart.

“And this is how you can perform differentiation of an equation in C++..” declared Ayush, finishing off the demonstration of a very complex piece of coding, in his usual gentle and self-assured voice, “.. in fact, with this approach you can find differentiation of ANY equation.”

Shraddha looked at him with extremely appreciative eyes. She was fighting very hard to keep those familiar fantasies from popping up!

“Of course, we need to test this code first and see if the solutions it gives are correct. I will email the code to all of you, so that you can dissect it in any which way. Good for removing any bugs!” and saying this Ayush finished.

The whole class clapped - with real appreciation!

“Thank you, Ayush! That was really wonderful... and complex!” Shraddha was very thankful indeed – for this was not a problem that she herself could have solved. It was way beyond her own knowledge. She had only very basic understanding of advanced mathematics that was taught to her 11th & 12th standard students, and also the algorithm to crack it.

“Any time ma'am!” Ayush smiled gently.

'Not even a hint of conceit! Such a gentleman!' Shraddha thought.

That was the primary reason why she asked Ayush's help in the first place. In most cases, a teacher asking for their student's help can come out to be a favourite scandal in schools, and Shraddha was aware of that. Still, it did not deter her even once because Ayush was much more matured in his mannerisms and also in his knowledge of the subject. He was simply genius, and Shraddha thought very highly of him. On many occasions, he taught her tricks that were simply beyond her. So, when Shraddha asked for his help, he did not even blink for a second and tried genuinely to help her.

There was something else too. Ayush had an intense personality that of a man! Sometimes when she looked at him, she did not see a boy or a student. She saw a man. A desirable man. For a teenager, Ayush was physically good-looking too. But... teachers aren't supposed to think about their students like that, are they? Every time this thought crossed her mind during the classes, Shraddha quickly pushed it away. But private and alone time was another matter. Yet, the complexity of this situation really frightened her. Matters of heart are really dangerous!

“Ma'am, are you free?” Ayush asked nervously. Shraddha's heart pounded just by looking at him.

“Y..yes, Ayush?” she said.

'Oh god, he is even more nervous than I am' she thought.

“Are you... ah,” he cleared his throat, “..free tonight... I mean, evening?”

'Asking me out, is he? Wow, that escalated fast!! Interesting... I never saw THAT coming!' she was thinking.

“I am not busy, yes.” she tried to sound business-like, but still sounded interested.

“Ah.. there is a small party... ah, for my birthday.” usually Ayush was very calm, but that day he was extremely nervous. Asking the queen of your heart out for a good time is not easy.

“Is it your birthday today!” she practically screamed, “Oh my God! Many happy returns of the day!!” and saying this, she extended her hand to shake his. Only she knew that she wanted to hug him – the same intense hug as she fantasized!

Ayush nervously shook her hand. He felt electricity passing through his body at her touch.

“Will you.. come?” he blurted.

Oh she wanted to come. No doubt about that. But then, there must be many familiar faces... isn't it?

“Oh I don't know, Ayush! But thanks for inviting me.”

“You won't come?” he was clearly crestfallen.

“Hey, I want to come. It is just that I don't know how it would look, you know, with so many familiar faces around.”

“Oh, but.. I haven't invited anyone from school.” Shit! He started to sound eager and desperate.

“Is that so? Then why me?” she was teasing him. She definitely felt special on being invited, and wanted to go. But, she just wanted to be sure.

“Ma'am, I don't celebrate my birthday. But this time I decided to spend time with people who I… ah, like.” Ayush suppressed the last word. But, Shraddha heard that alright.

She smiled.

“Okay, then I will come.”

It was not hard for Shraddha to find Ayush's house. He gave her an invitation card that had all the directions. Shraddha decided against wearing shalwar-kurta and wore her best chiffon sari & blouse, as she suspected that Ayush would love to see at least some part of her body and figure. She had seen the effect of sari & blouse on her male students, particularly on Ayush, and it was really encouraging. And in any case, sari would be more charming than shalwar-kurta or the more informal jeans & tee-shirt.
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