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Sex is in My Genes

Submitted by a fan

I'm am Sulthan now a contractor of well reputation. I am 37 with my family of beegam and 2 kids. I do read this site occasionally when nothing of flesh and blood is lacking to fulfil my hunger. As you know from my first sentence I am with over sexy habit. It was the condition since m tens. My father was an Arab and he used to be always at foreign. Occasionally when he comes he used to have double shift sex with ammi and even with all available ladies. Many used to come for money and for getting visa for his country. He do give the same only with heavy price- that is ladies. My ammi was average lady. She was in foreign country in her youth. It was from there she has got married to him. After marriage he came with ammi and she was looked after well. I have studied Engg, and has worked in fathers country for 10 years. Money was not a problem to me. He also used to give a lot. He had many wifes in different countries. All these were known to me by 15 th year and saw some during my stay there. His wifes were very beautiful. I used to think or the reason for marring my ammi the very ordinary lady. Later I came to know the reason. It was for getting variety girls from india. I have seen his fucking from my late teens. He has not secret at all. When ever he likes he used to enjoy that also in furious and sometime cruel way. But always used to help the victims.

The first scene which I had seen in my 14 was of jamila deedi. She was a very beautiful tall girl with milk cream colour. Her father was a poor man and her elder brother passed i. t. i but with out a job. Her father came to meet bappu for arranging a job in his place. That was a time when bappu was in India. He has told many excuses and send him by giving some money. I was very sorry for him. They were almost in poverty. Then one day jamila deedi came to ammi for requesting the same. It was then abbu has seen her. She was only 4 years elder to me. He has asked all about her and then called her father. The old man was ready to do any thing for his sons job. Then he has asked the services o fjamila deedi for writting some official papers. She has started to come daily and to type some papers( it was type writer time). Then one day he has planed to go to our estate house. ammy was asked to get jamila also. She was ready. I was asked to go go for some work at kakki's house. They thought that I will come only after 2 or 3 days. But since kakka was not there I felt bored, and has returned. On arrival there was none at home. AS I know the tour plan. So I also have reached there. It was bit late about 9 O 'clock. The first thing I have heard was a long cry of jameela deedi. I have moved to the room from where the sound has originated. It was my abbu's room. I know that he will get wild if called on in night. I have peeped the room through a slit. It was then I have seen the real fuck of jameela deedi. My mother also was there consoling jameela deedi and making her convenient. I felt that she was really helping my abbu for better fuck. Poor girl she was crushed under the fat man,my abbu. Any how later her brother has gone to Dubai and they became rich with in 3 years. I have also remembers attending her marriage after that. She was very happy ever since. I have also found her visiting my abbu on his occasional visits to thank him. Like father like son. I also never leave any chance in having sex, without considering age cast or place.

The real story I was to tell you was during my college days. I used to have good amount of money then. Many were my friends due to that. Both girls and boys. I used to help some who are really in trouble with cash. But also never left them free with out taking sex from them or from their family. Except very few none has complained about that. Then came a college tour. We were 14. nine boys and 5 girls with one sir and a madam. Sir was a sports man and very strict. So no chance of any other activity. Madam also was very senior with a good name and status. So It was a veg tour. I was 25 by then and was the senior most in the group. I had a crush with the most gori madam from the day one in my college. But she was 10 years or more older. She was golden in color with a film star like look. so sexy that in the initial days I never heard aly thing in her class except looking her boobs and face. One or two time I have touched and even has coughs her hand during accidental occasions. In hotel we boys were in 3 rooms and girls in two and teachers in single rooms. We were not allowed to go out in night. It was strict than hostel. Then came a turning point. Sir has left for some urgent family matter. all charges have fallen on madam. Being senior I was asked to be the leader just as a teacher. We have moved further in the tour. I used to keep money and papers tickets etc,and was in a single room.

One day I have got a packet of ironed clothes from the hotel boy. It was of madams. I became mad in seeing those. I have decided to go to her and tell my madness,. let her do any thing. At about 11 I have gone and knocked her room. I was very athletic and handsome. a bit Arab features were there. I Have entered in. She was given the clothes and I have closed the door. She has looked to me with a question mark. I have fallen on her feet. I have kept my head on her beaytiful shapely feet. Then I have told my mad mad thoughts. She on hearing my talk has just kicked me off. She was in a midi. I have liked that kicks as an embrace. I have kissed her footwear laid there expecting for further k kicks. But she has pulled me up and embraced. I was in heaven. She has opened my dresses and took my dick which was in form. I have been asked to fuck her with full strength. Which I have done. Her cry was so loud,I had to close her mouth. She was a virgin. I was sorry for her in not getting chances in life. Also I felt sorry in loosing 5 long years. She was almost unconscious from my first fuck itself. I have licked and kissed all her body for hours. Then again entered in,probably even with out her knowledge.

This have changed my life. I became her poojarin and she infect my slave. I have used her in all ways for my 4 years of my further study. She was married with in a year o f our real meet. But I was the only husband she was having. Lucky he was in a merchant navy and so in high seas for six months. Except for a six months when she was in a foreign trip we did have at least one contact in a month. Then came my foreign job and marriage. Any how now a days she was looking very different to me. an old lady in male up. She used to like me as usual but I have decided to leave her. Even now I have many connections. I have told my wife my fathers story and has also made her clear that she has to behave as my mother in my sex activities. But for all others she will be the queen. she has agreed and used to take call from my known sex agents. Luck or the gene working?.
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