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No One Teaches Better Than a Teacher Part 3

As I was massaging her scalp with warm coconut oil, the aroma of the coconut oil and the feel of me massaging Mala mam made me go in a different world. My mission now was to make Mala mam so engrosses and content with my massage that she will want it often from me. From that angle I could peek down her cleavage and see the deep valley of BOOBLAND. The sight was clear to my eyes as mam had put aside the stoll so that it does not get oil stains. I must have applied a lot of oil and massages for over 15 mins when the silence was broken

Mala Mam – “ki balo re, tui ki massage korar classes neye ches” (dam good ya, have you taken classes on massaging)

Ma – “thank you, naa... aami kono classes nei nee” (thanks you, but I have not taken any classes)

Mala Mam – “ei rokhom massage korbe to aamar ke proti din tomar ked eke massage nete hobe, aar shudu head massage nebo na, kintu....” (if you massage like this then I will have to call you and take a massage every day, and I will not only take head massage, but...)

She didn’t complete what I wanted to hear

Me – “kintu k imam” (but what mam)

Mala Mam – “kichu naa, tumi massage koro, sona, ektu shoulders oo massage koro” (nothing, you massage, dear massage my shoulders a little bit also)

Without delaying a second, both my hands were on her bare shoulders, I felt an electric running through my body and as it was my first contact on her bare skin and that to officially. My dick was up already and now it was jumping to come put. I cooled myself and concentrated on the massage. I kneaded the fleshy shoulders well and am sure was giving her lot of relief as her eyes were closed. As I continued all of a sudden I heard a low soft moan from mam.

Mala Mam “hmmm.....”

Me – “what happened mam”

Mala Mam – “hmmm... valo... aar ektu neech geye koro” (hmmm... good.. go down a little bit ) saying that she arched a little towards the front giving me full access to her back.

I went down just by a few inches and started moving my magical fingers, but over her top. I could feel the chill in the air going down and the heat in the room bulding up due to the massage session. Within seconds Mala mam said

Mala mam – “I feel like lying down, lets go in my room, you carry on there”

She got up saying that and I followed her to her room like a zombie, had she turned around at that time she could have surely been able to see my erection through my tack pants. She went and lay on her bed, on her stomatch and her head away from me. She didn’t say a word, I just sat on the couple of inches on the edge that was available and resumed from where I had left off. Her golden globes were pressing out from both sides. I wished if I could just brush them once, but I didn’t and didn’t want to make it obvious to mala mam.

After another 10 mins of massaging she was almost asleep but in a low murmuring voice she said

Mala Mam – “ritesh, I am feeling very sleepy and relaxed, thanks a lot dear for the lovely massage. I need to change into my nighty and take a nap, we will carry on the next day with our class. Please can you close the door and leave, please don’t mind”

Me – (Gathering a little guts) – “mam I want to use the restroom, can I use this restroom”

Mala Mam – “sure dear, you wait inside till I don’t tell you to come out, I will quicky change into my night and then you can leave closing the main door”

I just nodded my head and entered the bathroom. As I entered, I latched the door and looked around for any lingerie . But then I peeped through the keyhole and could see mam still lyinging down, then in a second she was sitting on the bed and then slowly standing up she removed the top . All this time she was facing away from me, So I saw her full bare back, just her bra stap eating into her flesh and a little bit fat on either side of it. Then she undid her jeans and there she was in her undergarments, right in front of me.

No prizes for guessing what I was doing, obviously I had my cock in my hands beating to the beauty right in front of me... hmmm... could not have been better. Then after adjusting her panty and taking what had got stuck in her ass crack, she undid her bra hooks in one quick flash. All this while her back was facing me, but I didn’t ask for more, I was happy for now with what I got to see. I could get to see little bit of the boobs that came out of the side. They were milky white and I wished I could get a bit and I thought at that time that she would milk and I would drink all of it. Little did I know that women with no kids can’t lactate.

By now I was about to shoot my load, and yes I did . At the same time, mam just pulled a nighty from her wardrobe and wore it. She even stuffed her bra back in her wardrobe. I had made a mess in the bathroom but was not bothered. I was in a different state of mind, I came back to the real world when mam spoke

Mala Mam - “sona, I am done, you can come now”

Me – “I will just take a minute mam”

After cleaning the mess I had made I adjusted my clothes, thanked my stars and got out, Mala mam was right there in front of me, lying on her bed in a very very seductive position and looking the the batroom door for me to come out. As I came out, she called me

Mala Mam – “come in the evening if you can” was all she said

I just nodded my head and said “I will” and glanced towards her legs, her nighty had gone up almost till her knees, a little lower and I saw her silky waxed legs, they were white and in perfect form, at least for me. I wanted to lick them and feel them. I took leave and left the apartment with great feeling and memories. As I narrate this to you I am getting an erection once again thinking of the real time, and am sure when I tell this to Mala mam she will surely get wet down there as we all know.

It had become very tough for me to pass the rest of the morning, afternoon even went by with my lying in bed and just thinking about Mala mam, to break my thoughts the phone rang and it was Neha, she had called me from Darjeeling, it was freezing cold there and what she told me melted my heart and all thoughts of Mala mam vanished

Neha – “ritesh, It is so cold here, I wish you be here so you could hold my hand and make me feel better, I am missing you”

WOW!! Those words were for me, were we falling for each other or was it just attraction. I didn’t know at that time but I felt great that some missed and cared for me so much.

Me – “I too wish I could be there Neha, we will surely meet up once you are back”
We talked a little more about things and then she hung up. My mother asked me to have lunch and after lunch I took a nap as I didn’t have anything else to do. When I woke up it was 5 pm. I quickly got fresh, changed my clothes and told my mom that I was going for my tuition again and left. My mom was always happy when she heard that I was so serious about my studies. Little did she know why I wanted to go for tuitions so much.

Ding! Dong! I rang the door bell, an old haggard lady opened the door, she must have been 50+ and was dressed in a way all servants are. Just then Mala mam opened came and asked me to come inside and said

Mala Mam – “this old lady will come everyday for a few hours and help me with the household work, her name is Joya”

Me – “that is nice, at least you will not be tired with so much doing all the work”
As we went and sat at the dining table we hard Joya say

Joya – “memsab, aami jaachi” (Mam, I am leaving)

Mala Mam – “Theek aache, kalke aashbe” (ok, come tomorrow)

Instantly Mala Mam told looked at me and I just smiled back to which she said
Mala Mam – “ki re sona, tumi khub happy lagcho. Ki hoyeche” (what dear, you seem to be happy, what happened)

I even didn’t know why I was so happy, was it due to the conversation I had with Neha or because I was with Mala Mam alone and was getting to see her ripe sexy body now and again.

Me – “aapanr shonge aami always happy thaki mam” (with you I am always happy mam)

Mala Mam – “sotti ? tumi ei moto bolcho na sotii?” (really ? are you just saying to impress me or it is real?)

Me – “Sottti bolchi mam, aapnar company khub valo laage” (I am telling the truth mam, I like your company a lot)

Mala Mam – “aamar ke o tomar shonge valo laage” (I too like to be with you”) saying that she extended her hand and ran it over my hair caressing it, that made me have goose bumps instantly.

Me – “why did u call me in the evening mam? Anything special”
Mala Mam – “hmmm.. special to aache, aajke aamar b’day aar aamar shonge kau ni celebrate korte”

Me – “HAPPY B’DAY MAM, I am sorry I didn’t know that else I would have got some gift”

Mala Mam “Thank you, but no need for gift, I cant take gift from you, I should be giving you gifts”

Me – “mam, just give me 10 mins, I will be back, pls”

Mala Mam – “kothai jabe, gift nete”(where will you go , to get a gift)

Me – “No mam, no gift, but please just 10 mins”

Mala Mam – “ok, but be quick, aami tomar jonne wait korchi” (ok, be quick, I am waiting for you)

I ran down quickly, got on my cycle and rode as fast as I could to a nearby florist shop and got a small arrangement of red roses for Rs.50, thats all I could afford as I was a student and back in 1996, Rs.50 was a lot also. I was back in 10 mins and the main door of her apartment was open, I got in without ringing the bell and mam was there in the living room on the couch watching tv, but what struck me that she had changed into a cocktail dress, my eyes popped out, it was a deep navy blue dress that was draping a little below her knees and it was noodle strap that left her broad milky shoulders exposed to my hungry eyes. Her breats were well enclosed with hardly any cleavage exposing but It was a good fitting dress and outlined her voluptuous figure.
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