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Licking My Teacher Armpits Part 9

“So what do you like the most about me”
She asked
“Um mam, telling you the truth your whole body is to be worshiped but I like your armpits the most”
I said
“Why do you like them so much?”
She asked
“Well they are not clean shaved like most of women these days”
“Oh do you like hairy armpits?”
She asked
“Yes mam, I just love them”
I answered
“So you want to feel them”
She asked me

“Really mam,will you let me feel them?”
I asked eagerly looking towards her. Now I faced her and I can very well see her tits.even in darkness I could make out her nipples that still stood up straight. That showed that she was also excited.
“Ya Sid, if you want to feel them then you can”
Saying this she raised her arm which was near me and then looked at me
“Thank you mam”

I said and then eagerly started to take my hand near her
“Oh wait Sid; if you want to do it then I have one small request”
“What mam”
I asked. Now I was tired of paying games and just wanted to do what I had always wanted to do
“Um this time you should not touch them with your hands”
She said and then gave me a smile
“Sure mam, I would love to “

I said and then released then she was also just like me. Even she likes to be played with her armpits. I think her husband would have never done that that why she was so desperate.

I brought my face near her armpit and then took a deep breath. Wow man she really smelled terrific. I think at any other time of the day I would have not liked not so much as I liked it now. Sleeping beside her.

I again looked at her and saw that she was constantly looking at me.

I think she wanted to see me lick her nice and feminine armpits. But her bug tits was sloping down a bit and were getting in my way. She also came to know about it and then sexily brought her other hand and cupped her boob and raised it a bit so that now it became easier for me to reach her armpit and also for her to see me doing it.

So without wasting any time further time I brought my mouth near her armpit and licked her whole armpit at one go. Guy’s I am telling you that the feeling and the taste that experienced at that moment I just could not write here. No words could describe the feelings that I was getting at that time.
So I kept licking and licking her armpit and the time seemed to stop. Even she was enjoying herself by watching me lick her armpit. I could make out from the movement of

her hands that she was playing with her boobs, probably pinching her nipples. Now I knew that she needed me badly. After all these foreplay any damm girl with a pussy would need a nice fuck.

“Ok Sid, I think we have played enough games”
“What mam? I can’t understand”
I said trying to be innocent. Actually I wanted to hear from her mouth that she wanted me badly.
“So you want to hear it Sid”
She said looking straight in my eyes. In the mean time I had stopped licking
“Yes mam”

I said
“Ok Sid, I want you to make love to me darling”
She said.
Wow man making love was a nice phrase to use instead of fucking. It sounded gentler and also more civilized.
“Sure mam, it would be my pleasure”
I said.

As soon as I said this she took hold of the elastic of my underwear and removed it completely from me.
“Wow mam, that was quick”
I said surprised.
“Thank you Sid, but there more to see yet”
She said.

I think I do not need to mention that I was already rock hard. I don’t know how long I will be able to hold it but I was determined to hold it longer as I wanted to make my first time as long as possible.

And I think there are very few people who get to loose their virginity with such a sexy lady.
She caught hold of my cock and then moved my foreskin back reveling my head.

The moment she did it I jerked all of a sudden. I mean this was the first some one else was touching my cock beside my self.
She sensed it
“Sorry baby, I know I need to be more careful otherwise you will blow off very soon”
She said.
And she was right
“Yes mam, it’s my first time remember”
I said
“It my privilege to be your first partner Sid”
She said
“no mam pleasure is completely mine”
I said and then looked at her.

She suddenly got up and went down on me. While going down she made sure that our bodies rubbed very well. Her naked body was feeling giving em a very nice feeling. While going down she made made it sure that we had constant eye contact. Her eyes were too sexy to let go the contact. Then she sexy swaying her ass went in between my legs and took holds of my cock.

She then brought her face near to it and then took a deep breadth. Wow man she smelled my cock. She again sniffed like a bloody bitch and then bought out her tongue.

Wow man was she really going to give me a blow job. She licked my head and then took the whole thing in one go all in her mouth.

Wow man her feeling was very erotic. I could feel her breath on my cock and her wet and hot mouth was giving me immense pleasure. This was the best feel I was getting on my cock. Now she started to suck on my cock. I could make out as her cheeks were concaved in side. She was sucking really hard and my already hard dick got some more blood in it. I don’t know how much hard I can get. It seemed that my cock was going to burst right there because of the pressure.
“Sorry mam to disturb you, but if you go on like this then I wont last long”

I said feeling very sad to interrupt her. But I wanted to explore the real hole that I had been waiting for so long.
“Oh sorry baby, I just forgot”
“And beside you thing is really desirable”
She said and then smiled at me.
“Thank you mam”

I said. I really enjoyed calling her mam or teacher. Because it add the taboo thong to it which made it even more erotic. And I think even she enjoyed as she never told me to call her any thing else
“Ok baby, enough of teasing, no now lets get started”
“And by the way let me take control since this is your first time”
Saying this she got up and sat on my stomach. She looked at me and bit her lower lip. She took hold of my hands and guided them to her tits
“Ok so I want you to play with them “

She said. So I started fondling them and pinching her nipples. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensation I was giving to her.
In the mean time my cock her touching her ass. I wasted to fuck her badly but now she had everything in her hand. She sat there like this for a few minutes. And then she opened her eyes and looked at me. She raised her hands to show me her armpits. I knew what to do. I took my hands there and started to play with her armpit hair. This really turned me on and then I begged her
“Please mam, can I fuck you”
I said.
“Sure baby”

Saying his she raised her self a bit and took hold of my cock. She went back a little and the when she was directly above my cock, she lowered her self.
As soon as my dick touched her slit, her lips parted open. I could see some moisture there and knew that she was equally excited.
Slowly and slowly she lowered her self and slowly and slowly I entered heaven.

Her soft, velvety, wet and hot pussy was engulfing me. Then when she completely lowered her self she opened her eyes and looked at me.
I looked at her and gave her a wide smile. I waqs trying hard to concentrate on the sensation that I was getting.she leaned forward and brought her boobs near my face. I knew what she wanted . I opened my mouth and tok her fat and lovely nipple in my mouth. It felt very good. I was not using my hand just so that she would be in control.

Now even I wanted to give all the control to her as she was much more experienced in all these things. She was deliberately moving her giant tits so that I could not suck them properly. She was teasing me a lot. But now after all this even I had some experience and knew what to do. I took her left nipple in my mouth and then bite it really hard between my teeth. She was suddenly taken by my act and a small scream came out of her mouth.
“Wow Sid, that hurts”

She said and then again got back in the sitting position.
“mam jaise karni vaisi bharni”
I said again and smiled at her.

I think she understood the meaning and then gave me a playful slap on my chest.
I raised my hands and took both of her tits in my hand. I was not able to get hold of her tits and they were literarily over flowing from my hands. They were not very firm, but she was also not so young. And I think that soft, big floppy type boobs are much better then those small and firm boobs.
At least you have enough material to play with.

I was pinching her nipples and then now she suddenly starts to move up and down on me.
Now I really did not knew how long I would last. Because the sensation that I was getting I was sure that I would not get at any time of life. Because the first times are always specials. She was rocking up and down on me. I caught hold of her ass and started to play with it. She also had very flashy ass. I was kneading it really hard as if I was trying to get a piece of it from her body.

She got even more excited because of the pain and started to dance on me with more speed.
“Slow down mam, this way I will not last long”
I said.
“No problem sid, give it all to me”
She said.

I was happy that she wanted me to empty my stuff right in her.
“Ok mam, as you say”
I said. Now even I wanted to cum and wanted to feel for the first time how unloading in a women feels like.
So I started to move with her rhythm. She bent down and layed on me. She kept working on my cock. Now our bodies were glued to each other. Her warm body felt very good.

I was hugging her very hard as if trying to melt her body in to mine.
She was also now very horny and was moving her ass like a pro.
My hands went down and once again I started to play with her ass.

I searched for her ass hole and then when I found it I poked it with my finger.
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