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Licking My Teacher Armpits Part 7

“So I have completed my task,mam”
“Very well sid”
She said. And now it was my turn. If she chooses dare then I wont spare her. I mean she had almost got me naked, and so will I.
“so I choose truth”
“smart of you mam”
I said.
“so let me think……….”

I thought for a minute, I mean now I can ask anything which I want, and she had broken all barriers between us.
“mam, why do you have hair in your armpits”
I think she was not surprised to hear this. Because now as she knew that I liked her armpits so she was expecting such a question
“well I will not say that I forgot to shave it, but just like you I like to have some hair down there and show to perverts like you who droll over them”
She giggled as she said this. Now this game was taking the right direction. I didn’t suspect her answer as it was exactly what I wanted to hear.
“I am not a pervert mam”
“Yes you are Sid”
She said.

“So what do you choose Sid?”
“Uh mam, I again choose dare”
I said. I mean I wanted to know how far she can go.
“Ok so I already have a thing in mind”
“What mam?”
I asked
“Well you have been saying a lot about my armpits, what I want you to do is to sniff at both of my armpits”
She said and then just looked at me with a plain face. I think she wanted to see the reaction which I gave.
“what….I mean really you want me to do it?”

I asked
“yep you heared it right young man”
Wow man I was more then delighted to do this task.i always wanted to do it. Even if she had asked me to lick there I would have done so.
“ok mam, as you say”
I said and moved towards her. She smiled as I came near her. I did bnot get up and only shifted on the mattress towards her. I did not wanted t get up as I did not wanted to exhibit my cock once again to her hungry eyes. She smiled looking straight into my eyes as I came near her. I had to come very close to her as I had to rech for her armpits.

So now I was almost one feet away from her face and then I said
“ok mam, I am ready”

As I completed my sentence, I could feel her heavy breath on my face , I could tell that she was excited just like me. She slowly raised her right arm and the looked towards me.

I was just dumb folded. This was the closest view that I was getting of her lovely and delicious armpit. Her jet black hair looked just very very sexy in contrast with her white skin. So I moved forward and brought my nose close to her pit. I closed my eyes as the only sensation I wanted to have was that of her smell of her armpit. I went near and nearer to her. I could almost hear her heart beats. I wanted to hold her in my hands and kiss her full on her lips. I wanted to love her like no one had ever done to her. But gor the time being I had to get satisfied with this. At last when my nose was almost going to touch her armpits I stopped and looked at her. She was also looking at me and gave a smile back when I looked at her.i sniffed loud enough so that she could hear it. When I did ot she smilled and said

“Ok I hear it Sid, no need to show”
She said it
“No mam, I was just making sure that you know I am doing my task”
The smell was just too intoxicating. I mean no perfume or no other artificial or natural fragrance could have the effect that her smell was having on me. I smelled her one armpit and then proceeded to other. She raised her other arm and I smelled it. Then I thought to do some naughty thing. At last when she was lowering her arm I just gave a kiss in her armpits.

She was surprised by this. Even I was surprised by my sudden action. I had not planned it but it seemed the right thing. so again I came back to my place and looked at her, kissing her armpit was too erotic and I got a full hard on. I couldn’t hide it in my briefs, but then I thought that may be she wanted to see it after all that why she ha my trousers removed.

“So I think you did more then what I had asked for”
“yep, I didn’t want to give you any chance to complain later”
“So mam, it’s your turn, what do you choose?”
“Hey Sid, lets have one more agreement, we have had enough of truths, so now only dares, I hope it ok with you”
She said. I think now it was understood by both of us as though where this thing was leading, so it was an unspoken truth.
“Ok mam”

“So I guess that now it’s your turn to perform”
“Yes baby, it is, so what can I do for you”
She said and bowed down as though she was my servant.
“well I have massaged you a lot, so now I want you to rub my legs”
I said. I said it deliberately as I was not wearing any pants so she had to rub my nakd legs.
“Ok that’s fair”
She said

“Why don’t you lie down, because that will be better”
“ok sure”
Saying this I lied down. That’s when I released that as I lied down my hard o was more prominent. And my shirt was not even long enough to cover it. As I was thinking about all this she got up and sat on my right side. She started rubbing my calf and ankeles. Soon she finished it and loved upwards. As she move upwards I was feeling afraid.

Because my cock was only covered by this material of my brief. Ans also it felt weird that she was so close to it and still she ignored it. I mean good or bad any reaction had to come from her.suddenly she came very near to it and then atarted to rub the area of my inner thigh. While doing this she accidently touched my nuct sack. When he first she touched it my cock twitched. She observed it and then looked towards me and smiled.
“sorry “
She said.

I could not even say it is ok. Because that was not ok. Although all day I wanted to do it but since it was my first time I was very very nervous.
She came still up and then started to rub the side of my legs just beside my cock. Although she did not touch it but she was fucking near to it. If she wantd then she could just reach out and get hold of my cock. She went to the side of my briefs. I thought that my cock is going to explode right then and there. She inserted her one finger and then played with my pubes that were peeking out of my briefs.

“I got up and sat upright. But still she did not remove her hand. She kept rubbing my legs and then as I looked at her with a questioned looked, she had to remover her hand and she sighed and sat at her place.
“So was that nice?”
She asked
“Yes mam, that was nice”
I replied.

“I hope you enjoyed it, Sid just as I enjoyed your massage”
She said with a hint of lust in her eyes
“Uh yes mam”
I said.
So now it was her turn
“So truth or dare”
“Truth mam”

I said I think she had forgotten about the agreement we had made.
“Ok so this os going to be a tough one”
She said
“No problem mam, I am all ready for it”
By now I knew that we were going to do it all the way and now it was only a mtter on time that she had got me naked.
“Ok so how much do you know about a women’s dress”

She asked
“Hey that’s not allowed, I wont tell you”
I said. I did not know what was in her mind. I thought that she will tell me to undress myself but suddenly she asked me this question and then made to think what she was up to.

“Ok so I hope you will not feel bad about it baby”
She said laying emphases on the word baby
“No mam, I have seen enough today”
I replied boldly
“Naughty boy, I will have to report it to your mam”
She said and then laughed
“Ok then are you ready to hear your task?”
She asked looking all anticipated.

“Yes mam, now will you please tell me what to do?”
“So you will have to undress me in just one minute. And also I will not help you in any way”
She said and then gave a wide smile. I was shocked. I was not expecting this from her so soon.
“So sid, already afraid?”
She said
“No mam, I will do it”
I said and then went near her and said
“So when will the time start.”

I asked. I was very excited. Now I could finally see her the way I have wanted to see her. And the icing on the cake was that I had to undress her. I think she was checking if I had the guts and the skill to do it. But I wanted to show her that I had both the things and also another thing which I think she needed badly.
“Ok then you will start when I say”
She looked in the wall clock and waited for the second hand to come to twelve, as soon as it came there she said start.
“mam, please raise your hands”

I said as the only piece of cloth that I had to remove was her kamiz. At least that’s what I had thought as she had already removed her salwar.
When I said that she looked at me and smiled and then replied
“Remember I won’t be helping you in any way”
She said. I knew that she was playing with me so I went near her and caught hold of her wrists and then raised her arms. As I raised them over her head I once again saw her lovely armpits. But this time I had no time to admire them. So I quickly caught both of her wrists over her head with my one hand as I needed my other hand to open her kamiz.

I released that she had a fee hooks at the back so I quickly unhooked them with both of my hands. As I left her hand she again lowered them and smiled. Wow man this was tough since she was not helping me at all. So this time I caught hold of her hands from her armpits. Wow man this is do great. I can feel her full armpits in my palm. I wanted to kiss her there but I had o time. So I caught hold of her armpits and again raised her arms and then caught hold of her bottom part of her kamiz and then raised it. Now as the kamiz was coming up more and more part of her body was getting exposed. I had already seen her belly region. It was not tight; it was a bit fat and also bulged a bit.

But the round shape that it had was very attractive to my eyes. Especially since she had whit colored skin so it was very mouth watering. And as I raised the kamiz more her lower part of bra come in view.
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