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An Unforgettable Night

I am a 27 year old man basically from Bangalore but working in Dubai and my name is Charles……i have been reading stories sent by many here and have been enjoying these for so many years and only god knows how many times I have masturbated on these stories but never expected that this could happen to me in real life…anyways let me tell u something about myself as said earlier I am a 27 year old guy and I am 5 7 in height ,well built , smart and well endowed too.

I have 7 and half inch long cock and its around 2 inches in thicknesss…ok let me not brag about myself and head on to the story right away….I am a frequent chatter on the net and one day I met a man on the net telling me that they were a couple and they were very open minded and I could not figure out what he meant by open minded…a little later he told me that he wanted to have a 3 some and if I would be interested in it for which I said yes knowing that he was yet another chatter who was playing pranks and after a few mins I get a call from my mobile and a sweet female voice asks for Charles.

She says she is Rita and I just spoke to her husband a few mins back and just to make sure that they were genuine she had called me and I spoke to the husband also and we had a very humorous chat on the phone and from that min I had a hard on and was waiting for an opportunity to meet them and it happened the next when I got a call again from them asking me what my plans were and when I said no she asked me if I would be interested in meeting them…..to which I readily agreed and they invited me home….wow when I went to their house one of the most fascinated scenes awaited me. They were one sweet couple the lady was around 35 and the man around 40 and very sweet people…..first we decided we will go out for a drink and then we will call it a day off and make it some other time…so we all went for a drink and in the pub we shared quite jovial movements but my eyes would not move away from Rita ……now I need to tell something about Rita…wow she had such a lovely figure and she was wearing a sleeveless t shirt and a skirt knee length and she had magnificious breasts and she was trying to gain my attention all the time and my pants had a tent all the time…..so we drank a couple of rounds and decided we will go home and continue the rest of the drinking….when on the road I suddenly felt a soft hand touch my neck and run through my hair..teh thought of this alone is making me hard.

Her hands were so soft and this sent a tremor and shiver in my body and I was rubbing my neck on that hand I guess she was telling me don’t go away I need u ..the drinks have made me horny and please don’t it a day off because I want u….so I let the game proceed the way the couple wanted specially what the lady wanted………once when we reached home we had a couple more drinks and Rita was getting really horny she wanted me to touch her so she was sitting so close to me while her husband was in the other 3 seater sofa and we both in the 2 seater….after a few mins the husband went out and returned with a porno movie and I knew what was in store for me ..he wanted to make me want but little did he know that my member was up and hard to please his wife like she has never been pleased before….so the movie started showing a blonde sucking a cock and he told her that he was hot and he wanted her to sit next to him when he watched that movie and he told me to get here near him he said “pull her here lets have some fun” and I pulled her and made her sit next to me now she was sandwiched between us both and he made the first move and started touching her thighs and I did not need an invitation when I kissed her and wow what a sensual kiss we had our mouths exploring each other as if she was hungry for ages….now I started fondling with her breasts and soon her eyes closed and we could hear her moan lightly and her breathin was really heavy…I pulled her t shirt up slowly revealing her breast and starting kissing on them slowly paying a lot of attention to her nipples which now stood erect and her hips were moving so rhythmatically…now the husband too left her thighs and moved into explore her other breasts and she kept on moaning”ohhhhh sweeetheaaarrrrt…ohhhhhh it feels soooo wonderful pleaseeeee don’t stoppppp..pleaseeeeeee ahhhhhhhh…ohhhh my god I have never got soooo much attention plleeeeaseee don’t stop”seeing her in the mood already I moved my hands into her thighs only to notice that she was pantyless and she was dripping wet….while sucking her breats I moved one finger inside her wet pusssy and she jerked and she came at the same moment ….the attention she was getting was too much for her to hand and she was moaning with ecstassy…….now my finger started probing her inside her pussy ..i started with one finger now it was 2 fingers which were troubling her now she couldn’t take it anymore and she told her hubbby ” sweeetheart lets go to the bedroom I cant take it anymore…i need it now or I am gona go crazy” and we followed her to the bed and threw away the rest of the clothes…and she jumped on me ..she spread her legs wide and asked her husband to eat her pusssssy I shud admit that he was one of the best pussy eaters I have seeen and the way her wife was moving was fabulous …by now I had given my hard dick in her mouth and she was sucking it sooo weell that she wasss driving me crazy and she was making me go mad…and the she said Charles honey please suck on my breasts they want ur mouth on them and I skillfully teased her nipples and sucked on her breasts making her go crazy and the the experienced husband eating her got her into a wildddddd orgasm….and now she said “i want u to eat me Charles..please lick my pusssy” she as already dripping wet and I placed my tongue on her pusssy teasing her slowly….she said “noooooooooo don’t plleeeassseee don’t tease me I ammm so hotttt alreaddy pleaseeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh nooooo” and her husband told me ” look at her how wet she is ” she loves to be eaten” …he said ” suck on her clit and watch her go crazy” and I followed obidiently only to find her moaning louder and louder”pleaseeeeeeee don’t ever stop…….goddddddddddd oh god pleaseeeee” the husband was so horney seeeing his wife eaten by another man that he was not fuckin hhis wifes mouth and he came.

No she said enough please get on top of me I am already so wet…..and I got in between her legs fuckin her in the missionaaryy position and she was grinding her pusssy into me like a hungry woman who has not seeen a cock for ages…and the way her muscles were pulling me in her and the way they were squeezing me..god it was an unbeleivable experience…and she kept on tellling ” ohhhhh god Charles ur fabulous don’t stoppppp pleaseeee…..and she was suckin her husband again……..then she said please take me doggy style I wana feeel ur thick cock deep inside me…..but I wanted her husband also to have a go so I said u can have her shes really wet …so he said nooo I already cammeee seeeing her wildnessss and today she is all ursssssss….take her the way u want…..since this was a compelete new adventure to me…i was pumping her so wildly and I am a natural holder on my ejacultaion…i can control my leaking for as long as I want…i was pumping her for more than 50 mins and she was draining herself out….and she just shoke so wildlty with an orgasm that she almost fainted….shouting loooudddlyyyy…..i love u Ram( thats her husband name.)..i lov u for this and thank u Charles…thank u for this….she was so engrosssed in her pleasure that she had forgotten that I had cummm and she rested saying gosh the entire roof is turning and this is the best moment I have had…i looked up at the clock and it was 3 30 am..and she was exhausted with all the orgasms she had I think she must have cumm more than 7 to 9 times that night or maybe more and I knew that this was not the end….and she went and cleaned herself up while I started dresssing when she suddenly realised that I had not cummmm…so I said don’t worrry I can hold myself back and she said nooo thats not possible but I am feelin guilty now that in my pleasure I did not think about that I said not to worrry because this way I have never felt and she said the next time I am gona make u cumm first with my mouth and then I am gona have you cumm into me all night to repay back this favor….. I said no mention at all and hope to see u guys soooon..i will be leaving Dubai back for bangalore in a few days but before that we will have one more round of this session to which I am waiting.
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