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Servant's Family Is Our Family

I am a v.r.s army fellow.,now living as.a small factory owner.,with my wife and two kids. Since the kids are in navodaya hostels we were alone at home. I was ,as usual, a very sexy man,. We do have at-least one sex daily. she is 39 and I am 42. She was aware of my sex life . She does not mind till it interfere her life,or creating problems to her. She did come with me to place of posting for about 6 years till kids have reached the school age. She was aware that she is unfit to cater me with 3 or 4 f**ks in a day,even in her hay days. so she used to close her eyes in this part of my life. But I never have any relations with out her knowledge. We used to talk all at our private hours and follow it with a F**k.

I never avoid any chance go futile ..be at my house or in factory. On making our house we had many workers. I used to take a selected few from them to our house. By taking chances I could succeed in using many of them. They always thought that at home since wife is present they are safe from me. But many later was astonished my wife's indifference to this act if mine. after one fuck they generally surrender , and do enjoy in future. The story did leak with in some and so many avoid us. It was one of the days We have appointed a lady as a part time servant in our new house. She was very fair and tall. Even wife was jealous of her. She was a good worker. She was originally from Karnataka. since we were knowing Hindi and thamil she has agreed for this work. She had a daughter studying in 9th class almost same age of my doughtier. she also used to come in vacations for playing with my kids.

Since we are from Kerala and bit dark. even though wife is doing all beauty treats she does not have the fair skin. but she was so sexy with a lavish lack and bust. By seeing our kids with the servants girl even our guests use to mistake the fair one as out kid. My wife was bit jealous for that also. The lady was a widow ,and was indeed of money. But she was very orthodox and was proud of their culture and appearance. She did consider us ,even though her malik or boss , as inferior to her family. I always had a n eye on her. But due to her special resistant behavior I used to avoid any further move. She will never stay after 5 in the eve, since her daughter and sis in law was alone at home. She was to marry her sis in law by herself. That was another problem for her hard work in two houses. One day there was a serious argument between her and my wife. Poor lady did not know that my wife was a very angry lady who never leave an enemy. a topical army memsahib feature. .She has decided to make her as a real slave to her. The real problem was a silly fact.

Her footwear was spoiled in the cow dung. She has asked her to clean and dry that. But the maid has refused telling that she is a bra min and also a widow and never does these works. That also for a lower cast lady. When I came at 2 for food she has informed this to me. I told her to throw her out. But she has asked me whether I am not liking her. I told the truth . Then she has requested me to just use her for her. She want to see that and ask her who is the superior. Even though the fact was stupid I was ready to take her any time ,that also with her full permission. I told her to have a video if she want to make her fear her. Just after food I have called her in our bed room. She always fear me since \I am having a muscular ,black, and tall body. she never come in front .In fact I have seen her only through her feet and hands. The rest was my imagination and my wife descriptions.

The movement she came in I have locked the door. She has ran to the other door which was close earlier. I told her that when ever I likes some one she has to surrender. Or I will crush her and will not be able to go home by walking. If surrenders I shall be very soft and nothing will happen. You also be sure that my wife will never support you. She has fell on the floor and caught my feet. \i took it as a surrender, I have taken her in my arms.I found her very light less than my wife. I have seen the mobile shooting us through the window. I . t have kissed her in her pink lips and has pull her tongue out by sucking she did not object. I have pressed her breasts in force which caused a cry from her. I left her for removal of dresses. She did it with a slight cry. Tears were dripping . She was a real model like. pure golden with slight hairs in pussy and armpits only .

I have removed my clothes. She was asked to suck. she was not ready Then I have pulled her by her hair and made my dick to her mouth. Finally she was taught the sucking. With in minutes I was ready for cumming. So I have made her to lye on her back and pushed it in up to her throat .So the sperms was straight in to her stomach with a lot of cough and cry. .Then I have licked her body.It was natural organic with salty in taste. Then when I have liked her pussy and interiors she was screaming in happiness. She has requested me not to delay in going in. I have finally fucked her for at-least 40 minute s in 2 session. she has supported by licking my face and biting my ear and neck and by catching with her long legs.

It was a nice fuck. Since has started that has continued till date. Wife has come in at the end and abused her calling her as prostitute. she was made to lick her feet and then only she has stopped. In due course I was the lucky in their fight. She has got a slave and I a second lady at home. We did have threesome fucks also with love. The fun has continued till one day I have taken her daughter to the town. I found her as better than her mom. In car I have made many touches and even a friendly kiss. she was 16 by then and tall . I took her to a friendly joint and gave her a drink in cola. By the time we had our food she was lose and was ready. I had much sexy talk and she has complimented. I have embraces her and has started to kiss an kick her hands feets legs and slowly her mouth. She was so easy and I could fu** her so convincingly with very less pain.

While returning she was bit fearful. But I have shown her the video and told her that she was very nice .Any way now she was used for 2 to 3 times. I am happy to allow her to grow for daily use. .When told wife was very unhappy since she should have been considered as my doughier. But I reasoned her that such thing is not in sex. Only man and women only . Since I an not able to use my own daughter why should I avoid all girls of that age. . .Any way she has not yet agreed to bring her to our house. Even if I use her sis in law she would have agreed, But she only could see her daughter in the vedio .Any how she has seen the video for many time and was enjoying my fuck in such a narrow pussy with out much bleeding.

She says that she is now fearing to leave her daughter with me..I have agreed to stop this fuck if she is ready to arrange servants r sis in law for me.. But we both have not yet seen her. Only thing sure was their she is about 24 years old and is working in a front office of a foreign company. Let me see the result. till then use he as far as possible. But i am sure that will be soon and if luck favors we will have a threesome with wife.
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