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Housewife's Cheap And Erotic Life Part 3

Since we had slept very late because of the hardcore and intense sex, I was bound to wake up late in the morning. I did not even know when Vivek had left for work. As I got up, I looked up the time and it was already 10 AM, I hardly ever slept till 8 AM in the morning before marriage, but now sleeping till late in the morning was usual for me, because of all the rough things Vivek used to do to me in the night. As I just slept there in bed, my started to inadvertently wander into the love-making sessions after marriage.

It was so damn good to be wanted so much by a man and to feel that I belonged to him completely granting him the permission to do anything and everything to me. I was just loving it. As I thought about it, I began to think about the erotica that had set into my life with what happened yesterday. The whole incident of me getting naked while Ramu just waiting behind the door to collect all my clothes including my innerwear, knowing that I was going to sleep naked and be an object of pleasure for the night for my hubby was just super HOT! I was beginning to get moist again thinking about all of it. Since I was naked on the bed, my fingers automatically found my vagina and I started pleasuring myself thinking about it.

After I masturbated, I just drifted to a tiny slumber once again. There was no doubt I was getting tired as hell due to all the rough fucking Vivek was giving me everyday, but I was sure as hell loving it too! So no complaints! After about another half hour, I finally got up from the bed. I looked at my naked self in the mirror admiring myself, I liked doing that sometimes. I loved to be an object of lust to all men. Even when I was in college, I often did that acting as if I was standing naked infront of a bunch of people, as if in a stage show where I was paid to be a nude erotic dancer or something. Call me perverted, but I loved to enact all such things when no one was at home!

I then wore a nighty with a bra and panty inside aware of the fact that Ramu would be around. I was sure he would already have known how I was enjoyed by Vivek last night which was the reason for me sleeping till late in the morning. Also, the whole episode of me removing clothes before going to bed lst night, while Vivek handing them over to Ramu must have made him very hot too. The thought of Ramu getting to touch (and probably do anything with) my bra and panty right after they came off my private parts was so erotic to me, I am sure Ramu must have had an equally erotic feeling or more about it too. I then came out to find that Ramu was watching TV sitting on the floor in the hallway, poor kid really did not have anything to do other than that. As soon as he saw me coming to the hallway, he said "Good morning bhabhi, do you want some coffee?". I smiled at him and said, "It's ok Ramu, I will have it after a while". Saying that I came over near him and sat on the couch.

As we continued watching TV, after a while Ramu said, "Bhabhi I have washed all your clothes from yesterday night and dried them. I have folded them and kept them on the bed in the other room". Saying that, he looked straight into my eyes with an expression of self satisfaction. I knew he wanted to remind me how I got naked behind the door while he got the opportunity to touch them and wash them. I am sure he must have had a good time imagining how his memsahib looked in those bra and panty. I could not help but blush a little. I liked the way he said that, frankly inducing in me a sense of shame that a low class servant guy got to enjoy the entire episode and experience. I suppressed an urge to smile shyly and said, "Thanks Ramu, please put them in the cupboard in the main room". Ramu nodded and left to do the task.

I was enjoying these small bits of erotica, they were quite interesting and enough for me to get a little wet down there. After that Ramu made me some coffee and breakfast. By then, it was already 12 O' clock, so I asked Ramu to prepare lunch while I decided to have a bath. I was going to get used to such a lifestyle I thought, especially with Ramu there to take care of all the household work and Vivek fucking me till late in the night everyday. I wanted to do something naughty with Ramu like yesterday, but thought the better of it.

I knew Vivek had some good set of plans everyday and I didn't want to screw with it, though I had a huge urge to do something sexy and erotic. I guess I had to wait till Vivek came home and took the lead. So, I just closed the bathroom door, had a bath and came out all dressed in a saree. Since that was actually just the second day with Ramu, I really did not have anything to talk to or do some fooling around so that I got my share of erotica. Frankly, I was beginning to get a little restless as I did not have Vivek to fuck me hard, nor was anything erotic happening with Ramu. I was sure Ramu also wanted to do something given the chance, but of course fear got the better of him I guess.

He must also be waiting for Vivek to come home and give him so fun. At around 6:00 PM Vivek finally came home which was his usual time. Ramu and me were sitting in the hallway when the doorbell rang. I knew it was Vivek, so I quickly jumped from the couch and went to open the door. I was so waiting for him to be back from work. As soon as Vivek came in, he hugged me hard and said, "I so missed you the entire day darling!". Saying that he grabbed both my ass cheeks over the saree with his hands and slapped on the right one hard. I loved that so much that I could not help letting out a slight moan to what Vivek did. But after that high that lasted for about a couple of seconds, I realized that Ramu was right behind us and must have surely seen what Vivek did to me. I felt embarrassed, but thrilled. I knew Vivek must have done it on purpose.

I mean, he would surely be honest in missing me and wanting to feel me up, but am sure he wanted to do that while Ramu got the chance to see it. I turned around and saw Ramu ogling at my ass with Vivek's hands on them silently giggling on the whole episode. I became red with embarrassment and whispered to Vivek to free my ass and came back to sit on the couch. I was sure Ramu loved the episode. Not to forget Vivek, he must have enjoyed that too. He winked at me as he came over and sat beside me on the couch. Vivek said to Ramu, "Ramu, get me some tea yaar, I am tired".

Immediately after Ramu left, Vivek grabbed my waist from the side tightly, and said "You liked that didn't you?". I wanted to be reserved for some reason, so I pretended like I didn't know what Vivek was talking about, "What?". "Oh c'mon, I know you very well the slut in you Ish! You loved it when I grabbed your ass infront of Ramy didn't you?", asked Vivek. I could not deny it and so I let it out. Blushing, I said "Well, yeah, kind off!". Vivek understood me perfectly. He said, "Man, you are the best slut I could ever get! This is going to get awesome day by day".

Saying that, he roughly pinched my waist and planted a deep kiss on my lips. After a while Ramu brought tea for Vivek. As he was sipping the chai, Vivek made conversation with Ramu while I was sitting beside Vivek with his hands still tightly wrapped around my naked waist. Ramu noticed it too, and would glance at my waist every now and then just to make sure Vivek was enjoying my body. "And Ramu, so did you wash bhabhi's clothes? All of them?" "Yes bhaiyya, I washed all of them yesterday night only and put them in the cupboard in the main bedroom". "Okay, that's good Ramu. Do the same everyday without fail". "Ok bhaiyya, I will do it everyday". "Achha and when you wash bhabhi's panties, make sure you wash them well from the inside also, otherwise bhabhi will have itching there when she wears it". I was shocked with what Vivek said.

It was certainly a notch higher than what I expected. I looked at Ramu and he was thrilled at having to hear such private things from Vivek himself. He was surely enjoying it, "Ok bhaiyya, I was wish it from inside also". It was no doubt cheap, but very erotic too. The way Vivek discussed the most private things of his wife like having itch in her pussy with the servant boy was the most pervertedly erotic thing! It was super dirty, and I must admit I seemed like a pervert myself to have enjoyed it. As it happened and after I realized how erotic it was, I began to get slightly wet again. I wanted to have a good rough fucking and so I whispered to Vivek in his ear, "Darling, please fuck me now, I am horny!" Vivek looked at me and smiled, of course he wanted to fuck me too. He said to Ramu "Achha listen Ramu, bhabhi wants me to take her to the bedroom for a while.

You watch TV, we will be back in an hour or so. If someone is at the door, tell them we are not here and do not disturb us till we come out of the room". Well, that made it clear to Ramu I thought. He would have guessed by now that I was missing the rough treatment since morning and asked Vivek to fuck me! Vivek then took me to the bedroom and as soon as he bolted the door, he started stripping me naked. He then removed his trouser and I sucked him for a while after which he made me sleep on my back and started humping me.

It was magical how much we enjoyed sex. This time, for a change he did not stuff the cloth in my mouth, but just shut my mouth with his hand, while he fucked me like a cheap whore. It was so amazing! After we were done, we just cuddled for a while and then dozed off into a slumber with Ramu in the hallway watching TV. I was happy how married life turned out so far, and I was getting satisfied with every minute of it!
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