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Adventures of Playboy Raj


I am Raj,a playboy.I am from very rich family.My dad is a very busy business man who have jewelry shop,tea estate,cotton mills etc.I am the only son of my dad.So i am living a costly life.Thanks to my dad to give this pleasure life.I am 23 years old,well built muscular,tall young man.Grey eyes,white guy.I started my sex life at 17 with my cousin Neeha.I will tell that story later. The story starts on birthday celebration.

My uncle brought a new maid from kerala, name swati.She attracted me at the first sight.Wow what a big boobs,White,Round face,sweet lips,big ass,a well structure girl aged 17,with fresh virgin pussy.I feared that, if i did anything my parents may came to know.So i am silent,but i cant control myself when i am alone with her in any place of the home & when she smiled at me.Few days passed,she became loyal to my family.

That wonderful incident happen on my birthday.All my friends who came to the party praised her beauty.That motivated me to do a trap.She is very crazy about new movies..After the birthday party i called her and said "we all are going to new movie , if you will wish you can join us,we will be back at night and no one will notice,since many persons are here in home".she agreed.At 8:30pm she is ready and looks gorgeous.She is wearing nice light blue low hip silk Saree.I take my bike after 20 minutes we reached my guest house.It is a separate house that no one living nearer to that.So no one will help her.I told her that "This is our guest house,the film will start at 9:30pm so we will take rest and start from her at 9".She simply smiled signs ok.. After entering the house i locked the door ,she is interested to watch the infra structure building.I stand very close to her.I touched her hand and told her to come with me.She obeyed.I straight away drag her to the bedroom.The double coat bed looks very neat and clean.I switched on the A/c..Now i turned to her and asked "This is my birthday,i got many valuable present,my mom gave that new bike to me,my dad bought this diamond ring to me,but u didn't give me anything.she looked at my eyes and said "i don't have anything".I smiled and said "i want you as my gift".I moved my hands over face.First time she got frighten.I tried to kiss her lips slowly.She is terribly shocked.she told "leave me!this is not right saabb..".I liked that.i hugged her hardly and started scratching my face on her hair with jasmine flowers..With full force she pulled me on the bed and start to ran towards the door but i caught her from back and hugged her .She didnt resisted much.I keep on pinching her hips,breast,hugging her from behind where ever she is running,i can able to find the difference in her reactions,moans,the way she pulls me.She is getting hotter and hotter by my plays.

Now she is totally enjoying my touch. She stopped moving and i started cupping her breast covered with blouse and she rests her head on my shoulder with her closed eyes,my dick is touching her butts with Saree.i dont want to treat her badly.That is not good for me too,bcoz she may tell this to my parents.So i started telling some sweet words..."Swati..i love you dear..i cant miss you..you are soo beautiful..you look so sexy today,i can cant control myself..Please...i want you honey..".Already she is hot..My words make her more hotter.She turned back and asked "shabb..if you dad came to know about this,then i will be fired,i too like you very much..but ..".I kissed her lips deeply pull her into the bed,laying her down i said "No one knows, that you are with me here..dont worry beauty".I started kissing her again,i inserted her tongue in her mouth,such a beautiful taste her lips are..My hands straight away went to her left breast.i removed her Saree and started pressing it.Such a soft breast that bitch is having.I just want to do it clearly,so released her lips and started removing my t-shirt,pants.she feels very shy to remove her dresses and closed her eyes with hands and lays in bed.I spent 5 minutes to remove her saree,blouse and petticoat since she is not responding properly due to shyness.Now she is with black bra and black panties.Still laying in the bed closing eyes with hands,her back towards me.I slowly touched her hips and started rubbing smoothly.She is moving away,i turned her removed her hands from face,and hold that above her head and i moved on the top of her .

i can feel her fast heart beats.I slowly kissed her,then sucked her lips and moved my head towards her beautiful soft big breast.I opened my mouth and started sucking her breast passionately and slowly.she started moaning sweetly like ..."mmhh..Ahh..aahhoow"..I hugged her and removed her bra completely and throws that away.Beautiful melons with soft pink colored erect nipples..i ran my tongue over her nipple circles and sucked her nipples slowly.Her moans got doubled.I pressed her left breast and sucked her right breast,her hands are on my heads,holding my hairs.I moved my hands to that small canal.its already wet outside,i lifted her above and dragged her panties down and removed completely.Now she is totally nude.i moved down to her pussy and smelled her.It smelled great,when i tried to suck her pussy,she pulled me up and said "No..Saabb..This is my first time,i will cum if you suck that once,please saabb,fuck me and make me cum for your dick..please..i beg you..".i agreed by kissing her lips and said "Ok..It will pain a lot,so be ready.i am just waiting for long days to fuck your cunt".She said "Fuck me..I am yours..Tore my hymen,break my virginity".I removed my trouser and make her figures touching my dick.I could see the surprise in her eyes becoz of my dicks x-large size..i slowly touched the curves of her cunt with tip of my erect dick.She gave up a big jerk,sensational.i inserted my dick into her cunt slowly.Such a tight cunt with very few hairs.Her moans everywhere.After inserting 3/4 of my dick ,i lays over her and gave a first push...

Such a big scream.."Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh"..i moved my dick up and pumped again,and kissed her to avoid big screams.Oww..pleasure..i started moving faster, released her lips and let her screams..i was in heaven..,such a wonderful cunt to shoot.i just enjoyed fucking her and keep on increasing my force..After 5 minutes her screams got converted into sweet songs..She moans like"Ow.O.Ahhh...hhaaa..mmmaa..".She tightly hugged me with her hands on my back and give up her cunt with sweet moans..Holding her head in one hand and kissing her deeply i screwing her beautiful canal with some great power.Suddenly she started screaming with words.."oww..ahaah..saaabb..i reached..oww..faster..ohhh..".i moved arrogantly with full force".With a very big scream she cummed along with me,i continue 5 more minutes..I can feel the wettness of her cunt..I take my cock out went to toilet to clean.She didnt moved at all and went asleep.i lift her up and took her toilet and cleaned her body and we slept nude in other room.In morning,i dont have heart to let her go,but i have to go to avoid suspects.When we are getting ready to leave the place, i got a call from my dad.He asked me "Raajj..Where are you, ".i said "Dad..i am our guest house".He shouted "What the HELL are you doing there with maid swati"..I got shocked..i didnt spoke any words..He continued "I know..Why you took her there.Do what ever you want,but be safe.you are my only son and we dont want to lose you"..I am very shocked and happily said "Sorry dad..but dont worry..She is a virgin and not a bad girl".He said "Hope,she is not a virgin now".I laughed and said "Daadd..Yes..I seduced her..but please dad..dont tell this to mom".He agreed..I requested like "Daad..Shall i come tomorrow".He said "hahaa..Ok Enjoy..Dont kill her with your force".I thanked my dad for understanding me.My maid asked innocently "shaabb..what did big saabb told you.".I pulled her in the bed and said "He told me to fuck you more harder than yesterday" and i jumped over her and started fucking her again..
After the incident she almost became my sex slave.I always use to take her to the guest house and fuck her continuously.Once i took her to GOA for a week and started fucking her very brutally,violently.Since she don't know anyone there.She obeyed all my orders.I enjoyed those wonderful time.That incidents make me think wild.My thoughts changed completely.My intentions completely changed."Why i should i make loving sex with maids,it may affect my personal life too,because i cant marry them.since my dad is very rich and from a very high class society.I will be get married with a rich girl who similar to my status.And i am going to be the owner of all his asserts.So i should behave with more guts,more dominating.i should make them obey my orders." i told to myself.My maid wont forget that week in her life time.She was teased,bounded,pinched,fucked harder.After that wonderful fucking week we went back to home.My parent came to know my relationship with my maid.My Dad didn't took this is as a big issue.But my mom is really worried.So my dad came gave some fair amount to that girl's family and fired her.Their action make me very angry.I started behaving strangely with them and since i am their only son they are really pressurized.After few days i use to start roam with college girls ,date with them .This changed my mind.I started behaving as good son to my parents.Things went fine.But they arranged a maid called sumitha aged 19.A normal bengali girl.Normal round face,white,little fair,poor girl,but damn sexy girl.but i never look at her.But the kama won finally.
i have seen her boobs size when she was taking something in the self.
Wow its big...and milky white.Only 1/4 of it i seen.But my thoughts
went out of my control.

Then i realized that she is looking so cute.(This is humans mentality.So you can blame me).I started looking at her for three days ,she noticed that ..(this is the simple way to gray their attention)
May be she too like that.
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