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A Beautiful Maid Geetika Sharma Part 2

They were not round in shape but of mango type, curves moving downwards and then upwards ending on the brown nipples. My erection was getting beyond control and it was again peeping out of my towel. She moves a little closer to me and takes my hand in her hand, and puts it on her breasts. This encourages me and I begin to rub my hands on both her breasts slowly at first for gaining my first experience. Slowly I circle my fingers on her nipples and pinch them in between. They have stood up and now are very erect. I hold both the breasts, one each in my hand and begin to squeeze them slowly and sometimes very hard, enjoying to my full extent. Meanwhile her hand is on my erection and is moving slowly up and down giving electric shocks to me. I am also enjoying myself and I begin to move my hands downwards rubbing her soft white belly and the deep holed navel.

For about half an hour we explore each others body touching and feeling it BY HAND and enjoying every moment of it. I then ask her, whether if she will give me the permission to embrace her so that I can feel the touch of her breasts and the soft belly on my chest? I had felt a very strong urge to embrace her in my arms. I tell her that I am not interested in having sex. I wanted to have a complete feeling of the two soft cushions. She is convinced again. I get down from the bed and I embrace her, feeling the touch of the two soft pillows on my chest. Below her hand is holding my erection with one hand. It had become tough like an iron rod. I used to masturbate earlier and knew what would happen if I get overexcited. But I had to control myself to enjoy my first experience Hence I tell her to remove her hand from the erection.

She was also experienced and knew what would happen, so she removed her hand. She was also enjoying what I was doing to her. Her nipples were touching my nipples and I could feel the warmth of the two circles under the pressure of my embrace. I was rubbing her back slowly and gently. In between her slippery breasts would slip from the pressure and come out from the sides. At that time I had to hold them in my hands and then again put it back on my chest. We enjoyed this position for around 10 to 15 minutes. She then asked me, if I can suck both of her breasts at a single time. Her husband had never attempted to complete this wish. I was not experienced and told her that I can give it a try. I was also wanting to do that now. So I sit down on the bed and bring her closer to me.

At first I watch her body closely and then begin to kiss her on every area of her stomach slowly moving towards her deep holed navel. On reaching the navel I kiss it and put my tongue inside her deep holed navel licking it. After few minutes I part both the breasts in opposite directions and put my face in between the two breasts and then cover my cheeks with her two breasts. I kiss her in the portion between the two breasts and keep on squeezing the breasts on my cheeks. After staying there for sometime, I hold her left breast with both of my hands tightly, and begin to rub her nipples on my full face. Then I put the nipple in my mouth, and begin to lick and suck it slowly.

I wanted to put whole of her breasts beginning from the nipple part, in my mouth. But they were big enough of good size, that they would just slip, slip and slip. Only some part would go into my mouth. She begins to moan and puts her hand on my erection which has become very firm. I tell her not to touch it as it would go beyond my control. She leaves it. After sucking for few minutes, I hold her right breast in the same way, rubbed it on my face, and suck it for sometime. Both her nipples were now wet, erect and become reddish in colour. Now she holds her left breast with her hand and is asking me to put both the nipples in my mouth. I take both the breasts one each in my hand and hold them from down in such a way that both her breasts become more tighter and nipples become more pointed standing out erect. I press both her breasts bringing them closer to each other.

I try to bring both the nipples closer to each other and attempt to put them in my mouth. But do not succeed. After 4 or 5 attempts I succeed and put both the nipples in my mouth and begin to circle it, lick it and suck it with my tongue. She is enjoying to her full extent and I am also very much enjoying it. I just loved the first feelings that she had given me. We enjoyed this for 3 hours. In fact I love to keep my erection intact for a longer period sometimes ranging from few hours to few days, and sometimes maybe a month also, because I just feel that it should be enjoyed and not wasted. That day also I did not waste my erection and kept it on for few more days fantasizing this first hand experience.

From that day whenever we got a chance of loneliness we would get engaged in such action of only body touching and feeling which is a very fantastic experience. I hope all girls and you young womens enjoyed this story come fantasy of mine . I have written this story after reading sex stories from this site . I am not hungry for sex . But I would love to go in for a short term or a long term affair with some one . Please gather some guts to mail me atleast at

I will surely reply you .Please do mail me and tell me about your Fantisies or your real Life Experiences if you have any . . Please tell me your real name, email and telephone number (for friend ship and ………………….) my e-mail add is . Guys you can also write me your Experiences Please Do Write . You all are my Inpirations My humble request to all readers . If you are a Sex Story Readers . If you read story also write stories or your real life experiences and contubute to this site . You will really feel great to share them with people of your likings . Seee ya then ………………………..
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