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How I discovered sex with girls

This is based on an actual event, but there has been some embellishment and added banter that still follows the way the night progressed. Some memories of that night are a little hazy, but the gist is true.

In my senior year, my best friend Anna and I, had our first girl/girl encounter together. It happened out of the blue... here are the details.

We had been out drinking at a house party. Anna was to spend the night at my place, my parents were not overly strict once I turned 18, where as Anna's parents were still household tyrants. We both stumbled home well after mid-night, laughing, holding hands, and a little out of our minds. Anna and I went up to my room and we changed into our pajamas, chatting about Tom, another senior that both of us were trying to get with. Tom ended up hooking up with another friend of ours (that night) and we were left in the cold. Either way, we were left talking about him and what we would let him do to us if the chance ever arose.

Anna was adamant that she wanted to see his cock before the end of the year (which we had heard was rather large), I remember wanting to have him fuck me from behind. We talked about what it would be like and the conversation turned to what we did when we were alone and horny. This was a new conversation for both of us. Anna began telling me how she loved to rub her clit in circles when she was really horny. She confessed that she licked her fingers before beginning because she liked the feeling of her clit being all wet and slippery. I confessed that I had just recent purchased my first vibrator. Anna insisted that she must see it right away.

I went over to my night stand drawer and pulled it out. It was just a standard 6 inch vibrator, tapered, hot pink in colour. I believe I bought it for $30, which seemed a lot at the time. I handed it over to Anna, laughing she brought it to her nose and sniffed it and laughed that I must have used it recently. I grabbed it back from her and remember feeling really embarrassed. Anna told me to relax and that it didn't smell "bad", on the contrary, she thought it smelled "exciting".

Anna grabbed it back from me and put it in her mouth, motioning like she was sucking a cock. "Anna!.. what are you doing?" I asked. Anna said that she wondered if I tasted anything like herself. Then Anna asked if I ever tasted it after using it. I confessed that I did and that it was a regular habit. I confessed that doing that really turned me on. She asked if I liked the taste and I coyly smiled and said that I did. Anna smile and said she felt the same.

I remember what she said next like it was only an hour ago "Angel, do you think it would be ok if I tried out your vibrator, right now?" I feigned shock, but really I felt like this was situation was progressing somewhere interesting. "Only if I can make it nice and wet for you first" I replied. "Are you asking to lick my pussy?"

"No! Let me make the vibrator wet for you!" I replied, but instantly wondered if I did mean what she asked.

"That sounds naughty, Angel. Make it really wet!". Anna slipped off her pajama pants and underwear. She laid on her back on the floor while I mustered as much saliva as I could to get the toy nice and sloppy. I handed it to her, strings of saliva dripping off. She took the toy and slid it between her labia and turned on the vibe. "Oh my god, Angel, your spit is all over my pussy, and wow does it feel good!" She slid the vibe up and down and circling her clit. She was obviously enjoying herself.

I sat in front of her on the floor and watched. Her pussy was lovely, pink, with a small patch of blonde pubic hair. I was extremely turned on, my clit was fully engorged and my pussy wet. I laid down on my side so that I had a full view of Anna working her pussy with the vibrator and my one hand down the front of my pajamas and underwear playing with my wet clit.

"Angel, this feels so good. Are you fingering yourself?" she asked. "I'm playing with my clit, this is so hot watching you vibe yourself." I replied.

Anna withdrew the vibrator which she had just recently plunged inside of herself. She sat up and stuck it in her mouth. "Taste yourself with me", she suggested. I did, I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and sucked on them, to her delight. "Let's get naked, I want to see you in action." Anna knew about my extra large clit, although never had she seen it aroused.

This was a topic discussed a few years earlier when comparing bodies. Both of us removed all of our clothes. This time, Anna moved herself to a point where she had a full view of my clit. "Do you stroke it?" she asked. My clit is around 4 inches in length when fully engorged. I showed her how i could pull the hood over it and massage it that way, or use my wetness to circle my finger around it and flick the tip of it.

Anna handed me the vibrator and asked me to demonstrate how I used it. I gasped "But that was just inside you, at least clean it off". Anna grabbed it back and inserted it back inside of herself. As she pulled it out from between her legs there were stings of fluid clinging to it. "No, If you want it cleaned off, do it yourself." she smiled. This was to be the first taste of another woman's pussy in my life. I was hesitant, but I really wanted it. I took that vibrator and did my best imitation of deep throating a real cock. I slurped on it and licked it clean. "Well?" she asked?

"You taste wonderful" I purred and then turned on the vibe and placed it just inside of my and pressing my clit to the toy. I did this for a few minutes while Anna watched in total awe. "Anna, I want you to finger yourself, but I want you to straddle my face so that I can see everything up close.. Is that too weird?" I asked? Anna replied "We are past anything being too weird at this point, I think. I just need to be able to watch you as well"

Anna positioned herself over my face, legs on either side of my head, one hand playing with her pussy, the other beside my hip. Watching her slip one then two fingers inside of herself made me more and more turned on. Her smell was intoxicating and I found myself wanting to taste her and be the cause of her pleasure. I turned off the vibrator and asked Anna to taste me. She reached her hand from her pussy and took the vibrator, when I heard her lips sucking on it, I did it. I grabbed her hips and forced her down to my mouth.

"Oh, Angel, you taste so wonderful," Anna moaned, "Yes, do it, I want you to". My tongue immediately wen to to her clit and I worked my way back to her wet vagina. It was so wet and beautiful. I buried my face into her, my nose barely penetrating her. Then I moved back to taste her some more while my nose buried into her little butthole. I penetrated her with my tongue as far as I could go, then I settled into alternating between sucking on her pussy and licking her clit.

Anna rode my face like it was a pillow, it felt so right having her mash her pussy against my face. It was only a few moments later when I felt Anna fold over, spread my legs and her whole mouth envelop my clit. She began sucking on it and then brought the vibrator inside of me. "Do you like that?" she asked. "Mmmhmmm" was all I could muster. "I like it too" she said.

I felt like I had ascended into heaven. Nothing had ever felt more right than this moment, We pleasured each other orally for quite a while... perhaps 20 minutes? The feeling of our bodies together was magical. Anna began grinding herself into my face again and she became even more wet. It was almost too wet just as she orgasmed.

I did my best to lap all of her wonderful taste. I tried to hold her there, but she moved herself off of me and preposition herself straddling my hips. "One more thing I want to try" Anna said as she simultaneously reached between my legs and penetrated me with two of fingers and leaned forward kissed me passionately. I came immediately. It was one of the best orgasms of my life to date. It seemed to last so long.

Anna leaned back, sitting on my hips and brought her fingers to her lips. "Tastes good I guess," she said. I am sure my face looked hurt. She then leaned forward and kissed me again. "But together we taste amazing". She finished.

It was late, we both crawled into bed naked. We kissed one another and rubbed our hands all over each other. There wasn't an inch of each others' body we had not explored before drifting asleep. When ! awoke the next morning, I found Anna sitting at the edge of the bed with tears in her eyes. When she saw I was awake she looked at me and apologized for what she initiated last night and that she had taken advantage of me being drunk. "I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore" she sobbed.

I sat up and said, "You're right, you totally took advantage of me last night and there is only one place i want to see you from now on. You know where that is?" I looked and sounded really serious. Anna was freely crying now "in class... I promise not to say anything to anyone, i will keep this a secret. Please can we still be friends...."

"No, you got it wrong" I replied, Anna paled "...the only place I want to see you is between my legs." I grabbed her and kissed her forceefully. "Last night was the best night of my life, Anna". Anna laughed through her tears and called me a bitch. She then placed her hand on my inner thigh and said "Perhaps we could make this the best morning of my life?"
"Lay back," I told her.

The End
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