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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 30

Zafar’s Lust Story For His Stepmom

After having a great fuck, stepmother-stepson duo were just lying on bed and looking at each other. Amina took her husband’s lungi from the bed which her stepson borrowed for a night and kept it on her pussy. She then crossed her legs tightly so that sperms from her pussy stopped flowing. Zafar was just admiring his stepmom’s naked beauty. But they never talked, they just smiled.

After sometime, without saying anything Amina got up from her bed and picked up her nighty from the ground. When she bent down to grab her nighty, Zafar could see her asshole as her buttocks spread wide open. Seeing her wide ass, Zafar got desperate to fuck her for one more time. He dicided that anyhow he will have to convince her to stay with him for entire night.

Finally Zafar spoke, “where you going choti ammi….???”

Choti Ammi: “I think I should go now…..i should have never come here….”

Zafar: “why ammi…. Didn’t you enjoy with me??? Am I not better than Abba????”

Choti Ammi: “ Your Abba is very good at sex, but now a days I don’t know what happened to him…. I think he doesn’t enjoys sex with me…???”

Zafar knew that why his Abbu was not enjoying sex with her. After he started to fuck his own daughter, he was not getting that kind of pleasure from his wife.

Choti Ammi: “but beta Zafar…. You were better than your Abbu….”

Zafar: “so why don’t you stay with me for some more time, spend this night with me ammi….”

Choti Ammi: “no Zafar, I am going back to sleep with my sons…”

Zafar: “choti ammi…. Am I not your son….??? “

Choti Ammi: “no beta… why are you saying this????”

Zafar: “then sleep here tonight… with mee….”

Choti Ammi: “but beta……”

Zafar: “come on choti ammi…. If you have ever thought me as your son… then you have to spend this night with me……. I will make you feel very special ammi…..”

Now Amina was not having any other option open for her. The way her stepson emotionally blackmailed her to spend the night with her was too much for her.

Choti Ammi: “ok beta…. I will stay for the night….. but only for this night… from tomorrow onwards, we have to behave as a good mother and son…. A normal mom-son….”

Amina was wearing her nighty as she was moving forward towards the bed. But Zafar got up and still sitting on bed, reached for her nighty, grabbed it and threw near the laundry basket where his dirty clothes were kept.

Choti Ammi: “behave Zafar…. I am your mother…..”, Amina got angry at his behavior.

Zafar: “come on choti ammi….. just now you said that we have to be like a normal MOTHER-SON from tomorrow…. Tonight we can have some fun as I already fucked you…..and I know you want to do it again…..with me….tonight……”

Hearing this, all her anger was gone. She smiled and got into the bed with him. Zafar pulled her towards him by grabbing her at her waist. Her big boobs were getting crushed on her chest and one of his hands was all over her big ass. His other hand was caressing her face and playing with her long hairs while they kissed passionately.

Choti Ammi: “so you want to fuck me again…..??”

Zafar: “yes ammi…. I am so desperate to get inside you again….”

Choti Ammi: “but you gave me so many orgasm just now….”

Zafar: “I know ammi…. You are feeling very satisfied…… but I want to fuck you again….”

Choti Ammi: “beta…. Can we rest for some time before we start again???”

Zafar: “sure ammi…. I am also exhausted as I ejaculated inside your cunt two times….”

Choti Ammi: “then I guess we can talk about something till then…..”

Zafar: “ya sure ammi…. We can talk and play with each other’s body till we get ready for our round two….”

Choti Ammi: “so beta…. Tell mee….”

Zafar: “what ammi????”

Choti Ammi: “I know that you were lusting me from many years….. I want to know from when you started to have sexual feelings for me….”

Zafar: “but…..how do you know…..”

Choti Ammi: “because eversince I got pregnant for the first time, I saw lust in your eyes….lust for me..or my body…..”

Zafar: “so you knew that I lusted for you…..??”

Choti Ammi: “yes….. and that was the reason your abbu left you and gave you his other home….”

Zafar: “what….. abbu knew that I lusted for you???....how???”

Choti Ammi: “because I told him…… when my first child was 2 years old, I told him that you don’t look at me like a mother….. and that’s why he gave you a separate home to stay with your sister….”

Zafar: “bitch…. So you were the reason why our abbu left us…..”

Choti Ammi: “no beta…. I was not the reason…. Your lust for me was the reason…..”

Zafar: “yes ammi…. Whatever…. But see…. Today you are lying naked with me…. And that too in your marital bed…..”

Choti Ammi: “so Zafar…. Tell me… when did you start lusting for my body???”

Zafar: “ I started to like you on the day you got married to my abbu…… when I saw you in the wedding dress on that day…. You were looking so beautiful and sexy……..”

Choti Ammi: “you were just a boy back then…..”

Zafar: “choti ammi…. I was a ** year old teenager…… boys start to think about sex in that age only….”

Choti Ammi: “so you found me sexy in my wedding dress?????”

Zafar: “yes ammi….. you looked gorgeous on your wedding day…. On that day only I decided that I will marry a beautiful woman like you…..”

Choti Ammi: “but Zafar….you are very lucky, your wife is much beautiful than me…..”

Zafar: “yes ammi………Rubina is the most beautiful woman in my life….. and you are the second….”

Choti Ammi: “come on….. I am old now….. and your sister is also very beautiful….”

Zafar: “yes ammi….. my sister is also beautiful…. But I cannot fuck her…..”, Zafar lied to his stepmom about his affair with his sis.

Choti Ammi: “now that you agree that I am not more beautiful than your wife, still do you want to fuck me????”

Zafar: “yes ammi…. You know why???? Because you are my first love……you took my virginity…….”

Amina was surprised, “I took your virginity???? How…???? You never fucked me before tonight??”

Zafar: “ammi…. I am not talking about fucking….. “

Choti Ammi: “Then what???”

Zafar: “on your wedding night when you were getting fucked by abbu, I was standing outside your room and listening to your voices and moans…and I was also playing with my dick…..and while thinking that I was fucking you, I ejaculated for the first time in my life….. my first ejaculation was for you ammi…. That’s how I lost my virginity in your name….”

Choti Ammi: “but you didn’t fucked me…. That means I didn’t take your virginity….”

Zafar: “yes ammi….. what if I didn’t fucked you on that night…. But I ejaculated on your name ammi while my abbu was taking your virginity that night….”

Choti Ammi: “your abbu didn’t take my virginity that night Zafar…..”

Zafar: “what….. abbu didn’t take your virginity…… that means you gave your virginity to some other man ???”

Choti Ammi: “no beta Zafar…..my virginity was taken by your abbu only….. but not on our weding night…. Before that also we fucked……”

Zafar: “you fucked my abbu before marrying him???”

Choti Ammi: “yes Zafar…. Your abbu was just like you…. Mad for sex…. So he seduced me and fucked me….”

Zafar: “choti ammi…. Tell me….”

Amina stopped Zafar from telling anything by kissing him on his lips. After breaking the kiss, she said, “shut up Zafar now…. Did you stop me here to stay with you tonight to talk about all this…..????”

Zafar: “no choti ammi….. I wanted you to stay because I wanted to fuck you once again….”

Choti Ammi: “then why don’t you just fuck me betaaa…..”

Zafar pulled his stepmom by grabbing her ass and pulling her naked body onto his. She spread her legs around his waist and he raised her hips so that her cunt was right on top his cock. With ease, he made her sit down on his cock and his hardness spread her cunt lips and entered her cunt.

Amina was really enjoying this. She started to ride her stepsons cock. Zafar sucked her big boobs while he continued pistoning his cock in her pussy. They fucked like this for some time till Amins got tired of working from the top. She got down from his body and started to suck his cock.

Zafar let her suck him for some time, but he wanted to put his cock back in her wet pussy. So he pulled her up by grabbing her loose hair and pushed her back on bed such that she fell down on bed on her stomach. Amina turned around and moved her hair from her face to look at her stepson. Zafar got down and put his face on her ass. He started to lick her ass crack and bite her ass cheeks. Then he put his mouth on her cunt lips by spreading her legs.

Zafar was feasting on his stepmother’s cunt like he was licking a candy. After his face was wholly covered with her pussy juices, zafar let his grip loose on her hips and got on her back. She turned her head and kissed him passionately. She opened her legs more to invite him to fuck her when zafar was rubbing his cock on her naked ass. Sensing what his stepmom wanted, Zafar raised his hips a little and then moved a bit down to enter her from behind. When he got inside her, he started to fuck her while still lying on top of her back.

But Amina was getting too uncomfortable in this position as she had to bear the whole weight of her strong stepson. Feeling that his nre lover was getting very uncomfortable, Zafar got up and pulled his cock out from his stepmom’s ass. Then he pulled her hips up and made her sit in doggy style.
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