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The Mark of Danteshwari - Pt. 05

"ALL PRAISE TO DANTESHWARI!" cries out a beautiful, young Naija. Long dark hair sweep around her head as the room fills with divine power. Without actually laying eyes on everyone else, I know that every mother and son here have joined at this holy moment. "YOUR LOVE IS YOUR TESTAMENT TO DANTESHWARI. MAKING LOVE IS YOUR WORSHIP! YOU NOW AND ALWAYS HONOR DANTESHWARI WHEN MAKING LOVE. YOU HAVE ACCEPTED HER BLESSING AND WILL EMBRACE IT FOR ALL ETERNITY!"

The Goddess's words seem to spur us on and mothers and sons begin the age old dance of love and lust with a vengeance. Jeff begins to thrust slowly back and forth, worming his cock in and out of my cunt's jealous clasp. I refuse to loosen my embrace, relishing the sweet feel of his flesh, hot and slick against mine. My nipples, swollen to the point that they feel like they could explode, rub deliciously against his smooth, hard muscled chest. His lips kiss their way over my face and then my neck, biting me lightly as he seeks my tits. My heels pound into my son's butt cheeks, urging his thrusts on. Our love expands and explodes into so much more. At the core, we are love, but we are also caught up in sheer, incestuous lust. We wrap ourselves up in it like a warm blanket. We allow ourselves to become intoxicated on our love and lust, taking deep draughts of incestuous passion as my son sinks his cock into my pussy juice flooded hole again and again.

"I love you, Jeff! Fuck your mother! Fuck Mother -- she needs it sooo much, son!" I sob out as we rock together, becoming one.

"I have wanted to fuck you for so long, Mother," gasps my son as he plunges his hard, long cock in me again and again. "Forever, Mother. I will love and fuck you forever!"

All around us the sounds of lovemaking fill the chamber, creating the most angelic of songs. In my mind I can see images of the others as in our lovemaking all in this chamber are sharing in the joy of everyone. As I savor the wondrous experience of having my pussy packed full of my son's thick and long cock, I am also experiencing the feel of Bimal's extra-long penis sliding in and out of Ramita's oh so wet pussy. I can feel the delicious sensation of Mamata's cunt struggling and succeeding to expand to accept her son Jamal's incredibly thick cock.

The power within the chamber flares brightly as twelve mothers simultaneously have their first son induced orgasms. The intensity of my pleasure literally takes my breath away and I sob with joy as I begin to cum, all my hunger and need of the last many weeks washing away in incredible torrents of incest induced orgasm!

Somehow, I managed to retain my grip on my son's body, arms and legs wrapped around him as my pelvis drives my cunt upwards, impaling myself on his swollen penis. I cling to him, urging myself to merge with him, to become one with him.

My body burns with lust and desire, recreating me, making me feel reborn. I am young again -- young and in love and in heat and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with my man, my son, my intended exploring the depths of our love!

My orgasm ebbs, but does not completely diminish and I am hanging on at the edge of carnal bliss as my son continues to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. Suddenly, I feel his cock head swell and an incredible throb of power run through his shaft and I am keenly aware that he is about to cum. My womb becomes aware, wanting to clasp him tightly, to become what it was always meant to be, a receptacle for my lover's seed. I am suddenly conscious of the fact that I want my son's child; that to be a mother is to be a giver of life and I want to carry the fruit of my son's seed and make us a baby.

"Cum in mother's pussy, son!" I hiss. "Let's make a baby! Let's make a love child, Jeff!" I use my heels to press my son downward, to bury his life giving cock as deep as possible inside my womb. Time slows down and my senses seem to greatly magnify. I can feel the swell of semen as it flows through his shaft and then erupt inside of me, bathing my womb with his potent seed and triggering in me an orgasm unlike any I have ever experienced.

As mother and son and lovers, our voices rise as one as we cry out our incestuous love and passion. Jet after jet of hot, incestuous semen scalds my insides, seeking my life producing eggs. Despite my forty-six years, I instantly know I am fertile and that my son is about to make me pregnant and I weep tears of joy as well as pleasure as I orgasm and orgasm, my sexual joy intensified by the knowledge that my son has impregnated me.

Jeff's lips press against mine and we kiss passionately as our coupling peaks and then peaks some more. I think for a while that my son will never stop ejaculating inside my womb and that I will never stop orgasming. We have become one -- man and woman -- our souls joined forever, coupled with the life we have created. I feel Danteshwari's gaze turn on us and feel her love and joy and I understand a fundamental truth. To love and bring forth life is to honor Danteshwari's gift with the greatest gift we have to offer.

Finally, the world comes to a stop and we are joined cock and pussy on our bed of crystal. My son and I whisper sweet words of endearment to each other, each completely aware of the other, almost as if we have established a telepathic link. Around us, we hear the gasps and sighs of satisfied lovers. We turn and lock eyes with Ramita and Bimal. Somehow, she has found her way on top of her son. Her long black hair is hangs wetly down her back and her breasts heave mightily as she recovers from what must have been a terrific orgasm.

We smile at each other and with a glance share the knowledge that we both carry our sons' babies. Nearby, Mamata weeps with joy as her son comforts her. Nilaya and her oldest child are already again engaging in an incestuous dance of love, Nilaya straddling her son and pistoning up and down on his cock.

Jeff turns to me, his hand cupping my full breast lovingly. "I love you, Mother. Ours will be a wonderful life."

I kiss my son and reply, "Ours is a wonderful life. I love you, son. Now, please -- make love to your mother again." My son growls lustfully and I can feel his still partially erect cock swell inside me. The delightfully sinful sensation of having my son's cock grow to full girth and length inside me has me in the throes of an incestuous orgasm before he even begins to thrust in and out of me again.

Again we join a choir of lovemaking as mothers and sons again begin to fuck lustfully all around us. We seem to be outside of Time itself as we make love. We are lost for what seems hours, then days -- years and centuries and eons, cocooned in our sexual desires. My son and I make love and fuck, sometimes at a snail's pace, every fraction of an inch's movement an orgasm in itself and sometimes we are like the beasts in the jungle, caught up in fierce, incestuous lust, fucking and sucking, clawing and biting.

My memories of the rest of that first night blur into a montage of erotic fulfillment. I recollect sucking Jeff's cock and feeding on his sweet semen. I remember riding him like a cowgirl, bucking up and down on his swollen saddle horn. I can envision my son taking me from behind, thrusting deep inside me as my heavy breasts swing back and forth like a drunken pendulum. I recall my son and I locked in the embrace of a sixty-nine, tongues playing across sensitive flesh, making each other cum again and again.

I remember us in a thousand different positions, embracing and surpassing the knowledge of the Kama Sutra until our bodies absolutely glow with orgasmic energy. Mostly, I can recall our final orgasm suffusing our bodies and growing in intensity until we have moved beyond this mortal plane of existence, bodies locked together in orgasmic unity becoming one with the universe. When the sheer power of my orgasm, fueled by the heavenly sensation of my womb being flooded by my son's semen, I scream and open my eyes and find that we are floating in space, surrounded by countless stars that flare in acknowledgement of our own incandescent pleasure.

Through it all, we are aware of the presence of Danteshwari, knowing that she smiles upon us. As I surrender to the power of our ultimate orgasm, I manage to whisper, "Thank you -- thank you for your gift."

I am pretty sure as I slide into unconsciousness, wrapped in a blanket of sheer, incestuous love, I hear a divine voice whisper back, "YOU ARE WELCOME, DAUGHTER."

When I awake, it is dawn. Jeff carries me in his strong arms as if I were a child. I am naked as is he. I look up into his eyes and see his love for me. We don't have to say it aloud to each other. We know it for absolute truth. I love my son. He loves me.

Other sons are carrying their mothers home alongside us. Ramita's arms are draped around Bimal's neck, her head against his chest. Her eyes are closed and she has a smile on her face that belongs to an angel. My heart swells with happiness for her. The village folk are emerging from their homes to greet us -- to welcome us back. They sing prayers and praise to Danteshwari for her blessings -- for the continuing fulfillment of her pact with the village.

With head held proud and high, Jeff carries me home. He takes me to his bed and gently lowers me to it. Naked, we cuddle up together and sleep. The dream is gone. In it's place are new dreams showing us our life together. When we wake, my son and I make love again. It is as wonderful as the first time -- perhaps even better. As I writhe under my son's body, his cock making me squirm and moan with incestuous pleasure, I know that each time we make love, it will be more wonderful than the time before.

Five years pass. In everyone's eyes, my son and I are husband and wife, our wedding rites performed by Danteshwari herself. When Joseph came home, I demanded a divorce and he agreed. I think this land had already defeated him and he simply wanted to leave anyway.
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