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The Empty Space-3

It was Saturday morning and both Suraj and his Mom woke up late as suraj woke up little late freshing up he came down to the kitchen, his mom already made poori and aalu curry as breakfast.

Suraj: “awesome mom, I just love you..”

Suraj: “that plumbing job I guess!” Mom: “yeah and I have hell of a work for you today so eat well”

Mom: “absolutely! We need to fix that leak or else will be wasting all the water, and moreover whats the use when I cant use the engineer at my home?”

Suraj: “I am an electronics engineer Lux, I am not a plumber!”

Mom: “its one and the same for me you guys speak about shit I don’t understand at all, by the way, what were you dreaming last night??”

Suraj: “don’t ask Mom, forget it.”

Mom: “Its ok na tell me I am your Mom isn’t it??”

Suraj: “That’s why I am telling, and please if u want me to fix that pipe then forget about it”

Mom: “Ok as u say.. you want some more of my poori?”

Suraj: “I am done lets go fix that thing”

Suraj went up to the terrace and examining the pipe which was leaking, his mom followed him upstairs with tools the tank was still high up and the pipes were coupled to different locations..

Suraj: “ok mom I think that threading might have gone bad here let me remove it carefully and will seal it again and tighten it”

Mom: “as you say Plumber”

Suraj took an adjustable spanner and held it on the pipe where it was coupled, he needed one more hand to hold the other end.

Suraj: “Mam would you please help me out rather than watching standing like that??”

Mom: “oh sure what should I do? Hold it here?”

Suraj: “ya that would be good, I think it was tightened in wrong way”
He twisted it hard and suddenly at a point it came loose and a jet of water splashed all over them Suraj was wet as well as his mom was wet as water splashed all over her top, she was wearing just a nighty and nothing underneath it as a result the dress when it became wet it stick to her as well as it became transparent.

Mom: “very good plumber boy, I am not going to pay for this!! Dear let the water flow out, anyway we had to clean the tank!”
Suraj had a glimpse of his mom who was wet and her skin was shining in that wetness and he also saw her dark nipple impressions on her wet nighty. Avoiding her eye contact he was trying to catch views. Then he went up inside the tank and started cleaning and removing the stale water.

Mom: “aaah I am all wet and it seems like I have become like Mandakini of Ram Teri Gnaga Maili..”

Suraj: “go and change mom u may catch cold”

Mom: “its oklets finish the job and go”
From top Suraj can now see his mom’s cleavage and her wetness he was getting a hardon again.
After fixing the pipe both went down and switched on the motor to fill the tank.

Mom: “ok lets take bath I have somemore work for you!!”

Suraj went in bathroom and took out his dick again and shagged well thinking about his mom.
By the time he had shower and cameout his mom was still having the shower and saw her clothes which she need to wear were kept outside on the bed, Suraj was tempted again to see her in towel, but he wanted more than that!
He took out his mobile and kept it in a place somewhere near to piled up cloths and switched on the video, his heart was beating very fast. He heard his mom coming out and humming some song then locking the bedroom door, then after 5 min she opened the door, and came out, suraj went inside and picked up his mobile again and rushed to his room, with excitement he forgot that it was not having enough battery and was switched off, he cursed his bad luck, then he kept it for charging and as it switched on he saw the video till it was cut, it showed his Mom coming out of the bathroom in a towel wrapped around and was a till her thighs only, Suraj was dying with excitement as he saw her mom’s bare naked thighs and her bare shoulders and arms, then she opened her towel still holding it in hand and as it slipped down the moment the video was over. Suraj thirst became more and more, but he was happy to see whatever he got!

Then they did some work had lunch and spend the day with each other.
The days passed and Suraj was about to turn to 18, the most surprising fact was that both Mom and son were born on same day, so they have a big reason to celebrate, still a week to go and Suraj had fought his mind well enough but all went futile and started accepting his incest instincts and was fairly enjoying the feeling without guilt, it was one day when he was watching porn in his laptop late night secretly, he was watching mother son incest videos, all of a sudden he heard a noise from down the hall as if someone break open, he quickly went down to check and as he was about to switch on the light he was hit by something on his head and was caught by a strong guy who was all masked and one more guy came in front and kicked him in his stomach, Suraj’s mom came out running and saw they were beating up her boy..
Mom: “stop, who are u people …”
She was caught by another guy and both were taken down the hall and pinned them to the floor.

Guy1: “let me make it clear, I don’t want you two to open your mouth or raise any alarm, and tell me where u keep your valuables or else both will be dead I swear.”

Guy2: “I am going up to check”

Suraj: “we don’t have anything really trust me”

Mom: “yes we do not keep any cash, and all the gold was sold out for the house”

Guy3: “Boss she is lying, she got a hot body to use look at her boss, lets enjoy”

Guy1: “hmmmm hell yaa look at her…”

Suraj: “please don’t do that I have money please take the money and leave us”

Guy3: “there you are, tell me where is it kept?”

Suraj: “go to top left room there under my bed there is a box open it and u will find the money”

Guy1: “good tie his hands and legs stuff something in his mouth and go fetch the money, but its no use kid u cannot bargain your mother’s beauty with your piggybank!!”

And he jumps on her and tie her both wrists to the the sofa.

Guy1: “mmmmmm aaah what a slut you are, I wont rape you but will feast u tonight!”

Suraj had never thought that he would be so helpless while his mother is about to be raped right in front of him! her helplessness and the situation won and she had to submit herself to those 3 goons, she could resist no further and closed her eyes and silently kept protesting the shame and guilt she was feeling deep inside as the men start to feel her smooth bare skin on her arms, cleavage and her breasts covered under the thin fabric. He starts mauling them roughly kneading to the content of his lust, then the other guy return back with a cash.
Guy3: “boss there is good amount of money here I think some 90,000 cash!!”
Both the guys and his mom were shocked!, Suraj looks at his mom and his mom puts an expression as how he got the money?? The guy on top of her continues his assault.
Guy3: “what boss you are having all the fun alone? Let me in too”
Suraj watch as the two guys take on his mom one by one, as one was kissing her lips the other was pinching her all over and kneading her breasts, soon the second guy came.
Guy2: “Boss see what I have got.. how is this laptop can we keep it?”
Guy1: “yeah why not we will get good money, oh wow wow wow!!!, look what he was watching… "Mother son fuck…."!, "Hot mom showing her son her boobs..”
Guy2: “ha ha ha poor kid was shagging on his mom wow, common boss lets help him see his mom naked”
Guy3: “aaah let us see their fucking, will make a hot video and put in net”
Guy1: “idiots we all will be caught by that, lets enjoy the show first, untie the pervert and bring him here”

They bring Suraj near to his mom and pull down his shorts, all of them see a hardon already, Suraj dick was hard and was erected, he was forced to sit between mom’s legs.

Guy1: “ok now have fun kid, and thanks to me that u are getting a chance to fuck your mom, now kiss her lips”
Mom: “Nooo please for god sake leave us alone don’t do this to us, I am his mother!”
Guy2: “common, do it or else we will cut both of u and leave”
Mom: “please don’t hurt him “
Guy3: “then let him kiss you!!”
Guy1: “common we don’t have all night”
Looking at the situation turning the whole world upside down finally Suraj bends down on his mom, and she close her eyes with shame, Suraj bends down and plants a kiss on her cheek.
Guy1: “what was that? Kiss her lips, u mother fucker”
Sruaj bends down again and kiss her lips.
Guy3: “not like that didn’t u see me kissing her? Put your tongue inside her and you whore open ur mouth and taste ur son’s juices, soon you will be used to it bitch!”

Suraj's heart was beating fast and as bends down again, she opens her mouth and finally they lip lock, as they kiss, one guy pulls her nighty up and push Suraj completely onto her. She could feel the pulsating warm dick of her son right on her bare thighs, next another guy comes closer to her and removes the nighty bottons and her cleavage was open.
Guy2: “ok now suck your mom’s nipples”
Suraj bent down a little more and took out her left breast and sucked on her nipple, he was in complete trans, and his mother was helpless. One guy puts his hand in middle of her thighs and starts laughing…
Guy3: “ha ha ha boss see the bitch was enjoying… she is wet”
A tear escapes her closed eyes with shame as her own body betrayed on her!
Guy2: “I knew that she was a whore lets see what happens next”
Guy1: “get up u ass hole enough of sucking her milk, now she will suck u off”
They make Suraj stand up and his mother to sit on her knees and force her to suck her son’s dick.
Guy1: “now don’t waste our time I know you were enjoying a lot deep inside, now satisfy your son the same way he satisfied you, suck his dick”
One guy puts a knife on Suraj's dick and say “if you don’t suck it in another second, his dick will fall on the floor”
She grabs his dick and starts sucking slowly, as her tongue touches his dick it was too much for him and in moments he comes jerking and shivering, all the load up in her mouth.
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