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The Empty Space-1

Somewhere in the outskirts of Bangalore city, with a chilling climate and foggy morning where people get up early for work as they have to travel a hell of a distance to their workplace crossing all the traffic jams, there was this cute family who were still sleeping like small kids, cuddled up with each other.. then suddenly the alarm starts ringing, Suraj wakes up and disables the alarm switch off his mobile and sleeps again, Suraj is a 17 year old boy and was turning into 18 soon after 2 months, he had big plans ahead though but was at peace right now as he believes Time will lead to everything in life. Suddenly he wakes up from sleep and in a shock he looks at the wall clock, “damn its 8:00! Got to go now.. “

“hey Lux.. get up it’s 8:00 we need to hurry up, I will miss my class get up Lux…”
“Common dear when were we not late? Let me sleep for another 5 min, u switch on the geezer and start dressing up…”
Suraj: “No lux it’s not fair, get up or else I am going to… ok wait..” and Suraj snatches away the blanket in which a beautiful lady was wrapped in, wearing a white color sleeveless gown the dress was dragged high up to her knees and her soft smooth calves were shining on the morning sunlight, she with agony replies..
“Suraj, don’t ever do that it’s so cold here, give back my blanket… now”
“It’s over now common let us get ready I don’t want to be late today to college”
“Ya ya I know why are u so worried about your college, I am telling you she is just using you don’t fall for her”
“Fine let her use me! Now get up”
“Damn, ok let’s get ready”
“Hey Lux shall we have breakfast at that dhaba we saw last night?”
“aaah stop calling me like a soap! Its SriLaxmi! Take your girlfriend to that dhaba I am your Mother, I can’t let you have that junk food! I will make something very quick just give me 5 min!!”
“Oh crap mama plzz don’t make your Upma now, I don’t want to eat that..!:”
“Oh that crap keeps u healthy! Well what shall I wear for today? It’s Friday and all the ladies at my office will wear sari, let me pick… mmm this one..? no…this one?
“Hey maa put on that blue sari u look good in that”
“Fine whatever…”
Suraj’s father left both of them stranded when he was a baby saying that his mother had some extra martial affair with one of her colleague, which was actually not true! As the faith was lost both could not live in peace with each other and went for a mutual divorce, Laxmi decided to keep her son with her no matter what! And she raised him taking utmost care and never let him felt the absence of fathe, she was in fact friendlier with Suraj. She bought a house at a reasonable price with whatever earnings she has, far away from the city and kept working hard to meet the ends. Suraj on other hand was far matured than boys of his age, he learnt responsibility and value for time and money, he knew what and all his mother did, which sometimes both the parents miss. So Suraj has all that respect for his mom.
“Common dear I am ready hurry up…”
“wow mom u look hot in this sari.. are u going on a date with Avinash uncle??”
“Aah he never looks at me don’t worry… now lets run”
It was a bonding of not just mother and son, but they were thick friends too which the world wouldn’t understand and many wouldn’t care about, they fight, they love, they play, they tease each other, no matter what but they stay together. Laxmi never had a problem to teach good manners to Suraj, as he inherited that property right from the childhood, as he saw his mom struggle for life as he was growing up, Laxmi would think that he was like his grandfather (laxmi’s father). Alone in the world away from relatives and disputes, both of them were enjoying their life to the peek.

Suraj: “hey Lux why don’t we change this scooty, lets add two more wheels to our life and bring ourselves a car!! What do u say?

Mom: “Why darling don’t you enjoy the ride sitting behind such a hot woman??”

Suraj: “Well I am blessed with such a hot lady, of course I am enjoying this tuk – tuk –tuk ride, what if it rains? I always have that fear what if you slip
and fall down? You know very well that you are no more 20 years old! And…”

Mom: “For a correction my dear son I am 17 years experienced being 20 years woman! Think positive!! Ha ha ha well as you said to drive this long distance and the rain blab la bla we may think of a 4 wheeler but is there anything in your mind?”

Suraj: “Great what about buying an AUDI?”

Mom: “Audi?? Then I have to do some sort of strip dance! Here after my office work!”

Suraj: “Wow, mom that’s a great idea if you strip then we can’t buy even a 2’nd hand maruthi 800!”

Mom: “Ya ya ya ask your friends ogling at me, what a dish I am! See boys of your age are staring at me!”

Suraj: “it’s because you provoke them with your tight dress and lipstick”

Mom: “ha ha ha I know, but why should I hide my beauty? Which woman has such a structure at 35 yrs ?? huh tell me?

Suraj: “37 mom its 37! Well don’t worry about the money mom, what if I will try to arrange?”

Mom: “You will arrange? But how??”

Suraj: “Ok mom stop here, here comes my college I will walk from here…”

Mom: “why here? Let me drop you near to the gate..”

Suraj: “I know your intentions mom, but none of your perverted fantasies would be fulfilled stop me here I am no more a kid mom my friends would tease me common!!”

Mom: “OK ok well then, u got money for lunch?”

Suraj: “Ya I got the money don’t worry, have a nice day mom bye..”

Mom: “Hey, you are missing something!”

Suraj: “aah common mom I am not a kid anymore to kiss you!”

Mom: “whatever rule is rule! Common kiddo give me a hug at least”

Suraj: “Love you mom, Ummma bye now get going, Avinash uncle might be waiting for u!!!”

Mom: “Love you too darling, I will come early to pick u up I promise”

It was really late for Suraj as he was hurrying up he was caught by 4 guys he would not like to see, as they would keep ragging him all the time! “Hey Suraj! How come you are not seen these days man? Where is your girlfriend? I thought you would introduce her to me once,” another guy joined bullying “Why he would need a girlfriend bro? he already had an item at home itself!” “hell yeah she is indeed a hot item, mmm atleast introduce your mother to me kid! She is becoming more and more hot these days, did you see guys how her breasts grew bigger by last 6 months?” “Ya I saw her cleavage 3 days back when she bent down to pick something!” “what is it kid? How come your mom’s breast is growing big? Whats the secret? Huh? Are you massaging her boobs at night?”

Suraj: “not a word about my mother!”
Amith: “oh ya or else what will u do? Huh? You mother fucker, what would you do?”
“May be I would kick your ass and shove your buddies inside your ass” A stern voice came from behind, a big bulky gym body was standing with his hands folded.
Suraj: “Don’t waste your time for them Gorge they are not worth you, lets go to class.”
Gorge was from Kenya and was classmate and a good friend of Suraj. As Suraj would teach him the subjects well Gorge makes sure that he is not hurt by anybody! Apart from that they were also a good partners in cricket. Both of them entered the class while the lecturer was busy scribbling something on board “Ok dear students and the late comers who think I would not notice, here is an assignment for you, solve these problems by this weekend and show it me on Monday, it will be added benefit for improving your grades, will continue the rest of Maxwell’s equations in the next class.
Suddenly a message came on Suraj watsapp “hey Suraj, why didn’t you call me last night?”
Suraj text back “oh dear I was not feeling well these days not even coming to college!”
….. “idiot turn back and see!”
Suraj: “I am grounded! I thought you were coming after some 3 4 days!”
Shalini: “and you thought u can fool me all the time you sucker”
Gorge: “easy guys don’t fight, it’s Friday and I got passes for that new pub which we wanted to go last Friday!”
Shalini: “what the Fff, really? How did you manage? You are awesome Gorge will enjoy tonight”
Suraj: “thanks for saving my ass buddy”
Shalini: “I am still mad at you Suraj unless you… “
Shalini comes very near to Suraj and tells him in his ear “unless u lick me there and drink my juices!”
Suraj: “Shalini I just had my breakfast don’t make me puke!”
Gorge: “hey buddy text aunty about the passes tonight lets rock!”
Suraj: “ya I will, she will be more than happy!”
Suraj texts his mom … hey mom tonight we are going out! Gorge got passes!
…. What? Are you mad? I am in a sari! How can I come along?....
…..Dont worry maa, u are not going to dance anyway!....
…. Ok will text u later your Avinash uncle is looking for me bye….
… ya ya ya don’t get too tired, tell him to go easy on you maa…
… you are such a rascal, ok dear miss u bye umma…
Suraj: “hey gorge first we will go for some shopping we will have to buy some dress for mom”
Gorge: “sure buddy as you plan”
Shalini: “don’t worry Suraj, Gorge is already having a hard on knowing your Mom is coming out tonight!”
Suraj: “you are such a bitch!”
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