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Our Second Session - Pt. 01

After dropping Mintu back in his collage, the bad bumpy road and the undisciplined traffic made the journey last another 5 hours. On reaching back, all of us in the car were legitimately keen to rush to the bathroom to relieve ourselves. Immediately on reaching back, I too rushed to the toilet and relieved my self. When I was using water for personal hygiene, my fingers ran over my slit and I suspected that as a result of my first time sex with Mintu, my slit had perhaps got widened. I got up and walked in front of the mirror and inspected my slit. The slit seemed a little wider. When I probed the mouth of my pussy, with no hymen left, it appeared that the opening had widened a lot. I smiled at myself and realized that after three huge fucks, the slit mouth was wide open and the pussy opening made it clear that a large and fat dick had taken it, repeatedly.

In my collage I narrated some of the details of my sessions with Mintu to my girl friends. They said, "Good God. Tui to daroom chchuti koraychchish ray. Teen teen baar chudiye cheesh? Tao tor bhai chudechey tokay?" ("Good heavens. You really had a great vacation!!! You got fucked thee times in row. And that too by your own brother?")

I became the most 'experienced' girl in the class. The rest of the girls asked me what did the cock taste like. Was it far too big for any pussy to take. Did it hurt? How much pleasure was there.

All the girls who used to flaunt their boy friends and let their boy friends at best steal a kiss or two or caress their breasts in dark restaurants, suddenly paled in front of my experience.

Neeta, who was famous for having got her boy friend to feel her crotch from over her saree was now like a girl guide while I was the uncrowned sex queen of the collage.

My newly gained popularity enhanced my social standing on one hand, and on the other, these few days or regular sexual activity had its toll on my body itself. The breasts had become fuller and my bottom appeared larger and more sexy. The hip has started to swing sexily. I could feel that I was transforming from the moth to a butterfly. The languid beauty of a much fucked girl was visible on my face. Heavy eye lids (with remaining awake long nights and with significant physical activity) and slower gait. Slightly fuller breasts and heavier bottoms.

He had bitten my lips in several places. Initially, my lips were also a little swollen.

In the balance I was looking significantly sexier. Or so the girls said.

While Mintu went back to IIT, for a few days, there was no letter atall. I almost felt that he has had his fill of sex with me and that he has now decided to abandon me. But, after about 10 days, the first letter came.

He wrote,

"Dear Khukumoni:

Thanks for the trip to Digha. On my own I would have never made it. I know you are a little upset I did not write earlier. My apologies. I promise you, I will make up for this deviation from your whispered requests. But the work kept me glued to studies. Or atleast what I could do without my mind wavering into our activities.

My mind keeps wavering into thinking of how we had made love, repeatedly and the unbelievable pleasure that it gave. I have dreamt twice of you sighing, crying out with pleasure, thrashing around in bed and meeting my thrusts with yours and the look on your face when you came.

But what was more disturbing was the thought that we, as cousins had fucked!!! Both of us know that it is taboo.

Like a tiger who has tasted human flesh, I have tasted (literally) your pussy and my dick has entered your love tunnel. The pleasure was just too much. My mouth wants wore. My dick. It is dying for more. Should we stop have sex?

But is this good? Should we continue our relationship? Think. May be, being a girl you need to decide. Since it is you will have to bear the cross. And, let measure you, I would not make love to you, no matter which trick you applied, unless I really loved you.

I do love you. I love you enough to decide to avoid making love to you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love and kisses – everywhere


When I read this letter, I understood that he was being sincere. And that, there was no way he and I could ever be married. And that he was a real gentleman. That means his reticence was real and not contrived.

I took my time to think and worried that based on this letter, he would not come back and make love to me, unless I replied and he was happy with the reply.

I wrote the response several times and tore it up. Eventually, I wrote back:


Your letter was no surprise to me. You are a real gentleman. I love that.

At the very outset let me assure you that I don't care who says what. I don't care if my Mother comes to know. I don't care whether the laws in India do not permit relationships between first cousins. I have no regrets on what we did together. And I will bear the cross, no matter what it takes.

Actually, I can't write as many times as I would have liked to, to be able to say what I truly mean. I truly love you. I wouldn't have laid out myself to you, unless I meant it.

Why should a tiger eat anything else? When he can get the human meat. And that too without asking.

So. Come to Kolkata soon. Let us be with each other. Whatever that means.

I too have dreamt of what we did together. The mind-blowing peace and pleasure that you gave me.

And what I gave you? That is only a matter of minor detail.

Study hard. Work hard. Write back when you can.

But don't avoid meeting me. I am and will always be there for you and no one else. I will give you all of myself, with pleasure and for pleasure.

You should know. I love you.

Love and kisses


As months slid bye, ever so slowly, his letters became more frequent. As days went bye, he stopped writing of his sense of guilt at having sex with his own first cousin.

But one problem went on bothering him. He wrote stating, "I dream of you, naked and in my arms. My dick goes on the hop. I dream of mounting you and making love to you. And when I feel like really doing it, I wake up to find that you are not there. I feel the emptiness. And my dick is totally frustrated. My problem is that I strongly believe that all my semen is meant to be given to you. What do I do?"

I wrote back to him, "Darling. I don't mind you shagging, thinking of me. If you tell me the time when you will do it, I will take off my clothes, spread my legs and imagine that you have mounted me and are delivering your powerful and non-stop strokes, one after the others and both of us are screaming and having our orgasm together.

Don't make it hard on yourself.

I promise you, when you come over to Calcutta next, I will compensate your unrequited love for me in any way you like. I will make love to you as many times as you like. I will do anything to satisfy your lust and passion.

Just come into my arms.

Love and kisses.

Yours truly, Khuku"

The long months of summer, followed by monsoon went bye, while I longed to be taken into his arms and made love to. I could not take it. So, with his exhortations, I masturbated atleast three times a night.

Then as winter approached, he wrote

"Darling Khuku:

With Christmas vacations coming near, I will get four days off. Irrespective of whether I could go across to my parents in Delhi, I would like to visit you in Kolkata. While I am thinking, may be you can help. Please find ways for us to be alone. I want us to be free to do what we like, when we like.

May be, I get to keep you completely naked with me. I have an elaborate plan for you. Can we do that?



I wrote back to him, "Darling, I will try and set up a method, so that we can stay and man and woman for some time. How long? I don't know!! The moment I have set up the details I will let you know. In the meanwhile I want you to know that you are living in my heart. When I shut my eyes I can feel you in my arms. I can feel your strong arms holding me, kissing me and caressing my naked body. I can feel your urgency and the tender love making.

I miss you.

We shall meet. In the meanwhile concentrate on your work.



I realized that my time a single collage girl were over. I had a strong lover. My own first cousin brother!!! Understanding the need for being close On my way to collage, I stopped at the pharmaceutical store and picked up two months' supply of contraceptive pills. And started on them immediately.

I realized that Mintu was a darling. He understood my need for being secure from an unwanted pregnancy. He deserved better. He must be able to do it any time and without any condoms. Surely fucking without condoms was better than with!!

As days ticked by, my brain worked overtime to find ways and means of being able to be with him on 24-hour basis without having the burden of worrying that my Mother would be watching. If that were possible, I could enjoy his undivided and undisturbed attention. And I could fulfill my favorite dream.

Finally, I found the best sidetrack that would fool my Mother into not being able to discover my real activities. One of my classmates was from a far away place and she was staying in a one-bedroom apartment in North Calcutta. Her landlord was unobtrusive and did not care what she was upto. She was proceeding to her parents for a vacation at the same time for a week. I talked to her asking whether I could be her guest for two days and nights with my brother when she was away. She knew of my 'needs' and agreed readily.

While I devised an elaborate subterfuge plan, I did not inform Mintu immediately since that may disturb his work and studies.

I simply wrote to him that he should not inform my parents of his arrival and arrive when he liked. After all he was a nephew. And in Bengal this is a done thing.

About four days prior to the appointed date, I wrote an 'Express Delivery' letter telling him that he should reach the North Calcutta address where I would meet him first.
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