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No Life Without My Mother-6

I held her chin and lifted it up, now she was looking straight into my eyes with her lips partly open in anticipation of my next move. I did not shy away from her gaze and looking directly into her lowered my mouth on hers.

She shivered at the first touch, and as I snaked my tongue in to her mouth she welcomed me inside without hesitation and tightened her hold on me. We kept kissing she did not resist , she was not duelling boldly though. She coyly toyed with my lips with her tongue and sometimes just gently held my lower lip between hers.

This game of coy loving and kissing continued till I started to undo buttons of her Kurta (a lose fitting shirt). She froze; every muscle in her body came taut. I left my hands where they were, on top of her breasts, and waited. After few moments I felt her relaxing, just a bit, then I undid her buttons quickly and started to caress top of her breasts with my fingertips.

She tightened her hold on my shoulders and snaked her right arm behind my back to hold me in a hug.

I let my hand go down her front, gently fondling and caressing her breasts. Feel of fine linen of her Kurta was doubling the pleasure. I reached for her soft belly and caressed it, toying with her belly button from above the garment. Then I went further down to reach inside the garment from below. It was stuck under her arse, I tugged twice but to no avail, she gently raised her hips to facilitate my moves. As she rose I bunched the garment free from underneath and pushed my hands under. As my fingers touched her naked flesh she shivered and let out a moan and a long hiss. I played my fingers on her soft smooth belly and teased her belly button. I kept moving my hand upwards till it touched her mounds.

Once again her body stiffened yet there was no resistance, neither active nor passive, her moans and hisses were only sound she made and her hold on me remained tight and snug. I moved my hands on top of her bra clad breasts and gently squeezed each one of them. Encased in a cotton bra they were taut and felt heavy.

I kissed her full on her mouth and pushed my tongue inside and at the same time reached for her back and snapped the hooks open in a swift move. She gasped but continued playing with my tongue.

I brought my hands forward, freed her mounds and started to squeeze and caress them. I gently held her nipple between my thumb and index finger and gave it a soft rub. She let out an oh...maa! and sank lower till she was on her back with her shoulders resting high on piled pillows. I scooted to lie next to her propped on my elbow. I was looking into her face our eyes met and she closed hers.

I tried taking off her Kurta, she held her hands up to release the sleeves. As I pulled it off over her head she crossed her arms across her chest to hide her wondrous mounds. I moved on to kiss her and at the same time pried her arms away to access her tits. I started to knead and squeeze and it was like as if I am just not getting enough. I went on to swirl my tongue around her areola and flip her big nipples. As I touched her nips a long hiss escaped her lips and she put her arms around me.

Now we were like eternal lovers, her hesitation and shame had been pushed past and she started to reciprocate in subtle moves. It heightened the pleasure of lovemaking. She was behaving like a nubile girl being touched for the first time.

I held both her tits in hand and gave them a hard squeeze, she squealed and opened her eyes to find me looking straight into her, holding my head she pulled me to her face and kissed me full snaking her tongue inside. We were now kissing passionately with a hunger that none of us knew before. She kissed my cheek and forehead then returned to my lips with a vigor. She hungrily lapped and licked my lips.

I moved my hand on to her naked belly and traversed it down till the top of her pyjamas. Slipped my fingers just a bit, past the elastic band and raised myself to look at her. She looked at me calmly with an impassive face. I started to push my hand further down inside and expressions flashed across her face in series, from worry to bewilderment and so on. As my hand reached top of her vagina she bit her lower lip and turned her face away from me. With my other hand I forced her straight and gently proceeded to cup her mound.

She had her eyes closed shut , 'Amma look at me' she didn't . I squeezed her pussy hard 'amma please' she opened her eyes and looked piercingly with her deep eyes carrying an expression of desire. I started to caress and run my finger along the length of her slit. She bit her lip, squirmed raised her chin and loosened her thighs subtly. I slipped my middle finger in her flowing wet pussy.

'ooo...oofff....Maa!' she threw her arms around me and roughly pulled me for a violent hungry kiss. At the same time I felt her gently moving her thighs wider, I pushed deeper into her, ring finger joined middle inside, and I commenced a slow and long in-out motion.

She bit my lips sucked my tongue in and ran her tongue along my mouth. I moved on to caress and suckle on her erect nips. I felt them hard and rubbery between my lips.

Continuing to manipulate her pussy with my fingers I moved down to run my tongue across her belly. I gave her light loving bites all across her soft ample belly. She oooo...hhed! And aaa...hed! And Hisss...ssed! every time I nibbled on her soft quivering flesh.

I pulled out my fingers and drew the hand out to hold her pyjama top and tried to push it down. I could only move a little when realised that I couldn't possibly take it off, unless she raise her arse. I swirl tongue around in her navel and started to trace down, and at the same time tried to free pyjamas from underneath her arse. She squirmed and wriggled to allow passage of pyjamas from underneath.

Once freed, flannel smoothly went down till knees. Leaving it there I scooted up to lie level with her. I propped me on elbow and looked at her. Her eyes were glazed, they were calm and deep. She did not avoid my gaze and smiled coyly or rather there was just a hint of smile. She reached with both hands, for my T-shirt and pulled it off. Now her hands were roaming freely over my naked back, from shoulders to top of my bums. Looking into her dreamy eyes I reached out to caress her mound again. This time she didn't flinch at my touch and kept looking at me.

I pierced her pussy with middle and ring finger and started to play with her engorged clit with thumb.

Amma bit her lips, arched her back 'Oooo....ooooohhh! Chinu bardasht nahin ho raha hai, itni door le aye ho ki ab vapas nahin laut sakti. Prem ya vasna, farq bahut kam hota hai mere bĂȘte mujhe swayam apne hi bhaw ka bhan nahin hai tum apne ko samjho. Agar sab unmad hi hai to tumhein meri saugandh, yeh akhiri bar hi hoga. Beta mujhe aur niche mat girana.'(Chinu cannot take it anymore, son I have come too far to turn back. Love or lust, to differentiate is not easy, I am not sure of my own feelings my dear, you figure out yours. If it is lust, swear by me, your mother, you'll take me for the last time, do not let me fall further down in the crevasse of debauchery.)

'Amma what is it I cannot fathom, however I feel it is neither. It is divine worship. You suffered pain to bring my form in this World, and I am following my divine duty to serve you pleasure. Amma I do not have to preach you Hindu theology. Shivling is Phalus in Vagina and is synonymous to genesis of this creation. Amma I am offering you mine to complete the circle, coming back to the very point of my origin. Oh! My beloved mother take me in as you had brought me into this world.'(Ye kya hai yeh to main bhi nahin janta Amma, sambhavtah yeh prem aur vasna mein se kuch bhi nahin hai. Yeh to Upasna hai. Ab main aapko Hindu Darshan par vyakhyan to nahin de sakta, boliye shivling kya hai, Ling aur yoni ka samagam hi to hai, jo ki srishti ki rachna ka adhar hai)

'Tell me amma, you call it an act of sin, so am I to think that every living creature on this planet is an out come of sinful act committed by their parents. Why do we rejoice birth of a baby, is it wrath of Gods or God's gift to the mankind. Oh no do not come up with your logic of who has been given the right to bed whom. Papa whom you never knew before marriage rightfully took you to bed and made love to you, mind you maa, "made love". Some body you never loved before has the right to love you, and your own flesh & blood 'me' is forbidden. Why amma, why? You may not have an answer to it. But I am not feeling guilty of sin, rather feeling divine, loving you.'( Boliye Amma, kya sansar ke sabhi prani apne mata pita ke pap ka phal hain. Bachche ke janm par khushiyan kyon, santan pap ka phal hai ya Parmatma ka vardan. Pita ji jinhein aapne vivah ke pahle na dekha that na hi prem kiya tha. Who aapke sath sambhog kar sakte hain, unka aapke sath yaun sambandh ho sakta hai to phir aapke apne shareer se hi utpann apki santan ka prem shareer par akar paap kyun ho jata hai)

'Ooof Beta kuch hi ghanto mein darshnik hogaye.'(Where was your knowledge darling, in few hours you turned into a Philosopher, truly said Men have their brains between their legs) she quipped with a sly smile and pulled me to her for a kiss.

I hooked my toe in the band of her pyjama and pushed it all the way down. She completed the job by getting rid of it using her feet. Now I got my beloved mother stark naked in my arms. Strangely there was no rush of madness, no animalistic passion I was going about the business with a calm desire. I was surprised of my own restrain. Suddenly I wanted to see her; I wanted to see her entire self, not just the part closer to me.

I got up and stood by the side of the bed and looked at her.

She hurriedly tried to cover herself; I bent down to stop her 'Amma let me soak in your image in the form of Rati. Please do not deprive me of the blessed sight.' Listening to my plea she relaxed, she struck me a pose, bent her knees twisted her body from waist above with her hands stretching out.
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