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Meri Masoom Didi Ki Virginity

I recieved many emails and msgs. from the people who think i am a girl and like i am having a real relationship with my sister, well unfortunately i dont have any sister but these are all my fantasies and in this fantasy my name is sahiel i live in a nice place in karachi (pakistan ) we r three brother & sister i am the youngest one in all, thats y everone in my family love me a lot & some time i getaway with lots of thing witch my other sister never get it but they dont mind it coz they love me too this is all i am telling u so u guys & girls will understand the hole story my age is 19y my sister ruby is 21y & elderst one 23y ruby is 5.4 she have a nice long hair witch gose till her ass she is real doll 36 24 36 when ever any of my fiend come to see me they try to talk to her & try to be nice with her but i know this is all coz they want to go in her pants & i think she knows it too coz she flirt with them too but my other sister her name is farha she is very reverse to all my friends so thay all call her didi & offcoz me too call her didi she is 5 .5 with very nice sexy body her berst is not so big but i am sure dont need a bra on it coz it stand without it also whitch i came to know latter .my mother is a very smple lady she dont do much she is busy with her mom all day whitch is my nani live cross the street from us so most of the time she is there & my dad he never at home he & his busness lot of time he is out the city for 2or3 days so this all my family.

one day i was reading a book witch one of my friend gave it to me it was a very sexy story about how he fuck his girl friend i was very hot while i was reading that story & i fell like jaking off but i know i can not at this time coz my didi was at home & she can come in this room anytime & bathroom is like out side if i go out i am sure that my didi will going to see my dick like a tent pole in my shlwar so i though i will just jakeoff like this only with my shlwar on & i start jakeingoff but in a few min only i fell like i have to pull my shlwar down & do it so i got up & try see where is my didi i could;nt see her so i call for her but no answer i gone out & saw there is no one in the house ruby will not going to come till 3pm mom had gone to nani house & it smeen to me didi had gone there too so i rush to the room & pull my shalwar down & got my 8" dick out in my hand & start waking it my god i was so horny & hot if i get bitch in front of me at this time i will fuck her brain out but no luck so i did what i was doing & thing about miss india that i was puting in her ass & fucking her badly.

but every thing have somethink in it so it came to me also i was shoting my cum & it was flying in the air my breath was like 100mile a hrs i open my eye & i got a shock of my life my didi was standing in a door & looking at me but it was like 1or 2 sec coz she was run away from ther but i saw her face witch i never saw in my life she was red in the face & her eye was in surprize now it was my turn to be red & white i dont know what to do if it was not my sister i was run after her & try to make it with her so i can fuck her but yar this was my didi anyway i was just thinking what to do & i got a idia & i just smeil to my self & gone out i see my didi was standing over the window & looking out side i just gone behind her & put my hand on her shoulder she must be know that it is me right behind her so she did not panic & just stand there i know that i have to tell somethink right & soon before she come out of her shock so i put just a little prusere on her shoulder & told her in a very gentle voice & friendly maner didi i am very sorry what happen i though u r not in the house & that book witch i was reading it was so hot that i was like dont know what to do & i have to jakeoff my self i saw didi become more red but dint talk to me anythink but when i say didi r u mad on me i make a very sad face she look at me & nod it no i say r u going to tell mom anythink she say again no hear i am try to get her in to talk so i get my head some were but she is like gum sum so i told her didi u r mad on me then she told me mune no no i am not mad at u realy & i am not going to tell anyone but u have to becareful next time if mom see u doing some think like this u will be trow out of this house in no time didi i can bet that if u read that book u will want to do the same think what i was doing & gave a big laugh to make sond like a fun.

no no it will never happen to me like that coz i will control my self didi told me i told i will give u that book & u read it & then be honest to me she look at me like just i was kidding & how much she can trust me then i think she though i am her brother & will not going to do anythink funny & she can halt to any advance of me whitch i try to make but she dont know what i am geting her in to hear i saw my chance i want to take it no matter what so before she say anythink elas i rush to my room & grab that book &gave it to her she first look like she dont want it but i say didi u will enjoy it & this is our screct i am not going to tell my soul i promise didi told it about sex ya but a very good story writen by one indian passion writer she took it but she make me one more time promise that i will not going to talk about it to no one & ofcoz i promise it now i know that after few days i will go to my next step witch i did next day didi did not talk to me & i act like nothink happen & i did the same but on second day when no one was there i ask didi did u read that book & she become red &nod it yes i told didi if u give me that i will give u the other book & before she say ruby came & told me sahiel i have to go to my friend house can u give a ride on your bike coz i am going for a shoping with her & other friend & i say ok n laft with her while i was giveing her a ride to her friend house she was talking about her school bala bala but i was thinking about didi only so i gave her a ride & gont to my friend house & took othere book & came back mom was not home didi was in room reading that book when she saw me she just closed the book & become red i know right away that she was reading some sex sean i told her didi i dont mind infact.

i like to read with u she told me no way mune i will never going to read this book in front of u i dint squeeze her coz i want take it very slowly & easy i dont want her to off the hoke so just told her didi give me that & take this one she took it rightaway &gave me the other one now i have to go for a big step for that i want be sure that no one will come & fuck this up coz if i will not suceed in this i will be get fucked up bigtime coz she will naver going to trust me after this if i dont do it right so i told her i am going to my friend house & will be back late she say ok & i while i was going out i rush to the back room witch window open in back side of the house we always kept it colsed for any one can come in the house from there i made it lose 2days a go now it is time to open it so gone there & with the flik of my finger i open &rush out while i was liveing the house didi came out & look at me u dint go i say i forget my money i will see u byee & go out but i dint go to my friend house i go to my nani house where my mom was sitting there talking to some one witch i dont know she saw me & ask me what r u doing hear is your sisters r ok i say yes ruby gone to her friend house& didi is takeing rest i was going to my friend house but he is not there so i came over hear to see nani i want didi to read that book as much she can as much she become hot it will be eazy for me to fuck her i know it is very hard coz she have a lot of will pawer but hi i am from same family right so anyway i spand like hr over there then i told to my mom i am going home &ask her she is comeing home & no not now she will be there till 7or 8 pm i saw my watch it is only 1pm i got good 4hrs to do my job & i need only 1or 2hrs only before ruby come also so told to my nani &mom byee &gone out of the house now i have to make sure there is no one on the back street coz i dont want anyone to see me jumping on my won house window so when i go there i was in luck coz at this time hardly anyone will be back out of the house so i go there & without anysound.

i gone in the house coz i was sure didi has locked the front door witch i fond it lock latter on so i was in the house in my won house like a chore i gone to the room where i though didi should be there & i was right my prim shrife didi got her shalwer all the way off and spreding her legs playing with her pussy her eyes were closed & her mouth were little open breath is come very hard i can see her nice breast were going up & down with her breath few button were open too so i can see her white bara also & her breast were trying to come out from it i though this is a right monment to get in coz she was allmost cuming & i want to jump in before she cum & thats what i did very slowly without makeing any noice i step in the room & before she know it i was at near her bed when she open her eye & saw me she got shock it good that she did not screem or so othere wise i was afread too but in a sec she came to know that her shalwer is on the floor & she is naked from down she say oooooooo noooo & jump to pick up a chader on the bed to cover her self but i hold her wirst & told her didi let me see i will not do anythink i will just look at it only she say nahi mune plz muje chor du kohi a je ga i say no did no one will goin to come the door is lock i just lock it she say aaaaa mune muje shalwer pahne du i told didi serif ek ber muje dekne du phir tum shalwer pahin lena but she say no noway i will not goin to let me see no matter what i told didi i already saw u from the window out side now only i will from closeup that it & then u can were your shalwer, but didi keep saying me no no mune this not right plz mune, but i dint lesten to her & pull her chader by little froce & throw it on the ground didi put her legs in her long kurtha & try to hide it from me.
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