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Me And My Father In Law Part 7

When I met Sujata next day I told him what FIL did to me. How he fucked me in front of his old friends. How Bhidekaka fucked me in the kitchen and how all the fellows jacked off over my body. Suju was thrilled! "Hey Seema! So you acted to be FIL's faithful Bahu! His slut! That's nice! Can I join in? I want to be his slut too! I want to fuck for him. But I want be his Randi and slut! Will he permit me?" "Suju! I will convince him. But you have to play what I tell you. You should give me pleasure when somebody is fucking me. IT'S me who will control you. You can be my SLUT and my WHORE. I will include you in all our activities. OK" "Ok Seema! I agree. Now spread your legs and let me serve my mistress.

I love your choot Seema!" Suju licked my choot and gaand just to prove that she is my slave and slut and whore! I told my FIL that Suju will be my Slut and slave in all the adventures henceforth. FIL agreed for this and told me that he is going to open our assholes to make us real sluts. I agreed! Next day in the afternoon I called Sujata and told her about asshole opening. She was pleased and came to our house. It was afternoon and nobody would disturb us for more than 3 hrs. We all went to my room and FIL told us something about ass fucking, butt fucking and in short Gaand fucking. He explained us the structure of our asshole.

We all undressed and sat on the bed talking. "The ass hole is very tight. Even if you put your finger there it will grasp it. It will hold it tight. This is due to special muscles called sphincter muscles. It's a muscular ring and it keeps the ass hole closed tightly. I will show you how it works." Saying so FIL made me stand and bend forward, facing Sujata and him. He put his hands on my ample ass cheeks and caressed them. his touch was very tender and loving and made me passionate. I moved my ass cheeks from side to side seductively and playfully. I got the reward for this! FIL told Sujata to spread my ass cheeks and open up my ass hole. Suju put her hands on either side of my ass and spread it, exposing my tight and puckered asshole. FIL applied some cold cream to his fingers and then put some cream on my asshole. He spread it on my ass with his fingers. Ohhh It tickled me and I moved my ass in anticipation. "Sujata look at this puckered hole. Its wrinkled and is closed tightly.

Now look how I put my finger in Seema's asshole." Sujata was looking at FIL's actions and continued spreading my ass cheeks. FIL pushed his cream coated finger in my bum hole slowly. Ohhh god! I could feel his finger enter my asshole and then slid past my anal ring. My anal ring tightened around my FIL's finger and squeezed it tightly. The finger was very small as compared to the Lund but still it could just enter my asshole. I could feel it rotate in my ass, feeling the soft walls of my large intestine. "Seema now I am going to ask Sujata to put her finger inside. Feel the difference!" I felt FIL withdraw his finger and then I felt another finger, a slender one, slid in my asshole. I knew it was Sujata and I loved it. I tightened my anal ring around it and welcomed it. "Ohhh Seema! This is very tight! Baba its really tight! How are you going to put that big lund of yours inside this small hole? Ohhh It's hot too! Hotter than the choot. And what is this knotty thing I touch! Ohhh that's the intestine! Ohhhhh so nice." "Come on Suju! fuck my asshole with your finger! That feels so nice! Fuck it! Ohhh Baba! Put your finger along Suju's! Ohhhhhhh! Come on fuck me you two." Baba pushed his finger in my ass along with Sujata's. it touched my sphincter and could not go in easily. Baba moved the finger side ways and found some small gap and pushed it hard. Ohhh his finger went in, dilating my anal ring. Now I had two fingers in my ass, one of Suju's and another of my beloved FIL.

Sujata and FIL alternated their fingers in my ass. Suju pushed her finger in while FIL took his finger out. It was like a machine fucking me. While FIL pushed his finger he paused at the anal ring and moved his finger in circular fashion to loosen the tightness of it. FIL's lund was hard and Suju could not avoid the temptation of sucking it. Suju knelt on the bed and took FIL's lund in her mouth. FIL moaned with pleasure and pushed his lund deep in Suju's mouth. Suju gagged and coughed as his cock head touched her throat. I went behind Suju and spread her ass. I looked at the puckered gaand hole and the wrinkled skin there. I thrust my tongue out and licked it lightly. Suju jumped! I then tried to push my tongue inside the nether hole but it was so tight! Baba guided me he asked me to spit on Suju's asshole and then rub it all around and push my finger inside. I followed this and spat on Suju's asshole. My saliva made it wet and slippery. I smeared it with my fingers and then inserted my wet finger inside her asshole.

My finger slipped in easily now and I felt the tightness. For the first time in my life I was fingering asshole. This was different! The ass hole was tight, much tighter than a choot. I felt the sphincter ring with my finger and found it astonishing. It could expand as you put pressure on it. Ohhh Baba! You are a dirty pervert. You are taking me to the path of debauchery but I love it you dirty old man! So here I was pushing a finger in Suju's gaand and enjoying it. Suju was sucking FIL's lund in earnest and at the same time enjoying my fingering her butt. She said, "Ohhh Seema! Push another finger in my asshole! Fuck it! Ohhh god! You area a real slut Seema! Fuck me!" Suju! Please! You have made Baba hard. Now please allow him to fuck my asshole. Come on Baba! Your dirty soonbai is waiting for you to fuck her asshole! Fuck my asshole Baba! Ohhh god! Suju I want you to lick my choot while Baba fucks my gaand! Ohhh fuck me baba!" Baba hurriedly removed his lund from Suju's mouth and came near my back. He patted my ass and asked me to bend down. FIL had his lund in his hand and the mercilessly pushed his lund in my gaand. Ohhhh God! He was so big! I cried out in pain! "Baba slow! It pains a lot! Push it slowly. Ohhh it can't enter my gaand baba! Dilate my gaand with your lund!" Baba slowly pushed his lund in my gaand and Suju lay below with her mouth glued to my choot. Her tongue rubbed my clit and she sucked my labia hard. Ohhh god! I was dying with pleasure with this double aggression.

I felt the cock head of my father in law touch my anal ring. I tried to relax it and then it tightened automatically. FIL asked me to hold my breath and act as if I was shitting. I did! The anal ring opened a bit and I felt my FIL push hard. Ohhh god! His cock head entered my anus but was caught by the sphincter and he could not push it more. I kept still wondering what was to be done. FIL then held his lund in his hand and pushed it slowly. Ohhh I felt my anal ring push inside and his lund enter. A jolt of sharp pain went through out my body. Ohhh god! I cried out loudly and asked FIL to remove my lund. Suju heard me and started to sooth me by licking my choot faster and tickling my clitty with the tip of her tongue. FIL ignored my plea and pushed in more. He used all the pressure he could to dilate my anal ring. I felt my gaand give apart and his lund cutting in. I looked back and saw that he had 4 inches of his lund inside my gaand! Suju was still licking my choot and then she spread her legs and pushed her choot on my face. I held her legs apart and dipped my mouth in her musky choot. I jabbed my tongue inside her choot and licked away her musky juice. Oh it was so tasty! I rubbed my breasts on her stomach and enjoyed my FIL's lund fucking my gaand. FIL did not enter more but started to fuck me slow and steady.

He held my gaand and pushed his lund in my virginal hole. Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Aai ga! Zaava maala! Phadun taka maazi gaand! Ohhhhhhh baba! Zaaaavvvvaaaaaa! ( fuck me, tear off my gaand fffuuucckkk!) I cried. " aaga Zaavade! Maaza lavada gaandit ghetlaas ki tu! Ohhhhh. Ghe maaza bulla! Halav tuzee gaand! ( took my lund in your gaand, take it bitch! Shake your ass)" baba murmered. I mocved my gaand to meet FIL's thrusts and in doing so I took all of his lund in my gaand. I felt his balls slapping on my choot and Suju catch them and lick them under me. I was in heaven! Suju had now caught my clit in her lips and was biting it softly. My body boiled and I came! Aaarrrraaaahhhhhhh! Aaiiiiii gaaaaa! Zzzzaaavvvaaaa maaaallaa! I shouted. My FIL did not lose a single stroke and danced in my gaand. I felt his lund twitch and then his cum fill my nether hole. It was hot sperm boiling in my gaand! My body trembled and I fell on Sujata's soft body. I was cumming! I was cumming from my gaand! My gaand twitched and choot spasmed. My two holes were playing with each other, hide and seek! I cried out loudly and fell down almost unconscious. When I opened my eyes I saw Sujata sucking my FIL's lund. Sheeee! Dirty! The lund that was in my gaand was being licked by Sujata, my whore! So perverted! FIL was enjoying this and holding her face in his hands. "Lick my lund Suju! Lick our juice! My lund juice and Seema's gaand juice." I looked at them and lay on the bed totally exhausted.

Suju then licked my FIL clean and lay beside me. I asked FIL to fuck her gaand but he declined! Why? "Seema! I want Bhidekaka to open her gaand. I have promised him. he is going to offer Neelam to me. Her gaand is still virgin! I must keep the promise soonbai!" Ohhh so this was his idea! Good! We three slept cuddling each other and caressing the bodies of each other. FIL said that he has arranged for Bhidekaka and Karnik kaka to come to our house on Friday. Bhidekaka will bring his bahu, Neelam and Karnik kaka will come alone. Off course, Karnik Kaka was willing to give penalty for not bringing a lady along. What penalty? As promised, FIL really invited his two friends, Bhidekaka with his Bahu Neelam and Karnik kaka, on Friday afternoon. Before inviting them he had ensured that we all would have privacy to play the games as we wish.
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