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Impregnated by My Nephew - Pt. 3

Immediately after that the lights dimmed and the advertisement trailers opened up, I started eating the popcorn. There was no one anywhere near us and we were in total privacy. I offered the bucket to Jeetu, who picked up a few. The movie started and I started to concentrate on the story, Jeetu too was looking ahead. Sometimes he reached for the bucket and picked up popcorn's.

Suddenly, I felt a fingers searching for something, just over my navel over my salwar. I froze and looked sideways. I realized that Jeetu had his eyes on the screen and had missed the popcorn bucket whilst putting his hand inside. I did nothing to stop his fingers, just over my pussy . When he realized that he had missed the mark and was touching me, he pulled his hand back immediately.

"What happened?" I asked in a hushed voice of mock surprise.

"I am sorry, I was picking up popcorn and missed the bucket," he hushed back in reply.

"Are you sure?" I asked him. He kept quiet.

"I wanted to ask you something. Would you mind if I ask you?" I asked Jeetu.

"Yes. Kaki. What's it?" he asked in a subdued & frightened voice.

"When you walked in the bathroom today morning, did you really not know that I was in there?" I asked trying to sound stern.

"No. Kaki, I swear. I was not aware that you were in the bath. Otherwise I would definitely not come in." he sounded very apologetic.

"Also when you bumped into me, you said 'Snoopy'. Why was that?" I inquired. He did not reply and sifted his eyes between his legs.

"Please tell me why you said that. You said it so spontaneously. Please tell me," I sounded imploring.

"Kaki...." He started and I stopped him.

"Why are you calling me Kaki? You can call me by my name," I told him. "You are making me sound old."

"Sorry, Seema," he responded. "In fact I am feeling ashamed to tell you the reason."

"See there is no one here. We have complete privacy. Please tell me."

"Seema, I have a fond liking for . . .err, small breasts." He stuttered. I could feel my boobies feeling taut and poking at my bra. "In the morning, when I saw yours snoopies, I was amazed how beautiful they were. I have always loved your type of boobs. But . . ." he stopped.

"You loved my tiny breasts?" I stammered. "You actually loved my boobs?" I couldn't believe it.

"Yes, I am sorry but they are the best I have ever seen. I had many female friends having 34" & 36" breasts, but I never took a liking for them. In fact me and my sister are very close and she too has a 36" bust line and I have seen her change often. I was really turned on when I saw the most beautiful Snoopies in the world . . . and that too getting to feel them."

Was Jeetu really appreciating my small boobs? Did he plan to fondle them now? Was that the reason he chose the corner seats?

"You saw your sister's breasts? You mean she changed in front of you?" I sounded shocked. But I could not stop blushing and smiling.

"Oh yes! There is nothing wrong with that. We share the same room and were always fooling around. She is elder to me by 2 years and married two years ago." He replied frankly. "Her husband is abroad and comes home every 6-8 months. In fact they are having a problem starting a family and she was looking for a good gynecologist."

"I do know of one or two clinics here. We too wanted to start a family, and had visited them. But we have not succeeded till now after 5 years," I replied. This talk was turning me on and I had to shift my legs feeling the familiar wetness.

"Seema, I am sorry, but did you mind what happened in the morning?" he implored.

"No not at all. If you say that you made a mistake."

"Oh! . ." he expressed sadly and sunk back in his chair. I realized that we had lost track of the movie.

"Did I say something wrong, Jeetu?"

"No. It's OK." He replied halfheartedly, sounding sad.

"What did you want me to say, that I felt nice that you walked in? That pressing my boobs onto your chest was good?" I now had to be frank too.

He turned and looked at me. There was asking in his eyes.

"See Jeetu! I am married and I cannot say or do things which may create problems for you and me." I told him matter of fact. "But I must say that you have a huge instrument down there." I giggled.

I reached out for the cold drink and felt that Jeetu too was reaching out for the glass. Our hands met and subconsciously clasped each other. I did not know what to do and kept silent. None of us made an attempt to release our hands. I realized that slowly Jeetu was moving my hand towards him and then I felt him putting it on his thighs and leaving it there.

I could have removed it, but I don't know why I let it lie there. Suddenly I was aware of something moving beneath my fingers. I was inquisitive and then I realized that it was the huge baton in his pants coming to life. I did not have courage or the will to remove my hand. I let caution to wind and started feeling his baton by moving my fingers along the length over his pants.

I know that it was wrong, but my inner passion was taking over me. How much I wanted him to touch me, but I did not want to look like a slut. I felt his eyes on me but did not look up to him. What amazed me was that his penis was continuously growing. It was massive in size. I never knew when his arm went over my shoulder and pulled me towards him.

"Jeetu, this is wrong. I don't want to cheat Ashok. Oh my God! What am I doing?" with this I tried to pull back my hand. Jeetu immediately held my hand and pressed it onto his tool.

"Please Seema. Please don't leave it now. No one shall know. We don't have to tell anyone," he was actually pleading.

"But . . . . nothing more than this; you promise?" I relented not because of his pleas but because of my urgency. I was breathing heavily and my boobs were stiff.

"I promise," he said. "But please don't hold back. I was going mad for you since the time I set my eyes on you. After, today's incident, it was like a sign for me to have you."

As he was praising me, I did not realize what he was doing and then suddenly I felt my hands rested on hot skin. I was shocked when I realized that he had lowered his zip and stuffed my hand into his pants. I was now in direct contact with his monster.

It was hot and sweaty. I grabbed it and started to move my hand over the entire length. The length was fabulous and I was scared what it could do to a small cunt like mine. My tits were very taut and I let my hand reach up to my left boob. If Jeetu wanted to fondle me, I would have gladly let him. And that is exactly what happened.

I felt his arms across on my shoulder pulling me towards him. I rested my head on his shoulder as his hand slipped into my dress and grabbed my breast. His strong fingers mauled my tubular boobs and tweaked my nipples. I was losing control and I shifted my other hand to release his penis out of his pants. I pumped his prick like I saw him do in the morning. The only difference was that I was doing it with both hands.

Here we were one married woman and one horny youth in the corner of a cinema hall making it out as though it was the end of the world. I felt him try to lift my salwar over my stomach and his other hand squeezed my other breast. We had totally lost track of the movie. My dupatta had fallen down near my legs. I did not care. I was in throes of passion which I had not known earlier.

I was cheating on my husband and I liked it. Suddenly I felt Jeetu's fingers snaking under my pajama belt and going to my pussy. I grunted and whispered near his ear, not to do it. But my pleas fell on deaf ears. I could feel his fingers run along my slit and I widened my legs to facilitate him. I was totally wet.

Then the scene was coming to an end of the first session of the movie and the lights would come on. We hurried to stuff his monster upward under his belt as it would not go in his underwear. I pulled up my dupatta around my shoulders and fixed my dress. Immediately after that the half time lights came on.

I could see a satisfied yet a disappointed look on Jeetu's face. My face was flushed. I felt incomplete at the only opportunity that I had got after my marriage; and that too with such a unique monster.

Then Jeetu whispered to me "Seema, do you want to watch this movie or should we go home?"

I looked at him in disbelief. He was a fast mover. I was confused and just shook my head. He took as my assent and as soon as the lights dimmed again, he held me by my hand and led me down the cinema aisle. We left the hall and caught the first rickshaw that we got to reach home. We sat with gap between us, as we did not want anyone to notice.

When we reached home, I went to open the door and Jeetu paid the rickshaw. By the time he paid the fare, I had the door open. I had hardly walked in, when Jeetu entered and shut and latched the door. I just turned to look at him. He came up to me and before any words were spoken, his lips latched onto mine. I responded to his hungry kisses as he sucked my lip and entered his tongue into my mouth. This was all a novel experience for me. I was getting excited.

He put his hands below my legs and lifted me still stuck at the lips. He entered his bedroom and lay me down on it, with my legs dangling down. I was putty in his hand. I wanted to experience his prick. Jeetu pulled off his shirt and I could see his strong muscles, as compared to the slight paunch of Ashok.

I tried to remove my salwar but he told me not to. I was perplexed. He removed his jeans but left his underwear with his monster sticking out of it. He then came over me and took my boob into his mouth over my salwar and the bra. I caught his head and pressed my small boob into his mouth. His hand went inside my pajama and he was now sliding his fingers furiously over my slit, but entering me.

Slowly he started pulling down my pajama , but leaving the panty on and he removed his mouth from my tit to pull the pajama off completely.
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