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An affair-1

I had an eye on my mother's body ever since I was 18 and the culprit is my own dad !

We own a small farm in my village. I am Anand and I am 18 now. My mom Bhavani is a housewife and I help dad in handling farm activities. My dad got me out of school two years ago to look after the farm business.

That started my adventure of lust on my mother but I always cursed myself. Until we got the internet and stumbled into double site about two months later, I was surprised how many sons are like me !

I read some stories from many site and started developing lust for my mom ! That afternoon I found mom on a nice position in the kitchen which got me to ogle at my mother.

She was at the kitchen table doing some cleaning and she spread utensils on the floor around her. Her saree covered arse was pointing at me asking for a caress. My lust took over me and I desperately wanted to grope that arse.

Luckily I had cookie jar on the top shelf above mom. For the first time, I had guts and went straight and made a fuck gesture with her arse and touched my thighs with hers saying "watc hit mom ! I need to get the cookie jar ! and pushed her hard while I sandwiched her. Mom was startled before but kept quiet as I got the jar. "You should have asked me !" mom said settling out.

" I didn't want to disturb you ! " I said looking at her saree covered arse.

Since then I have learnt new tricks in molesting my mother whenever I had an opportunity. Mom sometimes uses to joke that she should get me married. Probably she realized I was taking pleasure in molesting her but she never told me to stop.

But the best happened when I saw dad romancing with one of my aunties in a cow shed. They both were startled to see me there and were not all happy. Aunty went away quickly but dad stayed there.

" You are not telling this to your mother or your uncle ! " dad said authoritatively.

I could not say anything to him but after few minutes I said I need a favor in return.

He asked me what it is !

I said to him " How do you feel if mom does what you do ? "

Dad got furious and said " I will kill her ! "

Then he said " Why ? Is she ? "

I said " Not that I know of ! But I have plans for her ! " I gathered my courage.

" What plans ? " he asked.

I kept quiet for a while and said " Dad, if you want me to shut my mouth, then you have to overlook what I do with mom "

" What will you do ? " he asked.

" Same as you do with aunty ! " I replied
" You mean " dad said.

I nodded my head.

Dad was dumbstruck for a minute. Then he said " But she is your mother ! "

" Your lover is my aunt too ! That didn't stop you ! "

" SHUTUP ! " dad shouted.

" But what if your mother doesn't want to ? " he asked after a while.

" That why I told you to overlook ! "

" You mean you going to force her? "

" Look dad ! You are committing adultery but you were shocked when you heard about me and mom ! " I stopped.

" How do you think mom will take ? " I asked him.

He was dumbstruck! " No. I can't..." he said.

" Dad ! You are having fun here ! All I am asking is to overlook me. I am not tarnishing your name by raping a girl or something ! All I want you to do is don't heed me and I will forget yours with aunty ! I promise everything will be confidential ! "

" You are a sick bastard ! " Dad said.

" I have your genes dad ! " I said as I guessed I had control.

" I will kill you if you make a mistake and blow this out! " dad said.

" I won't dad ! " I said.

We both cooled down later and got back to normal life.

That evening after dinner, we started playing cards. It was started as fun but dad started asking for bets. We then slowly started betting and few games later, dad ran out of cash.

Mom was sitting near us and knitting.

Dad said he has no cash so I asked him to use mom as a bet against all my money. He did and he lost. I got up and jumped with joy. Mom also was joking she became my property.

We went back to bed that night and dad got up early in the morning and went to the fields. I saw him out and said to him to make sure aunty sees him in the shed.

I waited until breakfast with mom and after breakfast I made sure I closed all the doors and I asked mom because she is my property she has to come and sit on my lap.

She said no first but gave into my persistence. But as she sat on my lap, the first thing I did is grab her blouse covered breast and squeeze it. Mom became startled and quickly got up but by then I was firmly holding her pallu.

As I grabbed and pulled her pallu , mom held on to it firmly and said " What are you doing Anand ? I am your mother ! "

" So what mother ? You have all that I want ! " I said pulling her pallu.

" But you can't ! " mom said. " I am your dad's wife ! "

" Dad is not here mother! It’s just you and me !" I smiled at her.

" No ! " she screamed " How can you take advantage on your own mother ? "

" Because I want you mother ! " I said pulling her pallu. She was holding on well.

" You will rot in hell if you make your mother cry Anand ! " she said.

" But I will be in heaven for now mom ! " I said.

"Anand please ! Please leave me ! " she pleaded.

" I will mom ! I will if you take off your clothes and come to bed with me ! "

" NO ! " mom screamed. " How can you ask your mother like that ? "

" Because I want you mom ! I want you and I will take you whether you accept or not !"

" You can't you bastard !" mom hollered. " You are a wimp to eye on your mother's chastity but I am a woman enough to say no !"

I got furious hearing those words. I pulled her pallu with all my force saying " We will see who’s the wimp here my sexy mother !"

The force let her hands slip and she turned and fell as some of her saree disrobed. She screamed as she fell on the floor and started turning as I vigorously disrobed her until all her saree came off.

Mom started crying by then and started pleading me to leave her alone. She was lying on her tummy on the floor with her blouse and petticoat.

I felt sad initially as I saw her crying but she looked sexy with her blouse and petticoat. Best of all her helplessness being my mother made it sexier for me. As I looked at her petticoat which got crumpled up to her knees, I realized I am after her sweet birthing cunt.

So I said to her calmly " I will not do anything mom ! Just lift your arse and knee ! " She didnt listen to me and kept crying.


She took her time and reluctantly kneeled on the floor while I took off my sarong and went to the back of her. I then knelt between her legs pushing them aside and started lifting her petticoat.

Mom realized what was going and tried protesting by holding on to petticoat but my force was no match for hers. As I lifted her petticoat over her arse mom said " No " and tried to pull it down but by then I firmly caught the naked sides of her arse with my hands.

I then lined up my dick with her cunt hole and rammed it in ! Her cunt was very dry and pained a bit but my precum came in handy. Mom screamed and said "No" again but could say anything.

I pushed my dick deep into her and stopped there. I was determined to humiliate her.

I said "Oh Yes mom ! You were very worried about your chastity mother ! Look at it now ! One lift of your petticoat and your son's dick into your cunt and you are not chaste anymore ! And I, your own son, took your chastity. You are not just my mother anymore ! "

I paused for a while and took out my dick and rammed in her again. I then leaned forward and kissed her on her back saying " You have a great body mother ! The body of the goddess of love ! Don't waste it just on dad mother "

I bent forward and held her blouse-covered right breast with my right hand and squeezed it ! I then said " I like what you got mother ! And I will take it whenever I want ! " I rammed her again.

I then said " I will stop for nobody mother ! Even if dad comes now, I will fuck you in front of him ! He will run like a mad dog and will try to separate us like we do when we see two dogs fucking ! Or probably he will watch his wife getting screwed "

I paused a while and said " You were worried about keeping your chastity for that bastard. Do you know if he is fucking only you ?" I rammed her again caressing her breast.

" Leave him mom ! " I said. " He is not fit to fuck your cunt ! You got him because I was not around then ! I am now and I will take care of you ! Leave him and sleep with me ! I will take care of you like no son in this world took care of his mother ! If you want you can still be his wife for the world ! " I fucked her again.

Mom was crying but furiously said " Don't you have any shame you bastard ? You are raping your mother and now you are asking her to be your prostitute ? "

" You will not be my prostitute mother !" I said and kissed her back again. " Your body is the most valuable thing for me ! I will have to sell you to others if I make you my prostitute ! I can't do that ! You are mine and you will be mine ! You will be my sexy mother only ! A mother who will take care of her son's sexual urges !"

" Not in your life you bastard " mom said. " You might rape me like now but I will never sell myself to you ! You are not capable of enjoying my body " I kept fucking her when she was talking.

" OO...but you offer your body to people like dad ! I slipped.

" He is a lot better person than you ! He doesn't rape other people's wives !" mom said.

" That’s what you think mom !" I rammed her hard.

" What do you mean ?" suddenly she got distracted and tried to stop and look at me.

" Stay still mom !" I said. " I haven't finished raping you !" and kept fucking.

" But " she said and screamed as I squeezed her breast hard to distract her.

" You know you look sexy when you are in pain ?" I said to her while ramming her.
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