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A Night of Fulfillment

The sun was nearly setting as my bus neared its destination.

It is after a long gap of several years that I was going to this town again.

Golden memories of those wonderful days I spent in that place, over ten years ago, came flooding to me. Memories of my Angelic sisters -- Gita and Padma...and the erotic encounters we had.

Many things have happened in ten years. Gita is long married and lives in a far off city and last I saw her was about three years back. Padma too is married and migrated to Australia. She and her husband live in Brisbane. I haven't seen her in ages.

I am now twenty eight and working as a marketing executive for a multinational company that sells consumer products. I am what one would call an eligible bachelor, having avoided tying the knot, despite pressures from my parents. I did not find Miss. Right till date.

As my bus came to a halt at the bus stand, I got off and walked out. My company has a branch there and the local manager was kind enough to send a car for me. The driver took my single bag and we drove to the small but comfortable guest house our company maintained in that town.

It was located away from the hustle and bustle of the town. A fifty year old caretaker by the name Govind was in attendance the whole day and he was also a good cook. The guest house comprised of a large well furnished living room, two comfortable, air conditioned bed rooms and a kitchen. Govind told me that I was the sole guest at that time and asked me if I would have my dinner there. I said I would go out to meet some friends and told him not to bother about my dinner. He gave me a spare set of keys and left.

I caught up with a couple of old friends and we had a few drinks and dinner at one of the more popular restaurants there. It was owned by the family of one of these two friends, so everything was on the house. They asked me what brought me there after all these years. I told them that I was there to attend a wedding, late next night. The groom's dad and my dad were good friends and I was representing my dad who was unable to attend. We broke up late and I returned to the guest house and slept well.

Next day, I went to our Branch office there and paid a courtesy call on the manager there. As I was not on an official visit, we just spent a few minutes exchanging pleasantries. As I made to leave, he offered me a car and driver for my use which I gladly accepted.

I just had an urge to visit the colony where we once lived. I got into the car and asked the driver to take me there. As we reached the colony and we were passing by the house where Padma's family lived, I asked the driver to stop. I thought I would make inquiries from her family about her welfare and whereabouts, for old time's sake.

As I entered their home through the open doorway, I found an old lady with a hearing aid sitting all alone and watching a TV. When she saw me she was confused. Realizing that it was Padma's mother, I walked close to her and said I was Mohan, brother of Gita. It took her a full minute to realize who I was and then she broke into a smile.

She started asking me about Gita, my mother and rest of the family and I answered her patiently. Suddenly, I heard another woman's voice from the next room.

"Who is it mother?"

"It is Mohan, Gita's brother," she replied.

Next minute, a woman drying her wet, long, jet black hair with a thin cotton towel walked in. She was around 35 years of age, not fat but slightly plump, with big tits and buttocks. When she saw me she squealed and pulling me up gave me a big hug. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Padma!

She was very fair, tall at 5'6" and had an hour glass figure – a good bust, slim waist, flaring hips and a wide ass.

That was the Padma I knew, ten years ago. This woman was heavier and lost her slimness and the hour glass figure. She still looked beautiful, but not as sexy as before. But she hasn't lost her animated look. When she hugged me, I felt the big tits that were squashed against my chest were still tight and sent my pulse racing. And I made sure that my hands made contact with those big buttocks.

We then sat down and talked. We had a lot of catching up to do. She came here about two weeks back and her husband was joining her in a couple of days. They live in Brisbane and her husband is a successful doctor there, making a lot of money. No, they don't have any children. She and Gita lost touch, so, I told her all the news about Gita, whatever I knew.

She asked me about the purpose of my present trip to her town. I told her about the wedding I was going to attend that night and how I am representing my father.

She got up, went into the adjoining room and came back in a minute and showed me a wedding card. It was an invitation for the same wedding. It turned out that the Bride was a cousin of her husband! Talk of a coincidence! Padma was going to represent her husband at the wedding.

"I was wondering how I was going to attend this late night wedding. Now the problem is solved," she said.

"I could go with you and attend the wedding," she sounded relieved.

"I would be very happy to come and pick you up. I have a car and driver at my disposal, so transport is not a problem at all," I said eagerly.

Her parents were relieved that her problem has been solved so easily. I spent another hour at their home and we made plans for the evening. I would come and pick her up by 7-30pm. We would go straight to the wedding Hall where dinner was scheduled from 8pm onwards. The muhurat (auspicious moment at which the knot is tied) was at 2-12am. So, after all the rituals were over, I would drop her at her home early next morning.

Taking leave of them, I left.

That evening, I told Govind that he could go home as I was going to attend a wedding and didn't need his services. He was happy to leave. I reached Padma's home at 7-30pm. She was getting ready and I spent a little time making small talk with her aged parents.

When Padma finally appeared, I was struck breathless looking at her. She was resplendent in a red silk sari with golden embroidery and a matching blouse that was cut low to reveal the swell of her gorgeous breasts. She had a bit of golden jewelry adorning her lovely throat and gold bangles on her hands.

We got into the back seat of the car and drove off. I cast a sidelong glance at Padma and my eyes met hers.

"So, how do you find me after all these years? Fat and old?" she asked smiling.

"You are as beautiful as ever," I whispered to her not wanting the driver to listen.

"Always the chivalrous gentleman," she laughed.

The banter set the tone for mild flirtation if not anything else, I thought. The thought that I was her first lover and she was the first woman I had sex with was always at the back of my mind.

We soon reached the wedding hall. I disposed off the driver, telling him that I would drive the car later that night and he should come next morning by eight am. He was happy to go home after I tipped him well.

We mingled with the people there, met the elders, met the bride and groom, gave our gifts and had the traditional dinner. By the time we finished it was ten pm.

We found that most guests were leaving and only those very close to the family were staying. Neither Padma nor I found any close friends or relatives in the group. We sat apart for a few minutes and I was wondering what to do. Padma gave me the opening.

"Where are you staying?" she asked.

"At our company guest house on the ring road," I replied.

"Can we go there and spend some time chatting up a bit? We have so much catching up to do. We can come back for muhurat," she said.

"Excellent idea," I replied, my pulse quickening.

As I drove back to the guest house she kept making small talk but my mind was full of wild thoughts and possibilities. Could I seduce her, a second time? She is a married woman now, do I dare to?

As I unlocked the door and we got into the drawing room, she looked around appreciatively and said, "It is a nice place."

Padma was carrying a small overnight bag with her. Saying that she wanted to get rid of the traditional dress, she asked me where she could change. I told her that the second bed room is also vacant and she could use it without any problem. It had an attached bathroom too. She walked into the second bed room and shut the door behind her.

I went to my bed room and changed into my favorite light blue pajamas. I walked up to the fridge, opened it and found it stocked with a few bottles of beer and Bacardi breezer. I opened a bottle of beezer, settled down comfortably on the cushioned sofa, took a sip. It was cold and I loved the Jamaica passion flavor.

My thoughts returned to Padma. Though she had put on a little weight, particularly around her waist and tummy, she was still very attractive. I was very keen to see her tits, thighs and the rest of her body and compare them to what the virgin beauty was ten years ago.

My conscience chided me for such dirty thoughts about a married woman. But, I could hear Mr. Hyde saying that I was the first man who fucked her and always had that right on her.

When Padma walked into the drawing room she was dressed in a light pista green nightie and she looked very desirable. Through the semi transparent robe I could see that she wore black panties and a black bra and they set off my imagination wild. The top hook of her nightie was open and the creamy white swell of her rich breasts spilling out of her bra top was a sight to behold. Her black panties suggested that they could contain only a small part and not the whole of her wide, inviting ass and pumpkin buttocks.

Seeing me thus ogling her, Padma settled down into a sofa in front of me and asked,

"What are you drinking?"

"it is a Bacardi Breezer, a ready mixed mild cocktail," I said.

"So where is your manners, drinking alone?" she said in mock anger.
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