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Shristhi and Nipun First Time Sex-6

She liked her breast getting sucked but she was not ready to do it again, because she was afraid, I tried a lot but now it was impossible to convince her and I desperately wanted to move ahead. Our conversation continued and we both cherished that incident of her boobs getting sucked and my rod getting jerked.

At my end I use to masturbate daily on the name of my seductive babe Shrishti, she also admitted that even she masturbate daily. I passed her few more movies of hardcore sex, few really arousing sex stories and few article in which oral and virginal sex was taught. All in all our relation moved on like that and slowly we were getting free and gradually moving ahead, like that time passed.

One night after putting the phone down, I had a plan to masturbate, something knocked me, I got naked from lower half and placed my mobile on table in such a way, that I can make a focused video of my masturbating session, I masturbated in front of mobile’s camera without showing my face and murmured her name while doing masturbation, like shrishti…. Fuck u baby … yessss.. I will fuck u so much… shrishti….. come on… Fuck u baby Fuck u.

Like that I recorded myself till white sticky liquid came out of my rod, to show her the real thing. Then I massaged her to give her mobile when she will come. She came on the very next day and I copied that clip in her mobile and after she left for her house, I messaged her to call me after watching the clip.

She called me after 11 and first word which came out of her mouth was “yeh kya hai”. I asked her “tumhe samajh nahi aaya kya? She said samajh aa gaya hai, but how can you do this? I said “I just did it, and now you have to do it”. She replied with long no, and said I will not do it. I requested her 2-3 times and made many statements to convince her,

by saying that there is nothing wrong in it we are not doing anything physically but she was again and again saying no to it. Finally I said ok, u have broken my heart in hindi, “tumne mera dil todd diya”. I don’t know whether these lines changed her mind or something else did that. Next to next day when she came to my place, she entered in my room and handed over her mobile to me and whispered “jaldi se copy kar lo”.

At that time she seemed very nervous and scared. I reacted quickly and copied all the files from her memory card, and kept her mobile on charging. After few minutes she came and took her mobile and saw me with smile, she was still very nervous, my heart was also beating very high.

I played video in computer only, Oh my god, what was that, picture was so clear, her mobile had a high resolution camera and I think there must be at least 5 to 10 CFLs in that room, unless video would be on darker side, it was much better then my video. For few seconds there was an empty chair, and after that she came and sat on chair.

I could not see any face, but I was sure that it was Shristi only, because I could recall that printed skirt she was wearing, it was the one which she was wearing in the store room incident, then slowly she opened her skirt and took it off, she was now in panty only, and slowly she took off her panty, Wow…. it was Shrishti’s naked cunt with bit of hairs on it and I could not believe that she really did it.

Slowly she widened her legs and started fingering her cunt. I could feel the wetness of her love hole on the screen because of shine of liquid. She moaned lightly and I could easily recognize her voice. It was a lovely video to take my senses off, although it was very small hardly of 3 minutes, but it was sufficient for me to masturbate for next few days.

After she left from my place I messaged her that I want to talk to her in night, but she replied in no, she was going out somewhere with her parents. She requested me not to forward that video to anybody; I replied with sms and tried to convince her that she does not have to worry about that. I copied that video in my mobile and saw that clip again and again.

That night I masturbated three times, thinking about her. Next day she was not supposed to come for tuition, and that is why I was restless. I wanted to talk to her but I controlled myself, in evening I sent her massage if we can talk. She replied by writing after 11 I will call you. After 11 she called me and we started talking to each other,

I started conversation casually and soon I gave her complement by saying “you are very sexy from inside, I wish I could be there when you made that video”. She blushed and requested again not to forward that video to anybody, I convinced her again and we moved forward in our conversation.

Somewhere between the conversations, I asked her if she can show me her cunt live as I have shown my rod to her. As expected she said no to it, I tried again but she was firm on her decision. Like that time passed and we got closer through our conversation, once when I was talking to her laying on my bed,

I took out my rod and started jerking and ( / ) murmured that Shrishti I will fuck you very hard, she laughed and got somewhat shocked hearing this, then I told her that I am holding my rod in my hand and fantasizing that I am fucking her. She blushed and got bit excited. Many times we talked to each other about fucking positions and I explained her many positions,

putting her at girls place, by saying “when you will be laying on your back and I will fuck you by laying over you, it will be missionary position, and when you will be on your four and I will fuck you from behind, it will be doggy style fucking”. Slowly lust and excitement was rising in her and we were looking for opportunity to kiss at least.

We got few like we use to get, but we were always worried to get caught. Like that time passed and her selection exams got closer, she asked me for some help. I helped her, I did my best to teach her in physics as well as chemistry, and after those classes I use to ask for my fee, and that fee was kiss, so we use to kiss after our class.

But somewhere we both were focused on her studies, sometimes I use to ask questions from her syllabus in night during our telephonic conversation, isn’t it seems amazing, gradually sex and lust took back seat in my mind and I was worried about her exams, although in beginning I took her as opportunity to fulfill my lust, but after spending long time with her I realized that I have started taking her seriously.

Many times I forced her to study at that time when we use to talk. Finally she cleared her selection exams with reasonably good grades and we leaped in joy, now there were just few months left in final exams and her mathematics syllabus was completely covered and now they do not have to come regularly, they use to come just once in a week and sometimes not even that to ask there problems.

This is how our meetings got irregular, and we both started missing each other, although we use to talk to each other daily and use to give every little detail to each other about day’s happenings, but now that wasn’t enough and we want to meet and see each other, kiss and touch each other.

We passed almost a month like that and realized that how badly we need each other, we both were starved even for basic love making act that is kiss. But after sometime from gods grace we got few opportunities and we used them fully. One day she called me on Sunday, and handed over the phone to her mother, by just saying “ek minute mom se baat karlo”.

I just got scared, but matter was simple she asked me if I can come to her place to teach her something in Physics, actually that day she did not had a driver and her dad was busy because there were few important guests in her house. I asked my dad and he did not had any objection.

Moreover he was happy because from the beginning Shrishti was somewhat like a challenge to him and after the result of selection exams he got praised from her parents and my work in Physics and chemistry also got noticed. I was delighted; I took a leave from my house somewhere in the evening and reached her home.

As expected she had a separate study room which was bit far from the main living room, where all the guests were sitting. We started and truly speaking, I was not focused. It was long time when we had last proper kiss and I desperately needed that and she was also willing to do it, but we showed some maturity and tried to focus on subject as it was very risky because that place was not as safe as my study room.
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