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The Saga of Uma's Seduction - II

Uma woke up to see herself, leaning over him and her head resting on his shoulder. Her hand involuntarily felt his dick. Niven was quick to hold her hand against his dick as if disturbed in sleep. Uma was embarrassed; but had a good feel of his dick. Uma forced her hand out and tried to straighten up. Niven moved his right hand along her thigh and took it away as if waking up from sleep. He smiled at her and told that she slept and fell over him and so he made her rest in his shoulder. He added, “No problem Uma, you were like a bag of sponge; so soft. You can rest your shoulder on my shoulder. It is only a pleasure. ” The way and tone he called her name, stroke a chord in her nerves. As the bus reached the destination they prepared to get down. There was a town bus in the opposite side and he prodded her hands urging her to get down quickly as there is a bus.to He wanted to break her barrier and as a first step wanted to make her allow him hold her hand like husband. There was heavy traffic and as Uma hesitated, he held her hand near her arm pit so that he can feel the warmth there and crossed the road. After crossing the road, Uma had to ask him to leave her hand. Taking his hand off, he brought his finger to his nose and inhaled deeply giving a happy expression. Uma felt proud inside and showed anger outside. Uma realized that he is enjoying the smell of her armpit and she remembered that she had applied deodorant and skin cream accordingly for her every part .She was using three creams, one for sun exposed parts, other for softness and the third for fully covered parts. In addition she used facials and hair remover. She also remembered her husband’s demand to cut her dressing table expenses which was one of the reasons for their discard. Then they boarded the crowded bus. Niven stood close to Uma behind her. The push and pull made her rub with others standing nearby. Niven was delighted as he enjoyed pressing from back and on the pretext of protecting her, felt her body as much as possible. Uma could read between his activities and decided to avoid him in future. They reached the dealers outlet. There were no customers as it was nearing lunch closure. Uma purchased variety of panty and bra for 5000 rupees, as Niven watched silently. Uma turned to Niven and told that her purchase is over. Niven prodded her hand asked her to come away. Then he told her after coming this long, it would be useful only if she buy more as she will not be able to come frequently. He also suggested that she can buy some beauty enhancing bras and bra suitable for feeding mothers like her. He then told the person there to bring some particular types of bra. He opened it .he took one and turning to her told, “See .This bra for those who have small boobs. It will make them look large. See, I am pressing it .it is soft and returns to original position. This is another bra is for feeding mothers. Your mammary glands secrete milk and your breast become heavy. If you don’t care or avoid bra due to inconvenience, your boobs will sag down due to gravity in course of time. Your sex appeal and beauty will be reduced. If you wear it, it will lift up your ball and support the base of your ball and lift it so that your nipple is focused upwards. As the bra takes the full weight of your boobs they will be straight and sexy.it will also make feeding easy making removal of bra unnecessary”. Niven told this with occasional glance at her chest portion. Uma’s face was red with shyness .Uma said in low voice that people there may not be ready for such models. He quipped, “First, Do you wear? You, first buy for yourself. You are the beauty of the town. “He then turned towards the sales person and asked him to pack ten sets of both models and bring other available new models.

Uma caught his hand and pulled him back to tell something. I observed you frown when I touched your hand .Now you are holding mine. See. This is unavoidable .Uma took her hand off and tried to tell something. Niven held his hand towards her and smiled. Uma held his hand and signaled him to come near. She told him that she had planned for a purchase of 5000 only, but he insisted she buy more. Then she openly told him she has only 5000.by the time the salesperson returned with models. He asked Uma to just check them up and told the person to pack 10 sets of fast moving size. The sales person said, it was lunch time.so Niven asked to him to pack them and they will get them after lunchtime. While walking out, Uma again caught his hand to tell something. Niven was happy that he won the first step. Next he thought he should somehow touch any of her hidden treasures. Niven took her to a hotel and they had their noon meal. While crossing road, Uma herself caught his hand. When she removed her hand, he caught her hand and locked fingers. He told Uma not to worry as he also had some money. The owner was also well known to him and so they can pay advance and buy materials worth 4 times the advance. They can repay the next time they come for purchase. Uma was tense. When they returned their baggage and bill was ready. It was near 12000. Niven talked to the owner and he in turn spoke to the sales manager. He came to Niven and told him they can buy for four times the advance and how much advance they are paying. Uma tried to tell something. Niven pressed her hand. Niven replied him that first they would see the materials. He asked him to show in skirts. Uma pinched his hand to make him stop. He didn’t stop and she tried pulling his hand. Niven knew it is time for next step and he put his hand behind her and pulled her with him making her silent. His hand was resting on her butt and he could feel her ass muscles as she walked. Uma looked back to see if anyone was watching and the feeling of his hand in her ass was embarrassing and at the same time shook her controls Then he told Uma to select good and fast moving type quickly. When Uma completed selection the value was near 18000.then Niven asked him to show nighties. Uma again tried to stop him and tell something. Niven pressed her butts strongly and Uma understood that he didn’t want her to stop purchase and Niven also under stood that Uma had a round soft butts. He imagined how much they will push her pussy up when she lay down for fucking. Uma was attracted by the models shown and after the selection of nighties the bill was 50000.Uma said, it was enough; but Niven insisted her to buy some saree. Uma selected 50 sarees of different rate and the bill was 75000.Uma was very happy and at the same time couldn’t figure out what is his intention. She looked at him and he looked into her eyes. Uma couldn’t break his eye contact immediately, but her smile broke it. He told her to buy chudithar or fashion dress for ladies for another 25000. After selection he gave 50000rupees to him and got a bill with due for 50000.The time was around 5pm.he asked the manager to book tickets and luggage in the same Omni bus. Then he arranged for transporting the materials to the boarding point. For Uma all happenings were like dream. When the transport was ready the manager told him the bus time was 10pm .he gave him a package voucher and receipt and told him to be available in boarding point by 9.30 p.m.He should show the receipt and as they are sending a copy with the package, they will issue tickets if he shows the voucher. He should pay for ticket and luggage directly to them. He separately bought one bra for Uma and asked her to wear it in the wash room. Uma complied and realized how convenient it was. She came out freshening herself. She felt very grateful to Niven

By the time they left the outlet it was 6pm. He asked her whether they can spend the time in a cinema. Uma said they can go to a very near place they can just relax and handed over the Rs5000 she had, to him. He called a taxi and they went to the beach .Uma told him that she was very grateful to him and didn’t know how she would repay him. Niven winked and said, “Just give me a kiss.”Uma giggled and said that it wouldn’t stop with kiss and he will again ask for something else and so it is not possible. While walking in the beach, Uma asked him what would happen if she couldn’t repay, within the required time. he put his hand on her shoulder in the pretext of telling something. Uma took his hand off with her hand, but as he talked, his hand again went for her shoulder. Every time Uma freed her shoulder with her hand as she couldn’t be harsh after getting this much help. She also began to think what is wrong if he touch her. They sat at a secluded place. Niven sat close to her. His target was to break the barrier and make her open up. He talked freely and made Uma respond to some personal questions. He understood her desire to set up her business, her wish to have less kitchen work, craze for makeup items, her desire to go outings and her weakness for flattery. As he stood up to go, Uma also tried to get up. He made Uma stop and telling her that there is too much sand in her back moved his hand to clean. Meanwhile Uma noticed the sand in the place she sat had carved down to show her ass girth. Uma tried to clear the shape in the sand with her foot. This caused her leg widen .Niven rubbed softly on her ass to make the sand fall. Due to her pose his finger teased her pussy lips. Uma’s hormone levels automatically shoot up and she was slightly aroused. They had dinner and reached the boarding point in time. Uma wanted to go to toilet and press out some milk as she already felt them full and slightly paining. She waited tensely for Niven to complete formalities. When he was ready the driver had come to his seat. She told him that she had to go to toilet. He accompanied her and asking her to be quick, and he entered gents’ toilet. She pissed and opened her blouse and bra and pressed out same milk. But before she was done, she heard the engine start. Hastily putting on the bra and without buttoning her blouse, she rushed to the bus.
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