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The Desperate Desi Housewife

Honey! Don't wake me up early in the morning, I am damn tired", saying this Prashant fell asleep, leaving behind his tremendously sexy and hot wife Sandhya waiting again. Sandhya just took a deep breath and kept herself busy in watching TV. Ever since she got married to Prashant that is two years ago, she always felt there is something amiss in her life not that Prashant doesn't love her in fact he seems to be a perfect husband taking good care of her smallest of needs and when they make love its also a nice good one. Their servant couple Shankar and Laxmi who live in the out house have observed her closely for the last two years and Shankar has once sweared to Laxmi that memsaab is not fully satisfied by our saab and if given a chance he will do the honors and Laxmi has just ignored laughing.

But little did she know that Shankar only thinks of the memsaab for the last two years even fucks Laxmi and think about Sandhya. Shankar never gives up any opportunity to have the company of Sandhya, if it is going with her to the vegetable market. Or helping her in her daily chores of work. He is ever ready to be with her never missed any glances on her milky globes when she is bending down and never missed to see her from behind whenever she is walking. Her hips movements make him crazy like anything. Whenever he is helping her in kitchen and very close to her he can smell her sweetness and god knows how he managed himself not grabbing her right there and fucked her in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Sandhya in her thoughts also find Shankar in it. She knew that ever since she came into this house. Shankar has the hoots for her. But she has ignored that as she know all men are same like to ogle others wife. She has also seen a strange kind of passion in his eyes. Though a exhibitionist in her make her excited exposing a bit of herself but her living standards her "Sanskar" has managed to stop her thinking further. She has also seen Shankar in her undies washing her car and when she reached close to him she smiled in such a strange way that her body shuddered for a while but she move back but never before a short glance at a huge bulge in his undies. She now thinking of that scene again and automatic started masturbating. Yes yes yes Oh she came like a waterfall and immediately felt guilty and ashamed of herself about her thought for her servant. Disgusting.

Then there is not only shankar who is secretly watching her, the close neighbour Mr. Saxena 45 years old retired military man has powerful set of binoculars and always try to get a close glimpse of her. Whenever a letter of Prashant is received by mistake in his house he himself will deliver instead of any servant hoping of getting a cup of tea mixed with a sweet sexy wife.

Then there is a vegetable seller who always try to attain Sandhya attraction and often use words like "kela , baingen lumba hai , mast hai , to good effect.

Lastly there is one about whom she doesn't know anything and not even seen him. He is the husband of her beautician. She has a favourite beauty parlour nearby to her house where she goes fortnightly. Run by a sexy lass shakila. Once when she was during her facial her eyes were closed then Mushtaq husband of shakila came inside, usually restricted area for men as women inside there are always in a very exposed condition. But as he is the husband of the beautician he often tries to get inside and has the glimpse of sexy bodies. But when he saw Sandhya he got stunned by watching her milky body though just partly visible. whenever he get a chance he doesn't miss it to get a glimpse.

So the number keeps growing as one sees her. One often wonder how such a sexy gal has managed to keep her virginity intact before her marriage.

Sandhya wake up in the morning remembered the instructions of Prashant not to disturb. Still in her transparent night gown went kitchen she knows the servants are still in her out house they will come in only when she will open the main gate but till then she can enjoy the privacy and can roam as she likes. So she is in her kitchen from her window she can see the outhouse she was making tea suddenly she saw Shankar coming out of his room only in his undies. Again she shuddered thinking about her orgasm last night. Though there is a toilet for them near by but Shankar went near the wall and started to pissing.

Oopps she became curious and came near the window and there she saw the magnificent tool of Shankar it was like a black rod in his two fingers and golden stream coming out she felt something melting inside her even from there she can say its huge and that's what a sexy woman like her deserves not like she is getting. Little did she know that it was an purposeful attempt by Shankar he has done this so many times but now is the day was successful in exposing his manhood to her. But at the moment even he was not sure whether his attempt was successful or otherwise. But indeed he was as the sexy wife has been looking at his dick intensely and when after completion he shakes his cock vigorously she almost came. Now last night she thought of him just absent mindedly but after seeing this she thinks she will go right back in her bed and masturbate thinking of that huge snake entering her hole.

And she did. Later when Prashant wet to his office in the afternoon she called laxmi to with her to buy vegetables. But instead Shankar came. Seeing him she remembered again his member and just a little blush came on her face but she managed smartly and asked, " Where is Laxmi I have to go to sabzi market with her." "Memsaab she has headache today she said I should accompany you." Shankar said with a bright face. "ok, bring out the car then." She said. After reaching the market they have to go to the shop little inside the market. Due to rain overnight water logged so she has to raise her saree a little bit and walked cautiously in high heels. This made her walk like sexily her swaying of hips and her milky exposed legs making Shankar mad and lots of other shopkeeper and passerby having a good time. For these people this is the only time pass when sexy wives of rich people come here for shop. Sandhya also new these glances and enjoys this. She sees no harm in little bit of fun like that. They reached the desired shop with sabjiwal Ramlal. In dhoti baniyan he is mascular bhaiya from U.P. His eyes lit up seeing his favourite grahak and said,

Ramlal : "Ayiye memsaab, aaj to bade dino ke baad aaye hai."

Sandhya: " Haan Ramlal sabji dikhao badiya."

Ramlal:- " Badiya hi dikhayenge huzoor. Aap badiya hai to sabzi kaise ghatiya dikhyenge."

Sandhya stunned for a moment by this bold remark but then smiled and said,

Sandhya:- "Ab maska lagana band karo batien meethi karte karte sabzi kharab daal dete ho."

Ramlal:- Are nahin memsaab aap jaise grahak ko narraj nahin kar sake boliye kya dikhao Baihgan hai lauki hai turai hai fruits main kela hai". He deliberately spoke of special vegetables.

Sabdhya:- pichli baar ke baingen saare kharaab nikle

Ramlaal :- Are memsaab wo baingen sabzi banane ke liye nahin the. Now with Sandhya Shankar also stunned. All this while he was enjoying the chat but now he think Ramlal has gone too far.

Sandhya( blushed and asked angrily): Kya matlab.

Ramlal : Matlab memsaab usse sabji nahin baingen ka bharta banana chahiye tha. Aur aap kya samjhe(smiling wickedly).

Sandhya:- kuch nahin.

Ramlal(Getting bolder) Memsaab ye kela dekhiye ekdam mast hai Aaj hi maal aaya hai. Itna bada kela aapko pure market mein kahin bhie nahin milega. Dekh shankar bol memsaab ko.

Shankar(Smiled): haan memsaab aise kele kabhi kbahi hi aate hai Sandhya:- ok ek dozen de do.

Then her eyes suddenly went between Ramlals legs he was sitting such that his legs up to thighs were already visible from his dhoti but now what he has done that his black organ is visible straight at the face of her. Her expressioned changed a little and she managed to recover but that little change was witnessed by expert Ramlal and he kept weghing sabji acting ignorantly. She quickly glanced at shanker and relieved to know that he was busy talking with other sabzi wala. She bravely gave another look at his phallus and thaought it was as huge as shankar's may be bigger as it was not fully erect. Suddenly Ramlal disturbed her thoughts

Ramlal. Dekho madam Dekhao. Soch kya rahe ho Aap he ke liya hai ye kele baingen.

Sandhya (blushed again. Things are now getting out of control). Ye gobhi kaisi di.

Ramalal: 20 Rs kilo madam he took gobhi and started feeling it like he is feeling her boobs. Dekhiye memsaab ekdum taazi hai and then quickly weghed it. Madam humney home delivery bhi start kiya hai aap phone par bata dijiye hamara ladka sabzi de jayega. Aur kabhi kabhi hum bhi aa jayenge. Isi bahane humari beautiful memsaab ka ghar bhi dekh lenge. He just went on in just a simple manner that Sandhya coudnt react anything just smiled and said

Sandhya:- Achcha apna phone number shanker ko de dena. Kitna hua? Then she paid money and she knew what's coming. Ramlal grabbed the money with both hands in fact grabbed her hand and a little caress. She smiled and thought that how eager this sabzi wala to touch her. But it was not her fault.

Coming back her mind was all in fire. Today she has got so much excitement her exhibitionism worked and voyeur in her has also got the satisfaction. Two huge big black dicks she got see in a single day live. She thought of masturbation as soon as she reaches home. Shankar also while driving the car thinking that he is lucky to remain so close to this sexy woman, but also admire Ramlal for his bold moves.

The minor escapades that occurred last day has made Sandhya a little bit excited and while going to sleep she started thinking of those events and also even a little disappointed that why she couldn't go any further. Next morning Prashant was gone to work she decided after bath to be a little bold in her attitude so she wore her sari very sexily below her belly and wore a cut sleeve low cut see through blouse though she covered it with her sari but her curvy cleavage was clearly visible through it.
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