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My First Experience in Pune

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“You should get married bhaijaan, it’s right age for you”

I hesitated for a moment, then said “I would readily, only if I get a girl as good as you, in all respects”.

There was a moment’s pause on other side, and then the line went dead. The arrow was out of the bow, now it was just a matter of time if it will land on target or come back to poke my ass. That’s how I made my first definite move towards my first carnal pleasure in life.

I was 26, living in Pune as a bachelor, recently moved from a small town and joined an MNC. She was 36, married with two kids, husband living abroad.

We were neighbours, and I can’t go into details of how I got a flat in residential society because it may be correlated with real people’s identities because it was a rare occasion of bachelor letting continue to live in strictly residential society. At first I never thought of her as possible booty call, and dismissed her as religious type, serious woman and made a note to myself to stay away from her.

But with women, you never know…there will always be a surprise waiting for you.

Anyways, I was fresh off the boat, full of dreams of success (and booty calls) that usually small town boys have about big cities like Pune, Mumbai etc. Now I realize that Pune is not as big and modern (in terms of sexual adventures) as I expected it to be in comparison to Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. With full libido, athletic body, knowledge of hundreds of softcore porn movies, and few internet blog stories, experience of erotic chat and erotic phone talk with girlfriend, I was also fishing in the sea of online hunting (chatting), at that time Yahoo messenger, and Riffle were hot in market. Looking at every beautiful girl/woman on street/ market /society with only one intention and you know what intention that is.

I know this sounds like a pervert, but this is what is surrounding us, look at ads of deodorant spray, soap, shaving cream, car etc. If you have this, then you are going to get girl. that’s what ultimate success trophy of a man is… booty! So I wanted my share of booty too. Though I had a girlfriend, but she was typical “Indian” type nothing before marriage and I was frustrated of occasional kissing and boobs grabbing sessions in the darkness of theatre. Though later she conceded to my demands, but it was not my first experience. I will tell details of that in next session.

For now, let’s come back to the lady in discussion. She was slim (almost like a model), only 36 years’ age, very fair, average looks but extremely wild in bed. Overall a perfect woman with only one shortcoming, her breast were small, and since like almost 90 percent Indian males I was also boob-centric,  It was strange for me to see a woman with small breast, something like violation of nature’s law. Later I discovered many things about real life female anatomy from her, which shattered many of my beliefs that were formed watching extreme hard-core pornstars.

In one of our after sex talks she said she got married early and had first baby when she was 18. Now for those of you, who are getting bored by the lengthy side-track details, I must say, I am sharing my experience here and not a cooked up fantasy which immediately jumps to xxx action and boasting of enormous private parts and stamina. The proof of authenticity of my experience? Those of you who have actually done it, will know after reading that it’s a real deal. Period.

So, I was getting desperate by each passing day, because my girlfriend won’t allow me to go beyond second base. Hence I was simultaneously looking for booty call on internet and in real life. My head was filled with real and fake stories of my friends who got lucky while traveling in night luxury bus, train, or by having affair with married women in their neighbourhood.  I made few of advancement towards couple of “prospective candidates” and got retorted curtly, which demoralised my ambition and I was on and off the track until one day, when I first accidentally touched boobs of this lady. Her name was Aliya.

On the same floor, where we lived there was another family, and they had this little daughter 4-year-old who, for God knows what reason, was afraid of me. So, whenever she is being naughty and stubborn, her parents would scare her by telling that they will tell me and she would immediately come to her senses. I too, as a social service and to make a case for bachelors being useful to society, would play role of Uncle Angry to help them control their kid. Aaliya was like good caring sweet lady of building, her own kids being teenagers, she would help other women of the building with their kids and other daily stuff that woman do at home.

I would, occasionally ask for a bottle of cold water or ice from her fridge through her kids or kids of neighbour playing in parking. Later I would directly knock and ask her when we got acquainted. I would bring fruits and other stuff a lot and as I haven’t bought the fridge yet, so Aaliya would keep my stuff in her fridge. More than half of the stuff I would give them for use and only take portion what I need, and thus our bonding started. Now, if they cook anything good, I would get some portion of it and so on.

Later I had to exchange phone no just in case anyone knocks her door and ask about me being her neighbour (courier etc.). One day She knocked at my door, I was in baniyan and track sleeping, so when I opened the door my chest and biceps where exposed, so when I opened the door half asleep, she was standing with that 4-year-old kid and wanted to say something but she stopped and I saw her cheeks turned red and she blushed. Now this may seem a very stupid thing, but you should know that she was a gentle woman who grew up in traditional home with old values. She tried to turn away and go back but I stopped her and asked “What happened Bhabhi?”

She said “nothing, I will come later”

I insisted “its o.k., tell me now”

It was 11 o clock in the morning, and all men/kids of society were gone to their office/schools.

She turned around, and without looking at me directly said, “this girl is not listening to her mother and she wants you to reason with her”

Then I started talking to kid, who was sticking hard back to the lady and trying to avoid me and then Aaliya’s phone rang in her front room. She looked towards room then towards me, I understood and gestured her with hand to go and attend the call and give the baby to me. Now as soon as she tried to hand over the baby to me, the baby put her hands around Aaliya’s neck and won’t let it go and since I already put my hand around baby’s trunk to hold her, left of my hand was stuck between Aliya’s chest and right hand on other side.

We struggled for about 30 seconds, and I noticed at 15th second that now my hands are rubbing against a soft pad/cushion like object. Aaliya was off course aware of it from the first second because she shot an angry look at me but I was lucky because I didn’t notice it till 15th second so she didn’t saw any pervert expressions on my face and may be that eased her off, I too was baffled at her angry look when my 15 second of ignorance died and I got that feeling of touching a grown up women’s bosom. One of the sweetest sensory experiences of life.

Next 15 seconds were very tricky as I tried to keep gentle expressions while taking full advantage of situation and what I enjoyed the most was the confused expressions of dilemma on her face. One hand she feeling being touched on other hand she was obliged to play along with me because she was the one who knocked at my door. Her I saw her breath getting heavier and her neck turned red. So I let dragged my hand outside, making sure to rub it hard with a final push so that I could feel her boob pressed till bones of her chest cage. This was a bold move, and I wouldn’t have done it with deliberation but since I was woken up from deep sleep and given this heavenly experience so I was like a drunk person who gets extra daring after he is high. If Aaliya had any doubts that this was happening unknowingly, my final press-draw move had killed it and made things clear. She gave me an angry look that Indian women generally give (like, “you all men are like this only”), but I directly looked in her eye and waited for her response. (expecting a slap)

She didn’t say anything and made the kid stand on floor and went inside to attend call. I came back with thumping heart, expecting a knock from society people and a beating by mob. The day passed by, nothing happened. I kept low profile, coming back late at night, sleep till late afternoon, and going to office around 3 p.m. when everyone is sleeping.

Few days later we crossed each other on stairs and parking while but she didn’t smile at me the way she usually used to do. I too started looking away from her and ignoring her.

One day I was talking over cell phone and came downstairs in parking lot and sat on bike, I didn’t notice the women were standing behind me at some distance so I was loud and careless. Luckily the conversation was about married life and I was advising my recently married friend to be patient with his new wife and give her some time and be nice to her because she is the one who has leaver her family and go through lot of changes etc.

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