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Yashodhara's Descent Part 1

My wife Yashodhara and I are in our late 20s, have been married for 4 years, and have been living in America for over a year in a Midwestern town. I am a tech consultant and she was a school teacher back home in India. We were high school sweethearts, so even though we have been married only four years, we have been together for almost 15 years. We moved to the US because I got a great job offer from a rapidly growing biotech firm. They were willing to pay me a six figure salary and sponsor green cards for me and Yashodhara. Initially after we moved to the US, the plan was to have our first baby that Yashodhara would stay home and look after. But after months of trying, when we couldn't conceive, we went to doctors and found out that there was a problem with her tubes and she could never conceive. After the disappointment of never being able to conceive ebbed, Yashodhara decided that she wanted to become a school teacher again. So she decided to enroll in an education degree program in a local community college.

We pretty much settled into a regular routine - me with my job and Yashodhara with her classes. She was delighted with the coursework, her instructors and the overall program, and the determination to become a school teacher in the US seemed to make her forget her inability to have kids. All her classes during the first semester were timed such that I'd drop her off at the college on my way to work at 9 am and pick her up on the way back at 6 pm. But in the second semester, her classes ended at 2 pm. So I could still drop her to school, but she either had to sit around doing nothing for four hours waiting for me, or then take a bus. And waiting for a bus in the brutal Midwestern winter was not something one looks forward to. So we decided to buy a second car, this one for her.

Yashodhara was very excited about what would be the first ever car that would be exclusively hers. She started making decisions about the model and the color of the car, as well as about some features she wanted pre-installed. And she was being very finicky. When the second semester was just about to start, she finally picked one to buy, the dealer told us that the particular model we wanted in the particular color Yashodhara had her mind set on, would take 2 months to be delivered. I suggested that she should get it in another color, because a 2 month delay would mean either sitting around for 4 hours when her classes ended early, or then taking a bus in the cold weather. But Yashodhara was adamant. She said she would wait everyday for two months at college, or if she got too bored, take the bus home. She was so hell-bent on getting that particular car, I had to relent.

For the first week or so, she waited at school for me to pick her up. But one day in the second week, I got a call from her at 2 pm.

"Hi Ajit!" she said sounding very happy.

"Hi honey, what's up?" I asked.

"Great news. I am getting a ride home from a classmate today." she said, almost giggling with delight.

"Oh, that's nice. Who is it?" I asked.

"Guy named Ramon. Our house is on his way back."

"Cool. So you won't have to wait for me today." I said.


That's when I heard the beep of call waiting.

"Anyway, I am getting another call. I'll see you at home." I said and hung up.

When I got home, Yashodhara told me that Ramon had offered to drop her home everyday if she liked, and asked me if she should accept. I said why not. It was great that her ordeal of having to wait for me would not last for two months. I suggested that she offer to split the fuel expenses. The next day, Yashodhara said she had offered to split the expenses, but Ramon had refused saying it wasn't necessary.

Which did not surprise me at all. Men are always happy to pay for good looking women. And as far as looks go, Yashodhara was a bombshell. At 5 ft 3 she wasn't tall enough to become a model. But if not for her height, she easily could have become one. She had a flawless milky white complexion and a heart-shaped face with grey eyes. As if the face itself wasn't attractive enough, she had perfectly shaped 34C boobs without any sag, and an hourglass figure with a petite waist and a curvy well rounded ass. And below the ass, she had the slender and contoured legs of a goddess. My wife always drew second and even third glances from strangers, which always made me feel lucky that I managed to bag her early in high school. Because there was no way a beauty like her would have reached adulthood without being pursued by dozens of eligible men more attractive than me.

So I could understand why Ramon was happy to have my beautiful wife in his car every day and not take any money for it. I am sure he would have paid her to let him drop her home. he had to have been attracted to her. Few men weren't.

And sure enough, a couple of days later, I got the evidence of his being attracted to her.

"Something awkward happened today." Yashodhara said to me as soon as I stepped in the door.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Today, when Ramon drove me here and I was about to get out of the car, he asked me if I'd like to go have coffee with him." she said, blushing a bit.

"Ah ha. And what did you say?"

"I didn't know what exactly he meant. If he was asking just as a friend or something else. I mean, he knows I am married. So it couldn't have been like a date type thing, right?" Yashodhara asked me sincerely.

"How would I know? I have never even met the guy. Anyway, what did you say?" I asked.

"I just said I had homework to do, so maybe some other time." she said.

"You said some other time?"

"I know. I was just sort of avoiding it. But that actually made him happy. He said sure, we could do it some other time. When? let's make a date. And then took out his palm pilot and started looking at his calendar!" she said.

"Well, what do you expect? So what did you say?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just said, no, I am not sure of my plans. And I just got out of the car and came inside." she said.

"Hmmm. OK."

"So what do you think, Ajit?"

"What do I think about what, honey?"

"Should I just stop getting a ride from him?" she asked, with a worried look on her face.

I thought about her question. Actually, I pretended to think about her question. Because truth be told, the idea of some guy flirting with my wife turned me on a little bit. I had always enjoyed reading erotic stories where men liked to see their wives with others. And I had fantasized very often about Yashodhara and other men. But I had never quite mustered up the courage to actually share these fantasies with her. And now that there was an actual guy flirting with her, I was intrigued to see how the situation would unfold.

"No, that'd be silly." I finally said. "So he asked you out. who wouldn't? You're a bomb, and you know it."

"Ajit!!" she said blushing.

"Oh yeah, you're a bomb. In fact if you were married to someone else, I'd still want to go after you." I said, pulling her in my arms.

"Hehe, you're such a rogue." she said, and hid her face in my chest.

"That I am. But anyway, seriously, I don't think it's that big a deal. You should still take rides from him. We're in America now. People asking each other out on dates is normal. And refusing them is normal too." I said.

And that's where the matter ended. Or so I thought for a couple of days, because Yashodhara didn't bring up Ramon and I didn't ask about him either. But then one day, as we were having dinner talking about each other's days, Yashodhara suddenly said,

"You know, this Ramon guy is getting very naughty with each passing day."

"What? what do you mean each passing day?" I asked, surprised and a little curious.

"Well, ever since that day when he asked me for the coffee thing, he has been acting a lot more flirtatiously." she said looking at me.

"How so?" I asked.

"Well, honestly, nothing really too drastic. But not too minor either. He compliments me on what I am wearing or how I look."

"Yeah, but that's normal, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, but sometimes it is beyond just the "you look pretty today" which other people say too. Like two days back, he told me how my eyes are enchanting, and how once he looks into them, it is very difficult to look away." she said, shrugging.

"Ok..." this was getting interesting.

"And yesterday he said I had the most perfect luscious lips he had ever seen. Not too thin, not too pouty. And he envied you for getting to kiss them whenever you wanted." she said.

"Wow. That is some heavy flirting." I said, getting a little excited at the idea.

"Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to that. But then, today he asked me on a date again. This time dinner and drinks downtown." she said.

"What?" I said, almost spitting my food out. I was not surprised that he asked Yashodhara out, but that she seemed so calm about it.

"Yeah, but don't worry. I firmly refused. And then I told him that all his flirting and comments and everything was making me uncomfortable and I was thinking of not taking rides from him any more." she said.

"Oh, so what did he say?" I asked.

"He got very apologetic. Said he was sorry if he was crossing any lines and he didn't mean to. And that the flirting and everything was just for fun. And if it made me uncomfortable, he would stop." she said and continued, "He said he found me very attractive physically, but was not really interested in me romantically. So I should not worry and that from now on he would behave like a gentleman."

"Hmm...fair enough. Like I said, what man wouldn't be attracted to you physically?"

"So I have decided that I will see how he acts tomorrow. If he continues to be weird, I'll just wait for you to pick me up."

The next day, Yashodhara told me, with a big sense of relief that Ramon had been perfectly gentlemanly, like he used to be in the initial days. No compliments, no looks, no flirting.
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