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With Stranger In A Movie Hall

A lot of strange things happen in people’s lives. And also very often events of your younger days leave an impact on you, which is so difficult to ever shake off later in life. This is a true episode of my life which I thought of sharing on the anonymity of the web.

I am a lady aged 36 years, happily married & well off. I have two kids and my hubby is in the merchant navy. However these events that I am going to recount are from an earlier phase of my life, when I was still a student and very much single.

I was a student of Delhi University & in the final year of my BA (history ) at IP college. I was a good student & often topped the class —I was more of the studious type & though good at sports, very often my free time was spend in the college library or reading novels. I was more of the quiet & introverted type. I had a boyfriend, who was from a campus college & we would meet 4-5 times week & go for jam sessions, parties, movies etc.

In other words a very typical Delhi college scene. I was a good looking in a typical Bengali style –large doe like eyes, long hair, fair complexion and a height of about 5ft 4”. My figure was a well maintained 36-27-35 & I was quite proud of my overall looks, figure & personality. I would normally take a bus to go to college –either in what we call a “University special bus “or a DTC bus on Ring Road. As we were staying in South Delhi, the journey to college would typically take about 45 mts to an hour.

One day, I was waiting at the bus stop — it was about 8.30 a.m & I took a bus to an intermediate stop to change for a direct bus to college ( which I would do quite often). I recall it was really raining heavily that day. Almost 30 mts went by & no bus came by & I knew with this delay I would be missing my first class. I overheard some other office going passengers saying something like a “bus strike “& for another 20 mts no bus came & I felt that there really might be a bus strike & I was now stranded mid way from college & home. I was wondering what to do —no autos too where in sight & it was still raining outside.

Then across the road, I saw a movie theatre & suddenly on an impulse I thought might as well go and see a movie, rather than being waiting needlessly at the bus stop. There would be screening a morning show movie & if I went swiftly I could catch the 9.45 a.m show. This surely was a far better alternative to waiting stupidly at the bus stop.

I ran across the road and went to the theatre called “Paras”& saw they were screening an old movie called “Waqt “( Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Sharmila Tagore etc). The place looked deserted & I bought a ticket at the counter and went in & was guided to my seat, which was in one the rear rows of the theater. The movie had already commenced & I settled down to watch. The theatre looked kinda empty & I could just make a out a few people seating a few rows ahead. My row itself looked empty.

About 10 mts later a man came & sat next to me on my right. He seemed middle aged & an office going type as he had a briefcase with him as well. I wondered why he was sitting next to me only as there were plenty of empty seats around, but then I thought maybe that is how the tickets are seat numbered etc. I glanced at the man & recognized him as also being at the bus stop (as a co-stranded bus passenger), who like me had come to see the movie. I then reverted my attention back on the movie.

After about another 10 mts or so I noticed the man next to me was getting a bit fidgety. He would move a bit on his seat, cough a bit, cross & uncross his legs etc & I decided to ignore him. His hand was on the arm rest next to mine & our elbows were touching lightly too. I then felt something touch my foot & realized that the man had stretched his leg & it had casually touched my foot & I then moved my foot a little away. However a few minutes later I felt his foot again casually touch mine & with a sense of nervousness realized it was deliberate. I begin to feel nervous about it, but moved my foot further away. For the next 10-15 minutes all was OK & I was enjoying the movie.He tried touching my foot again but I crossed my legs & was out of reach. I felt if I continued avoiding these passes, the man would get the message & stop all thus.

I then heard something from the man next to me & he was again a bit fidgety. After a few minutes I felt his elbow rubbing more against my elbow. There was slight pressure on my elbow & before I could move my elbow away, the pressure eased. This happened 2-3 more times & then I felt his elbow moving in a sort of rhythm. This continued for a few minutes & it was rubbing on & off my elbow & I wondered what was he doing & slyly glanced to my right. To my surprise, I noticed that he had opened the fly ( that was the sound I had heard –he was unzipping his fly) & had taken out his cock & was gently rubbing it up & down ( that explained the rubbing of his elbow on mine ). I was shocked to say the least —- & quickly looked away. I was in major dilemma of what to do. Should I get up & move to another seat ? I was very nervous & my shy nature took over. However I decided to ignore it & as long as he did not bother me, I thought he could do what he wanted to do. After a few minutes, I again slyly glanced to my right & looked at what he was doing —- he pant fly was fully open & with his left hand he was stroking his cock. It was very hard & erect & it really looked quite large.

I looked away & my breathing was much heavier. This was really quite so surprising to me & I had never heard of such things happening at all. I was scared & nervous & felt helpless & in fact was too scared to move away also.I slowly moved my arm away & again glanced to my right & saw him playing with his erect & huge cock. I then glanced at the man & saw that he was also looking back at me —I quickly glanced away & blushed furiously. He had caught me looking at his cock. I was so confused now.

For a few minutes nothing happened, but my heart was beating like a berserk drum. I then felt something rub my thigh & with a shock realized that the stranger had put his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a salwar kameez & his hand was softly touching my leg. I was too shit scared to react & seeing no immediate reaction from me, he placed his softly on my thigh & gently squeezed it. I did not know what to do & though I moved my legs, I was unable to shake his hand off. For a few minutes he was gently caressing my thigh ( with his left hand ). I was staring hard at the screen as if nothing was happening at all, while his hand rested on my thigh & slowly he was squeezing it & was now slowly moving it up & down a bit. I did not know what to do & was feeling so helpless. Through the corner of my eye I again glanced to my right & even he was staring hard at the screen, while his hand was caressing my thigh. His cock was standing hard & erect & he was now stroking it with his right hand.

He was slowly moving his hand upwards on my thigh & I then put my hand on his hand & pushed it off my leg. His hand felt so very hot. For a few minutes nothing else happened & though I was staring hard at the screen, my mind was all in a tizzy & was wondering / waiting for his next move. I then felt his hand once again on my thigh & he started to caress it once again & I sat motionless. He now moved his hand fully over on my thigh & was squeezing it & caressing it more urgently & slowly trying to gently make me spread my legs. I resisted it & again put my hand down on his hand to push it away. But he was prepared for it & before I realized it he had grabbed my hand & held it firmly. I was too taken aback by this & now he was caressing my hand gently and as if to reassure me. I tried to pull my hand away, but his grip was quite firm & then he swiftly pulled my hand & holding it firmly placed it over his hard cock. I was really taken aback by this bold move. My hand was on his cock & was encosed in his bigger hand & he now making me move my hand up & down on his cock. I was stunned –his cock seemed so large –It was throbbing & pulsating in my hand.His grip was firm & I could not remove my hand & I was holding his erection & moving it up & down with the movement of his hand.

He then slightly shifted his position a bit & turning & leaning a bit towards me, & with his right hand, he gently placed it on my stomach & was gently caressing it & when I moved my left hand to push it away he held my hand firmly but gently & begin to squeeze & caress my hand. I was so confused, but he was also very gentle & at the same time, my left hand was gripping his hard & hot cock. With his right hand he let go of my hand & gradually caressed my upper stomach & swiftly slid his hand under my my dupatta & now his hand was on my left breast & he began to gently caress it & squeeze it. I was too scandalized & shocked to resist & he continued to squeeze my breast firmly & then shifted to my other breast & was squeezing it as firmly. His grip on my right hand was as firm & his hard cock was pulsating in my hand. He then moved his hand off my breasts & upwards onto my neck & then slid his hand inside my kammeez & his hand was now inside & was trying to get inside my bra.

His hand was hot & rough on my soft skin & I was too overwhelmed by the run of events to resist. He managed to slide a couple of fingers inside my bra & caress my nipple. I had an involuntary shiver —this was getting too much & I did not know what to do & just let things continue. The stranger also would have guessed this & his movements became bolder & firmer. He let go of my hand which was holding his cock & with his free hand began to caress my other breast very firmly & urgently. He then shifted his hands & his position too somewhat & one hand was again on my thigh & squeezing hard & trying to make me part them a bit.He managed to get a hand between my legs & pressed a finger in between.
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