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The End of Restless Sleep - Ch. 17

Chapter 17: Void eyes.

I tried to get out of the city but it chained me with her. Leaving the City of Joy was not my fate. In the meantime, I changed my job.

Nilanjana ma’am and Dad asked me to shift to Dhanbad and look after their business. I politely declined their request by saying that business was not my cup of tea. I did not want to lose my pride that was the only thing I had left. I fathomed that they were very much hurt on my decision but I was firm on my stand. It was a routine for me to visit Dhanbad every weekend. Nilanjana ma’am asked me whether I had any inclination on Parineeta. I laughed her away saying that I am not going to fall in love with anyone again. I told her that all my loved ones move away from me. She returned a pale smile and asked not to forget them. I assured that they were the only persons left in this whole world for me.

After that eventless soul shattering evening, Parineeta and I kept in touch on the phone only. We never met, as I did not want any more complexity in my life. She did find her love at last. After completing her studies, she got married that year December.

Reminiscences faded with passing time. Titli never contacted me. I could easily understand how her stern father manipulated her. I could imagine that he at first tried to scold and pressurise Titli, failing upon he manipulated her by giving excuse of his health. I knew that her hands were tied and there was no looking back to those colourful days.

Ten months had passed. Every day from that day, I counted the days Titli was to get married. I wanted to stay away from Kolkata on that very eventful day.

Monsoon arrived. It was raining again. With the rain, my old memoirs came to life. Two years back on one such rainy night I met Titli. I was in Chennai for an office trip. I was in my hotel room watching tv after dinner. My cell phone rang, it was Parineeta.

I teased her, “Hello sexy raven how are you doing? You should be in bed and not call me in this rainy night.”

Her voice was unnaturally calm, “Where are you? I was trying to call you for long time. I even called Nilanjana ma’am. She told me that you are out of station.”

Her voice made me serious, “Why what happened?”

She said to me, “Talk to her.” then she handed the phone to some lady.

I heard a female voice wailing, “Budhaditya where are you? Help me.”

The lady was crying on the other end. I was unable to recognise her voice.

I asked her again, “Sorry madam, I am unable to recognise you.”

She sobbed out, “I am Titli’s mother. Can you come to hospital?”

I was stunned to hear her voice on the phone. I became stiff as a stone effigy. My face became white, bloodless as if someone sucked all my blood. My breathing stopped as I heard that she was calling me from hospital. I clenched my teeth to prepare myself to hear the soul shattering news. I was not in a mood to ask the details, as I was able to fathom that my damsel kept her word.

I pulled up all my strength and said to her, “I am coming.”

I informed my senior that I had to return to Kolkata for some inevitable reasons.

I received a call from Nilanjana ma’am, “Did Parineeta called you? Are you on the way?”

“Yes I am on my way.” I answered.

I asked her as how she knew. She answered that Parineeta was trying my cell phone but was unable to reach me due to some reason. She called her and informed about Titli. She asked her to give me a call.

I asked her, “What has happened to Titli?”

She answered me, “You just come to hospital. I am on the way. Your dad will arrive tomorrow along with Bappa.”

I raced to the airport but the next flight to Kolkata was after four hours. The time was not passing. I kept on looking at my watch; even the second hand betrayed me. It was moving at a painfully slow pace.

After eight infinite harrowing hours, I reached Kolkata. It was about four in the morning. It was pouring cats and dogs. Nilanjana ma’am informed that she would reach within few hours.

I walked to the reception of the hospital and saw Parineeta and Aurnavo waiting for me anxiously. She ran towards me and broke down. I looked at her husband and asked him as what happened. He said nothing and looked towards Aurnavo. He was also mum. My anguish was killing me.

Aurnavo had tears in his eye. He sobbed, “Mom is waiting for you. Come.”

He took me upstairs to the ICU. I noticed that auntie was sitting on a couch with pale face. She gave me a blank stare. I felt those eyes were trying to tell me something but was not able to find words to describe. I kneeled in front of her and took her hand in mine.

She broke down, “I want my Titli back, Budhaditya.”

I looked at Parineeta and asked her, “For god’s sake, would someone care to tell me as what has happened.”

She sobbed in pain, “Titli’s wedding is day after tomorrow.” I gave her a confused look. She continued, “She tried to commit suicide by jumping from balcony. Her head is smashed. She is in operation theatre right now. Her maternal uncle is also here. He and his team of doctors are trying to put her cranium together.”

I felt that I was hit by a thunder in that stormy night. My blood started boiling after hearing that. I clenched my jaws and gave a stern gaze at auntie. Tears were flowing down her cheeks but those tears meant nothing to me. I was only concerned about Titli that time. I was unable to find words as what to say. At last, my damsel kept her words as she promised me. I could only hear her wail from the horizon, “I will not live without you, Adi.”

I grinded my jaws and spoke to aunt, “Why have you called me now? Now you are satisfied to find Titli in there.”

She shook her head, “No Budhaditya, no. I was helpless that time. My brothers and her father pressurised her and manipulated her.”

“What are you doing here?” I heard her father asking me in stern voice.

I looked up and clenched my jaws to confront him. Aunt patted my shoulder, requested me to keep quiet.

He shouted at us, “It is due to him that my daughter is in that condition.”

I was unable to control myself anymore. However, aunt’s tearful eyes made me go weak. I gave him a stern gaze and said, “I know you are her father and you have done a lot for Titli. The result is in front of you. Why are we fighting like this? Our altercation is not going to bring her back.”

He shouted at me, “Get out from here.”

“Mr. Bannerjee, before accusing someone you should look as what you did.” I heard Nilanjana ma’am roar. She walked towards us along with a gentleman in tuck and said to her father, “That day you insulted me.” She pointed to Aunt, “Her tearful pleading eyes deterred me to retort back. I kept quiet as the time was yours and venue was yours. But today neither of that is in your favour.” She pointed to the gentleman, “Today I have come prepared. That’s my friend, he is SP. Women’s cell is just a phone call away. If something happens to Anoushka then I ensure you that I will bring you down. So it will be better if you keep your mouth shut.”

He shook his head, “No. I did not mean to harm Titli. I always wanted to give her a beautiful life.”

Aunt groaned at her husband, “Your prestige and your society values have done a lot for my daughter. Due to your snobbish nature, my daughter is on deathbed. I have kept quiet for long.” She then pointed at me, “You are standing here in one piece that is also because of him. He took you to hospital when you had second attack. He changed your snobbish daughter to a fine lady. I have called him. Don’t you dare to say anything to him.”

Words were flying from all sides like arrows, hitting each other, piercing ones souls shattering peaceful environment of the hospital.

Aurnavo screamed in grief, “For heaven’s sake, please stop fighting. Didi is dying over there and you all are still fighting like cats and dogs.” He pointed to his mother and said, “You cared for dad’s health and kept quiet. You did not spoke for Didi.” Then he pointed to uncle and said, “You cared about your pride and values and did not took care what Didi wanted.” Then he looked at me and said, “I was too young to scream my voice out, all I wanted to have a playful life. Even I kept quiet and spoke nothing that day. Tell me who cared about my Didi?”

I lost my vocabulary as what to say to Aurnavo. I was able to fathom the writhing pain of a brother’s heart. Aunt then pacified uncle to keep quiet. There was pin drop silence in the hall. Only breathing sounds and soft wails of aunt and Parineeta could be heard.

A passing second seemed like a decade. We all waited anxiously in front of the operation theatre for some news of Titli.

After few hours, Titli’s maternal uncle came out of the operation theatre. We all looked at him anxiously. He looked at us and shook his head, “We tried our level best, but she is slipping away. Next seventy-two hours is critical for her. If she regains consciousness by then, then it is ok, else she will slip into coma.”

Aunt wailed out, “NO..... She can’t leave me like that.” I took her in my arms to console her, but she was inconsolable. I tried hard to persuade her that everything would be ok.

He then looked at me and asked, “Are you Adi?”

Only one person in this earth can call this name and she was in OT. I was utterly surprised to hear that name from a person whom I did not know at all. I nodded my head.

He shook his head and gave me a painful look, “Titli muttered your name before slipping away.”

I was unable to control my tears and all the dams inside me broke. My eyes welled up; I tried hard to control those tears to tickle down. However, those drops betrayed me at last. He shook me by my shoulder and said to me, “We are taking her in ICU.
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