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Shilpa Bhabhi, Married and Available - II

Salim's flat was on the 15th floor of a posh tower. They were alone in the lift and Salim didn't waste this opportunity. He immediately pulled Shilpa in his arms and started kissing her lips. Shilpa also didn't mind as the lift seemed too slow. It took them about 1 minute to reach the 15th floor. Just as the lift reached it, they separated from each other. Shilpa gave her hand in Salim's and they both walked off.

Salim's flat number was 1502. Salim opened the latch and they both walked in. Shilpa supported herself against Salim and removed her sandal. She had specifically bought a 4 inch heel sandal as Salim was more than 6 feet 4 inches tall and she was only 5 feet 6 inch. This way she appeared taller than she actually was and reached Salim's shoulder. She was bending to remove the sandal. The pallu of her sari fell off as she had not used a pin to tie it with her blouse. Salim immediately put his hand on her tits as Shilpa removed her sandal.

Salim put his hand around her waist as he escorted her around the home. It was a plush 3 BHK flat. Shilpa was impressed as she moved along with Salim. It was decorated with elegance using lot of color and shades. She liked the interior. She faced Salim and asked "It is very impressive. Who designed this interior? It's fantastic."

Salim looked in her eyes. "It was designed by my ex-wife."

Shilpa looked surprised and then remarked. "Wow. She definitely had the taste. What was her name?"

Salim's face turned a bit pale. It felt to her that mentioning her name was not a good idea. But then Salim smiled at her and replied. "Her name was Smita Kulkarni."

Shilpa moved closer to him and wrapped her hands around his neck. "So was she a Maharashtrian Brahmin?"

Salim moved his hands around her waist and rested them on her ass and pulled her closer. "Yes. Her father never approved of our marriage."

"How did you marry? I mean a registered marriage or traditional?" Shilpa asked him.

"We got married in a traditional ceremony in a mosque." Salim told her.

"Did you marry in a mosque? Wow. Did she convert to Islam?" They both started moving towards the sofa and sat on it.

"Yes. Otherwise you can't marry in a mosque." Salim slowly caressed her waist as he spoke.

"OK. So what did you name her after marriage? Was it Smita Khan?" Shilpa asked.

Salim spanked playfully on her ass before replying. "No darling. I named her Sana. Sana Khan. But she never liked it."

Shilpa removed the chop from her hair and put in back in her purse. Then she loosened her hair and let them fall across her shoulders and back.

"Strange. It's a nice name. If I were to marry you, I would have liked it." Shilpa said seriously.

Salim pulled her even closer and looked in her eyes. "So why don't you do it honey? Just divorce Aniket and marry me."

She hesitated a bit, but then replied in a strong tone. "Salim, please don't suggest such things to me. You know I can't do it. I can't leave Aniket. I don't think our affair should break my marriage."

Salim looked at her intently. "OK, honey. I will not mention it." He smiled before adding. "At least not for some time to come"

Shilpa laughed loudly. "Oh, just not for some time? It means this may come again."

Salim pulled her towards him. "Maybe it will. Let's see. Now let's stop wasting time and have dinner. I will call the hotel and order it. They will take 10 minutes to deliver it."

He separated from her and moved towards the phone. Shilpa watched him as he ordered their food. Then they talked idly for some time as they waited for food. Just in 15 minutes, the door bell rang and their food arrived. Shilpa went to the kitchen and pulled out two plates for them. Then she served food in two plates. Salim had switched the TV on. She could hear the loud noise of a cricket match being telecast. She got the food ready and then went in the hall carrying 2 plates. Salim immediately pulled a tipoy and Shilpa put both the plates on it. They both started eating. Shilpa looked at him in mock anger and said. "I was hoping that at least you would not be interested in that stupid game." Salim smiled at her and replied. "No. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I like cricket very much." They chatted moodily as they finished dinner. Shilpa put the plates away in the kitchen sink and came back in the hall and sat beside Salim on the sofa.

"Haven't you ordered any sweet?" Shilpa asked him.

Salim put his hands on her breasts and replied "Well I thought that you will give me a sweet dish. You have such wonderful and ripe mangoes."

Shilpa smiled and moved closer to him. Salim moved his finger in her cleavage and slowly started caressing it with his finger.

Shilpa also put her hand on his and said "Ok. So how do you want it jaan? Do you want to eat mangoes or do you want me to feed them to you?"

Salim moved his hand behind her back and removed the chop tying her hair. He grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to him and kissed her mouth hard. Then he got up from the sofa and picked her up in his arms. "Let's go to the bedroom darling." Salim said and then started walking towards the bedroom carrying Shilpa in his arms.

Shilpa looked with wide eyes at the bed as she saw that it was covered with rose petals. Wonderful scent of roses filled the entire room. 5 ropes were attached to the bed and all the ropes were covered with roses. Shilpa felt a lump rising in her throat. She gasped and looked at Salim. She looked in his eyes and they both kissed briefly. She thanked Salim for the beautiful wedding night kind of bed decoration. Salim placed her on the bed and then went to the window to close the curtains. When he turned after closing the curtains, he saw Shilpa had already removed her sari and thrown it on a chair. She looked at him and smiled. She was wearing only a petticoat and blouse. Then she moved to the bed and slowly sat on it. Her eyes were still locked with Salim's eyes. Then she backed further on the bed and sat with her back resting on the bed post frame. Then she put her hand on her blouse and slowly started unhooking it. She was looking all this time at Salim. She unhooked all her blouse hooks and slowly pulled the blouse cups aside. Her breasts popped out of the blouse immediately. Then she raised her chest high and beckoned Salim. "Oh Salim, I have been waiting for this for such a long time. Now please come in and eat my mangoes. They belong to you. They are all your now. Come in and suck them jaan."

Salim moved closer to the bed and slowly got on top of Shilpa. She wrapped her hands around his neck and then slowly pulled his face towards her waiting teat. She moaned as Salim opened his mouth and pulled her breast in his mouth. She was caressing his hair as Salim slowly sucked all over her breast. Salim licked all around her teat making it wet with his saliva. Suddenly Shilpa cried out as Salim dig his teeth in tender flesh of her tit. She cried out and said "Oh Salim. Please don't bite so hard. Bite it lightly." Salim separated a bit from Shilpa and then moved to her left teat and started kissing it. He took all of it in his mouth and started rolling his tongue around it. Shilpa was really enjoying Salim's amorous activities on her breasts now. His hand was slowly massaging her other tit now. Every now and then he would bite her nipple and Shilpa cried out. But she kept her hand on his neck and kept pulling his mouth on her breast.

Suddenly he moved away from her and then tried to remove her blouse completely. It was a bit tight and he took some time to remove it. As he was busy removing her blouse, Shilpa started pulling Salim's T-shirt upwards. She first raised her arms to allow Salim remove her blouse. Then Salim raised his so that Shilpa could remove his T-shirt. They were both naked above torso. Shilpa looked at Salim and she saw that he was very hairy. His chest had lot of hair. She had noticed it before as well, but not so blatantly. She had always had a thing for hairy men. She slowly caressed his chest with both of her hands and said. "Salim, you know what was the first thing that attracted me to you?" Salim slowly moved close to her and asked "I am all ears. Tell me." Shilpa smiled and replied back "Your chest. I always used to peep at your hairy chest. I always fantasized to have a hairy man." Then she slowly got on her knees and moved in such a way that her boobs were right above Salim's mouth. She slowly started mashing her boobs against Salim's face. Salim opened his mouth and slowly started licking all around her boobs. Shilpa wrapped her hands around Salim's neck and fed him her tits. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying as her boobs rubbed against Salim's unshaved face. His beard was somewhat rough and it made her shiver as it rubbed against the skin.

Salim was enjoying Shilpa's tits. He moved his hands to her waist. Shilpa was wearing a petticoat and it had only one string tying it. He slowly removed the knot and then started loosening it. He pulled it down as Shilpa also stopped to help him remove it. She was not wearing panty underneath. Salim looked surprised by it and patted her ass before completely removing it. Then Salim got down from the bed as Shilpa moved towards the edge of the bed. Then she unbuttoned Salim's jeans and slowly started pulling it downwards. She pulled it below his waist and looked at his crotch. She was almost taken aback. He also was not wearing anything underneath. And even more than that, his cock sprung out of the jeans and his size just stunned her. It was huge and massive. She was used to Aniket's 5 inch cock. And compared to it, Salim's was an absolute monster. It was about 9 inch and its thickness was about 2.5 inches. She had always thought that Salim was big, but even she didn't think that she will get this huge monster. She licked her lips slowly and then looked up at him. She put her hand around the base of his cock and said. "Oh Salim, you are so big.
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