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Second Encounter With Lady Bird

After our first meeting, next day I received EMail from her. She was bold enough to ask me to meet again the next day. I promised to pick her up & we fixed a meeting place.

As agreed I drove to the designated place & to my surprise she was already their waiting for me. She had dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a Blue saree with a sleeveless blouse that showed off her shapely arms. She wore her saree below her naval. The blouse was too tight and exposing her boob.

“She was looking just ‘GREAT’ and my cock was pushing in my pants seeing her only.

She climbed into the car and we drive off towards a guesthouse where I had arranged a room. While driving I touch her hand, buttock and her body. She did not stop me.

After entering her room, I closed the door & followed her into room. I was getting excited. Not wasting any time I knelt down & pick her saree and peticoat up sitting under her legs in the process to my surprise she was not wearing any panty. She immediately responded & spread her legs give me more place & also a clear view of her pussy.

I inserting one finger into her cunt & started fingering her. Standing there she was making sounds like ohhh…………….oh……… faster…………… Ahhhhhh…. Her legs starts shivering and she was unable to stand and fell on the floor. I took her in arms and start passionately kissing her lips and tried to insert my hand into her tight blouse. It made a sound of tearing & I had to stop. She smiled & helped me open the hooks in the front. I pulled her saree , Blouse, Bra & Peticoat off in hurry. She slowly slid down to my lap with her lips right over my cock which I was feeling from over my trousers.

Her right hand moved and unbuttons & unzipped my pants. I raised my hips and allowed her to remove them from me. She in one swift motion pulled by pants & underwear down. My cock free from its prison, stood erect, pointing gallantly up toward her mouth. She removed my shirt & vest also while kissing me on lips.

She then began playing with my cock, stroking it up and down with her hand. Her touch was idyllic. “Yes, suck me dear” I said. She got up on her knees, with her ass in the direction of my head. Soon my cock was inside her wet mouth, and as she moved it in and out as she ran her tongue all around the shaft.

I moved my hand to her ass and began caressing it as she continued sucking on me. I inserted a finger into her pussy, and then a second, fingering her faster.

I gasped as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock and I could feel her tongue licking around the tip of my cock. I was in heaven as she licked and sucked my balls into her mouth and pulled on the shaft of my dick. I just lay back gasping and groaning forgetting all about fingering. My hand lazily moving on her ass.

At one point she even wrapped her tits around my dick and rubbed them up and down as her tongue flicked the tip of my cock.

“I want to come in your mouth ” I told her. She without bothering to reply continued sucking on me.

Let me come in your mouth” I gasped again.

“Mmmmmmm” she hummed as she sucked me. It brought me right to the edge and as I felt myself beginning to come I shouted out to warn her, but was late my cum shot out with such force it spurted hard into her mouth and face, shot after shot covered her eyes, nose, cheeks and lips.

She ran to bathroom (I think as first time for her she didn’t like the taste or may be felt bad) but came back smiling with a towel and began wiping the cum from my legs. She then lay there in my arms for a good ten minutes, neither of us saying a word.

She then spoke, it was the first time in my life when someone was cumming in my mouth, taste of cum was not that bad. I think I have started to have a liking for it. Next time I will do it better.

We both were touching each others private parts while kissing she was tugging and twisting my cock lightly and I was touching her clit and outer lips.

We shifted to bed & I moved up to lay beside her and began kissing her breasts. Her nipples were erect. I moved my hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. Her body began rocking as my hand moved and as I continued to apply pressure on her pussy.

I moved down and gently kissed and licked her clit. After a few brief moments of these kisses, her body tensed. She let out a moan.

I slid my finger into wet folds of her pussy. She gasped as my finger found her little love bud I circled it with my finger, she began to moan. I then slid my finger around her hot, wet, pussy & she pushed her hips upward. She put her hand on top of my hand and said, "harder”

She began to push my fingers, making them slide in and out of her. Her moans became cries and her pace quickened. Her head rocked sideways, her hips arched upward and I could feel her cunt compressing and releasing, her voice making a low "oooohhhhhhh …… Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh" sound.

I removed my hand & pulled her up making her sit on the edge of the bed. I moved down on to floor & lifted her legs over my shoulders. I kissed her pussy tonguing the inner little clit. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. She moaned again Mmmmmmmmm….. Ohhhhhhhh…….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhhhh…..

I twisted my tongue inside her, licking up her juices. I licked at her furiously while she pushed on my face, her head rocked down, looking at me. Her hands were clasped behind my head as she fucked my face.

"Oh Bhagwan (God)! This is great," she moaned. "Eat me! Eat my cunt! That's it! Yahi Pe (right here) ... Suck my choot! Bite it! Suck it!. As her cries went louder & she began to hold hard on my head. I knew she was close to coming. I slipped two fingers inside her & brought her to long awaited climax. She almost shouted in delight as she clamped her thighs around my head and bucked hard against my face. She grabbed her large breasts, pinching & squeezing them cryied Hai Hai as she came.

My face was covered in her juices & as she released her grip on me and I came up gasping for air, both of us were gasping. I rested my head on her shoulder, she embraced me warmly and said “Oh it’s been 15 years & today only I have understood meaning of sex.

“Well that’s just for starters dear” I told her

“Yes please, & she kissed me without bothering about my face & tasting her own juices on my lips.

I lit a cigarette and took out Coke from the refrigerator in the room. I had carried bottle of Bacardi & poured two drinks. She was reluctant to take Bacardi but after some pushing she agreed. We sat there sipping our drinks.

We rested for sometime, with little foreplay like teasing and sexy talk. In about 45 minutes she had one drink only & I had taken three. I looked at the watch and find it to be almost 1.00 in the afternoon.

She was little intoxicated and full of lust at that time. She made me lie on my back, and started kissing me all over. Going lower and lower, till she came to by throbbing cock. She held it in her hands, and started stroking it, slowly at first, building up pace. She kissed the head, and started licking it, gently taking it in her mouth. She took more and more of it in her mouth, and her tongue licking my shaft all the way down, she started playing with my balls. Within a minute, she had me all the way in, and starting fucking me with her mouth. Up and down, her tongue running all over my shaft. I was getting quite close to coming so I pulled my dick out of her sweet mouth.

I can't hold it any longer." I said I want you to come in my mouth she told me. I said “later, we can do that but right now I want to fuck you”.

“Ok, fuck me” she breathed heavily. I pushed my cock slowly inside her hot warm pussy and was enveloped by her wetness, feeling her soft inner folds wrapping themselves around my cock as it inched into her.

“Oh yes” she cried as I buried myself to the hilt inside her and began to slowly stroke in and out of her. I built up my rhythm and speed, filling her hot hole with my shaft. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders so I could feel her legs rub against my body. Oooohhh... chod...! jor se chod... aur jorrrrr se... main gayi, meri chooot..." she moaned.

I didn't want our fun to end so soon, so I slowed down a little and then pulled out.

"Bend over!" I said.

Soon she was on her hands and knees with her meaty ass protruded towards me begging to be taken and her dark wet pussy peeped at me from between her legs. "Fuck!" she hissed over her shoulder. I lubed up her asshole with her juices. I could feel the anticipation as I placed the head of my swollen cock at the entrance. With one push the head penetrated the tight ring and popped in. She let out a low moan and I knew it was hurting her. Slowly I pushed my hips forward driving my dick deeper into her hole, until my balls were resting on her pussy lips. I reached around and started to play with her clit as I pumped her hard from behind. As I increased the rubbing on her clit she started to shudder. "Fuck, yes!" she screamed. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Her whole body tensed up and I felt her ass tighten even more. I began thrusting a little harder, my cock sliding freely in and out of her 38Yrs old butthole.

“Oh, stop” she moaned, but she had no chance and I knew she didn’t really mean it anyway, she wanted it too much. I banged into her like there was no tomorrow. Ramming into her hard I could feel my own orgasm building.

I could not control myself any longer and exploded deep inside her.

And then it was all over, the wriggling, thrusting, and moaning. Slowly I fall on top of her, my cock still inside her. We stayed like that without moving. Then we both got up took shower and dressed up before we ordered our lunch.

After lunch I took her my arms.& said “I loved that really. Did u like it?"

Of course I did,” I want more from you.
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