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My Husband's Business Partner Part 1

My story begins about ten years ago when my husband Ritesh had started the Garment Trade. Soon he met a man named Sarath who was also in the same business, and he was senior in the field so and my husband became friends. Sarath really helped to my husband's Company. Being the same age as myself, Sajad and Sarath had the same ideas about life and Ritesh shared ambitions. They both loved the fast pace of commerce and wanted their pots of gold to be plentiful.

Then one day, my husband told me that he wants to invite Sarath to our house to share a meal together. He told me that he would not sit in drawing room but in lounge. It was so strange for me as my husband never inviting male guest in the house and he keeps me in vial. I don't know how he dare to brought male in home. That day was the turning point of my life and the reason I have to write this story. I am bursting to tell you! To tell the whole world in fact!

Maybe at this point I should tell you something about me. I had grown up in a very small town in a very conservative family so I'm a little religious woman, and like me my husband also interested in religion activities. I don't like to meet male other than our close relatives and I never allowed people to enter my house other than relatives.

My body is thin although at the age of 36 and after birth of three baby. But have got meat on right places woman should have. My breasts are full and for the most part still as perky as they had been when I was twenty-five. I'm fair skin rather than other Indian women who are dark, with a long nose and regular features though I dressed conservative simply, like most Indian women normally wore shilwar (traditional baggy trousers) Qameez (long traditional shirt) suit. I wore baggy clothes and used Dupatta (head and neck scarf), draped around neck and chest to covered myself well. Yet my boobs and bottoms were so generous that they could not be completely hidden from view.

I dressed in my finest but a very simple way. A black traditionally qameez (long shirt) with white shilwar (baggy trouser) and a large white Dupatta (head and neck scarf), draped around my neck and chest to cover my chest in the most decent fashion

Sarath was also dressed in a very simple way. White traditionally qameez (long shirt) with white shilwar (baggy trouser).

My husband formally introduced me to him, as I had never met him. Sarath was tall, slim and in excellent shape with wavy black hair, fair skin, light facial hair and hypnotic black deep, large captivated and powerful eyes, Authoritative personality. He was one of the most incredible men I had ever seen in my entire life.

Over the course of the meal Sarath was sitting just opposite me at the table. Sarath made polite conversation with. He lived alone, because sadly his wife died few years back leaving him with two baby who are away from him in boarding institue . As he told us that many noble ladies hoped to catch his eye for first two years. But From the time of his wife's death until this day, the day that he met us he had not looked at another woman. He told us that he had buried himself within his work.

Time seemed to pass more quickly now. My husband and I did not take a lot of time be convinced about Sarath that he was not a wife seducer, a trouble-monger of ill repute, but a fine upstanding gentleman with extremely honest, loyal, good and jolly decent manners.

He got closer and closer to our family, I felt something for him from when I first saw him, I couldn't tell what? I didn't know what was that sort of fondness, as I never attracted to him or other man sexually as I was always one-man woman not only in my entire life but also in my dreams. No one male impressed me in any way in my life.

So I gave it name of sibling and started call him bhya (brother) and he called me Bhabi (sister-in-law). The baby liked him very much. During our meetings, he carefully avoided looking at me. When he spoke to me it was with kindness, respecting my place as his friends wife.

During one meeting, I was watching him, I noted that Sarath didn't wear underwear, as a long, noticeable contour in the inside leg of his shilwar revealed what had to be an eight inch cock at rest. I was getting a turn on thinking of Sarath's masculinity and the enormous size of his manhood. My heart began thumping as I considered what he must be like with a full erection and that was because my husband's near five inch and thin cock. Above all these he never give me the real pleasure of sex, he always left me dry and un satisfied in bed but I never give at much attention because of my natural shyness and conservative mind. For most of our sixteen-year's married life we had treated sex with a reservation. Other than that he was a caring man and a great husband. I had never once regretted marrying.

I don't want but from that day I was found myself always thinking about Sarath and It was when I was in my bed at night; there wasn't a night when I didn't think about him. How I stepped into this New World. I was typical conservative Indian housewife with our set of values. I spent a lot of time thinking about him while he probably had no idea that I wanted him so badly. I love him. I had always loved him but I've done it in silence. I had been feeling guilty because I dream about best friend of my husband.

At that time my frustrations were so painful when I met Sarath I could not look at him because I was frightened of him, frightened of myself, my feelings for him. He never bothered to pester us with uninvited intrusions to our house, although I wanted to meet him every time, every day, but not meet him. I was like a tormented baby. I had no explanation what this man did to me; all I knew was that I was dying to make this man mine and there was no way in the world it could be possible. I could not foresee any way of achieving that.

Ritesh got a huge loss in his business because of over investing when the market was dead. Before he could control, it was too late his business was beyond irretrievability. Ritesh had fought his business with everything he had. Then, just as surprising he decided to go to America to seek his fortune. In many respects, it was the best of times and, naturally, the worst of times. But the problem was that he needed to leave us behind all alone during his stay in the states.

My husband Ritesh had lost his parents. Although my' parents were available for our care. But in Indian custom, the parents or relatives of the female would not stay with their daughter and son-in-law. My husband turned to Sarath, his very good friend and adopted brother for help. I was a little uncomfortable about this situation because I was not sure how I'd keep distance from Sarath, but agreed with my husband after a little argument. My husband was fully convinced that Sarath was a thorough gentleman and not a scoundrel or opportunist at all. Thus, he asked him to take care of us in his absence. Needless to say, he willingly stepped into the breech to be a good caretaker and helper towards us in case of our need during my husband absence.

He assured us that he would do his utmost to make sure that all our needs, and attention. My husband thanked him profusely for being such a good friend and benefactor and told me and the baby to look to Sarath for love and guardianship until he came back for us, that Sarath had promised to take care of our needs.

Ritesh went to the USA but didn't t inform us of his arrival to the states. It was so strange not to hear from him. We feared the worst. We tried to get information but couldn't and after a month he himself informed us by telephone that he had been caught by the US immigration and has gone to be imprisoned for seven years.

The incidence was a big shock for us. We had to face lot of problems, and it had paralyzed me. I sobbed in the nights, mourning for my husband and my misfortune. I moped around the house, hardly doing anything, hardly going anywhere. For the next few months, Sarath helped me with all the things that I had to do while at the same time comforting me. All I wanted that time was to have someone to hold, and Sarath was the only one who done just that.

All my desire in life was brushed to one side momentarily as I took over my new role. I was more concerned about the uncertainty and insecurity of my small family. Although it was a big shock for us at the time, but time heals every things. Now Sarath was a more frequent visitor to us. Sarath held regular meetings with me and discussed the problems as well as worked out solutions in the smooth running of our home; Sarath had gained quite a reputation as a member of our family. We gradually became friends and got to know more about each other. Sarath now became my hero when he came to our aid like this. Weeks and months went by as Sarath and I got to know each other better.

I would sometimes invite Sarath over for an evening meal. I was also calling him more frequently for different kinds of help like the baby's institue matters and financial support for my family in our day-to-day activities. Several times we traveled from one place to another together for different reasons in his car. When we where traveling together in his car, so many time he touched my belly, breasts, and bottom accidentally. Every accidental touch of any part shook me and sent series of shivers down my body. I was expecting his response after each touch but he was amazingly unresponsive. Once Sarath and I went to my baby institue and there was a cool brisk breeze blowing. It caught the bottom edge of my qameez and lifted it. I felt that for a split second, Sarath saw the usually secret top of my shilwar, my shilwar covered hips.

It was not problem both for us to stay alone in kitchen. As So many times he came and stood close by my side, not too close but close enough when ever I was making coffee or tea for him. So many times he brushed with me or brushed with him, and I was expecting his response after each touch but he was amazingly unresponsive.
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