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My first paid sex without condom

Hi all
First of all, I do not advocate unsafe sex.. No way without condom when ones doing with paid girls who are in this profession! It just happened today and I hope all goes well... Anyway here are the details:

Well, I really wanted to experience a bit of bdsm (not hardcore, just sensual) which might involve a whip, handcuffs etc. To cut a long story short even those were not available and the agent said that the girl would just use her hands, feet etc. Not what I really wanted but I thought I should give it a try anyway.

So I reached and he gave me a choice of 2 girls. One was fair, slim and about 5'3" tall (I am about 5'7"). The other one was darker, 5'2" and had a bit of hourglass figure, though her hips were broader than both her bust and waist. And she was dressed simply in a top and jeans. Guess what, I chose the second one :) of course apart from her ass, another reason is my preference for slightly darker color (it's not that I am racist, but somehow in my psyche I have this embedded that a darker girl would be better at sex I don’t know why, please excuse if I offend anyone by saying this)...

So after payment etc I talked to her first. Explained that I would like to be lightly pushed, slapped, and hair-pulled and I would do a bit similar to her. And that my prostate needed to be massaged by her fingers for sure (lol the best part)... She was ok (please remember this is India, BDSM is very very uncommon here).. And I also realized that she was a very sweet & bubbly girl which instantly put me in a good mood :)

So she removed her top for a start. which left her in a bra and jeans. She immediately was all over me, kissing, fondling, pulling my hair, biting my lips & cheeks & neck. She did that for about 2-3 min and that was enough to give me a good start mentally. I replied in a similar fashion and also licked her ear lobes a lot which elicited a few moans from her :) Simultaneously I was fondling her back lightly with my nails and I could start hearing her grunts.

This entire thing (her all over me, then me all over her) continued at least one more time and now she removed my shirt and vest too. Of course she targeted my nipples with her tongue and teeth, once biting my right nipple a bit too tightly and laughing wickedly at my groans. I decided to show her how it feels like when my turn came... and she shouted and laughed at the same time.

So while we were going at each other in turns she was slowly turning a bit docile and submissive (of course she was neither a dominatrix nor a bitch)... I then offered my ass to her. Gently she applied some lotion and slowly inserted her slender index finger. It started feeling good and she also realized this from my completely different moans :) In a min or two she picked up gusto and her fingers (either 1 or 2 I really don’t remember lol) reached my prostate. Again and again those fingers hit my prostate and I felt those waves of pleasure.

But I had to stop her or I would have come then and there. And I wanted to cum while doing the intercourse. So now she started giving me a BJ without condom while looking for one and opening the wrapper. I did not know at this time that she too had become excited from all this. She now had removed her jeans and bra too and was only in full-legged stockings.

Before she could cover my cock with condom I decided to finger her first and see if she could be open for taking 1-2 in her ass too (I always try that.. again please remember in India straight m2f anal sex too is not common and not easily available)...

And when I inserted my hands in her stockings on her pussy.. What do I find?? Wetness... yes she was all wet!! I was surprised and then realized that all the action had made her excited. She probably might have come too I don’t know... I inserted my 1, then 2 fingers in her sweet vagina and stayed there for a bit. Then I asked politely if I could play with her ass too :) She said I might try but if it hurts we will stop. Wow! I was at least motivated and not disheartened.. So very slowly and patiently I started with my pinky in her ass (After lubing it of course).. with lube I did not find it very difficult to insert and thanks to all porn stories and sites which had taught me that the anal-receiver should relax and breathe properly to make it easy..

I offered her the same advice.. and guess what? It worked to some extent:) Within 2 min I had my middle finger all into her ass.. and I was cajoling and fondling her all the time to keep her relaxed... but then she said it was paining a bit.. so I decided to stop for sometime..

I wished I had taken more time.. caressed her more.. persuaded her more for anal and that might have fulfilled my yet pending fantasy (fucking a girl in ass).. but I was now way too excited and aroused.. and I don’t know how and when? It happened so fast we both did not realize.. that the next moment caught us in missionary intercourse action with each other.. How my cock was in her vagina I did not realize.. neither she nor I cared for condom at that time... A few strokes like that and I wanted to do her doggy (never done that before).. and she quickly assumed position.. Her arched back, her adorable face, her almost perfect nipples in my hands. Oh my God! It was too much and within few strokes of that doggy position I came inside her...

Oh God what a feeling :) She pulled more cum out of my cock in her pussy while bent over like that and held it completely in her pussy while covering it with her hands.. it was funny yet sexy to see walking over to the bathroom with her hands covering her pussy.. knowing my cum was in there :) and that was it!

Of course after that madness was over I became very concerned about having done it without protection.. she assured me at least 7-8 times that she is hiv-free and regularly checked.. I am still concerned and should get a test done too.. but I really wanted to share this exciting experience... my fist time doing it like this and my first time sharing it on a porn site like this too.

The End
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