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Manisha - The Experience Part 2

I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth .She sat back on the marble seat there in lawn and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips she put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. She rubbed her pussy with to my mouth and I just lost control. Because I was always dreaming for that sweet cunt and it was here for me to explore, to suck, to bite, to taste and to do whatever I like and this thought made me almost mad.

She whispered. “It is for you Raju.Taste as you like explore it and take the juices out” I started exploring that sweet pussy and I have taken the outer lips to my mouth and sucked very hard. She also becomes wild and cried. I grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I’d waited for all of my life. Manisha’s pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy.

Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I loved the intoxicating aroma of her beautiful cunt and couldn’t resist in pressing my face to the hairy triangle. I parted the outer lips of her cunt and slowly taken it to my mouth and sucked it hard. She was getting wetter every minute and she was pressing my face to her cunt very hard and when I started to suck it very fast and she started to moan very loudly. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue slowly taking her to the climax she desperately needed. But I decided to start the process again and I licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a flower blossoming.

I then licked harder, my tongue going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar and ending up on her hardening clit. I licked circles around her clit as Manisha began to moan. Then I moved down and stuck again my tongue into softest inner areas of her pussy as deep as it would go, flicking it in and out and up and down tasting her sweet juices. Manisha was pulling me to her with her legs and grinding her pussy into my face. I was driving my tongue in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her hips up and down, then I moved down and began to lick the inner areas of perfect thighs. After sometime I moved back to her dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as deep as it would go, swallowing the love juices running from her cunt, then sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her some more, then sucking her clit.

As I sucked her clit, I would flick little circles on it with my tongue. She was now really grinding her pussy into my face and making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelling, telling me to lick and suck and eat her. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy as she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her soaking pussy. I again shifted my face from pussy to her thighs and but she grabbed my hair and kept my face on her love mount again. I moved back to her pussy and put my tongue in deep, at the same time sucking her clit. I had a mouthful of cunt. I was grinding my tongue as far as it would go and moving my head up and down. She was constantly hissing like a snake, she again had both her hands on my head pulling my hair, pulling my head closer to her cunt. I moved my tongue up to her clit again and I knew she was going to come.

Manisha was holding me like a vice, grinding her pussy into my face. As I continued to lick her clit her I could feel her legs tense and she was crying in happiness “Raju,my sweet boy I am commiinng .Oh you have done it .I am commmming” Manisha’s pussy opened wide and drenched my mouth and face with her delicious come. As she came, I lapped up all I could and she kept grinding against my mouth. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was one of the best in her life. She was floating without weight in air since her younger lover boy given a perfect and fantastic oral job, which she never experienced in her life. Moreover she never expected such a terrific experience from an in experienced virgin boy.

I kept licking the juices but soon She pushed me and we both got up. I sat down on the lawn. She looked at my cock, sticking straight up and with a grin as big as mine, stepped over to me and slowly lowered herself onto my swollen cock. Her pussy was still dripping and I slid in easily, filling her with my thick length. Her womanhood wrapped around my shaft like a glove as she put her arms around my neck, leaned her head back and gave a deep sigh saying “It is really good .It is full inside me my sweet boy”. Then she rotated her hips and moved farther down onto my penis. The feeling of being buried to the hilt inside she was absolutely amazing. It must have been the same for her because already I could feel her wetness soaking out and onto my balls. She leaned down and kissed me tenderly as we sat like that, my cock deep inside her, not moving, just experiencing each other.

As we kissed, I ran my hands over her body, across her back, caressing her breasts and she let her hands run over my body as well. It was more than a dream come true! It was hard to believe that the famous Manisha was riding on me. I never dreamt this even in my wildest dreams. I could feel her pussy begin to grip my cock. Gently at first, making my cock twitch in response. It was so subtle, felt so wonderful. Her pussy would contract around my cock causing it to throb, the throb then making her pussy contract again, only this time more insistently. This went on for some times as we continued to kiss and touch each other. Soon, she was gently rocking on my cock and I was leaning back in the lawn, moving my hips to Manisha’s slow rhythm. I reached up and held both her breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers.

Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as she arched back putting her hands behind her on my knees, grinding her pussy onto my cock. As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her ass, pulling her onto me. I leaned back again, arching my hips to drive deeper into Manisha’s cunt. Manisha bore down with her pussy, grinding it onto my cock, taking every inch into her. Our pace began to quicken. She was raising her hips higher, taking longer strokes of my cock, I was in awe as I watched her riding me, watching my big cock split her pussy, watching as her pussy loved on my cock, making it wet, stroking it, swallowing it.

She now had her feet on the floor straddling me as I leaned back in the lawn. She was riding my cock with long strokes now, fucking down with her tight pussy, taking my entire length inside her, then raising up, letting six or seven inches slide out then coming back down onto me. I was matching her stroke for stroke, pumping my cock up into her to meet her down stroke, driving my big dick as deep as it would go. Our fucking was getting quite vigorous and Manisha’s pussy was slurping and farting as my cock pistoned in and out. Her wetness was flowing now, drenching my cock and balls, making the pool chair wet. . She kept stroking and fucking my cock with her glorious pussy, and I watched as my thick member was engulfed time and again. She would change the rhythm, from fast and frantic to long and slow then back again.

She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like “Ooooh yes, Oooh harder, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, yesss! Your cock, its so, its so fucking good!” It turned me on, making my cock stiff to hear how she loved fucking my erectness. She was fucking me hard now, riding up the entire length of my penis then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against mine then riding up again. She was throwing her head back and forth saying “Yes, ooh yes, oh God yes!” as she thrashed on top of my big dick. I could feel my cock going to the very depths of her vagina. Her wetness was continuously flowing, soaking our crotches as I felt my cock grow even larger as I got ready to come. I reached up, grabbing her tight tits and squeezing them in both my hands.

She increased her pace, riding my cock faster and faster with long strokes. She looked almost delirious, her long hair flung about, her hands grabbing at my chest, scratching, grabbing my legs pulling me to her as she rode my big dick, frantically trying to get every inch available. Her cunt walls were very tight and my cock was full inside her pussy without any gap and while riding my cock was touching innermost depth of her hot pussy. I felt my cock throb once, getting ready to explode into her juicy cunt. I said “Oooh baby, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come in you!” She said, “Yes! Yes! Come in my pussy, fuck my pussy till you come! Fill my cunt with your big prick! Fill my cunt with come!” She was in ecstasy, want only riding my stiff cock, on the verge of orgasm. Her pussy was opening up taking all of me, taking so much I could feel her pussy lips on by balls. I was getting close, very close. My precum was adding to the wetness that was in her, flowing from her, drenching my cock and balls.

I was straining to ram my cock as hard and far into her pussy as I could and she was taking all of it and then some, grinding back, swallowing my now giant cock with her cunt.
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