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Incest Desire For Physical Relationships 1

Friends, this story belongs to a boy from Pakistan. I have edited this story .. I hope you like it. I am just narrating this story in Sageer's Alphas ....

My name is Sageer and my age is 35 years at this time. The story is about how I and my family were awkwardly ambiguous.
As the story progresses forward .. I will go to the people of my family.

It all started when .. I was 19 years old at that time. I was absolutely crazy about sex. Twenty-four hours, only my sex was filled with sex. I was always looking for sex magazines every now and then.
However, the picture of a girl wearing a bra-panty was very much for me.

One day my friend gave me a CD. I came home with a CD and in the usual way the computer was in use and I used to shout my life in Shaidid Jhunjhal that if I had not had so many siblings then it was good that no one has ever received any privacy.

I hide the CD in my college bag and started cutting the day in the night.

When all went to sleep at night, I removed the CD and walked towards the study room. I did not hold anyone in the study room and I started to watch the movie.

It was a common triple x movie .. in which a couple was shown to fuck.

I pulled out my 6.5-inch lund from my shorts and watched the movie-watching my land.
Suddenly my younger brother Farhan ... entered the room.

I was so lost in watching the movie and lending to the house that I could not feel the flow of Farhan till he cried out loudly in the voice - Brother! What is this happening?

My dread was almost dying, and I tried to hide my lamb immediately ...
Farhan waited for some time quietly thinking something and then started smiling, so you also do all this .. I used to think that I'm just like that.

I was somewhat confused at that time .. But I saw that Farhan has not given such importance to this matter .. So I looked at Farhan with a smile and said, 'Man does everything. It is natural. It is natural.

Farhan asked in the question- Brother ... Where did you take this movie?
Because at that time it was very difficult to meet such movies ... especially in our area ..
I said - I have taken from Moin.
Moin was my friend.

Farhan hesitantly said, "I will see Bhaijan too."
Then see me thinking something promptly. Please do not let me see Bhaijaan.
I smiled and saw Farhan and said - Move on. Take the chair and sit here. .

He sat with me by bringing a chair that was happy.

We looked at the whole movie together .. but I could not mastarbate. Because my younger brother was with me. After the movie we went to our bed .. which were in our saperate bedrooms. We decided that any of us who received such a movie ... so we will see it together.

Both of us benefited from this agreement that we could ever see the movie. The computer was mostly used in both of us. Our sisters did not take so much interest in computers.

We had only one issue in the film with the view that .. we could not face each other in front of each other. After a few weeks, we saw a movie in which some scenes were homosexual too. Like in a scene, a 18-20 year old boy was sucking a man's lund. I thought that scene was something weird and the truth was that I started to enjoy a slightly different fun.

Farhan inquired at the screen and asked, "Brother, what are these people enjoying?" When girls are present .. why are these boys singing each other?
I said - I do not know.
Then I told Farhan - I know some boys in my area that they fuck each other.

As the movie was moving forward ... we also started having fun.

I saw Farhan .. Then Farhan was masling his land from his short. I was also very much aspiring that I too should lend my rhythm. So I dare and without worrying about Farhan, at the top of the shorts, I took my lund full of my hand and kept it back and forth.

Farhan took a look at me and did not say anything .. Then I started watching the movie. Then I continued my hand.
Farhan also dared and grabbed his whole lund from the shorts like me and started fistling.
Soon the speed of both of our hands started to grow.

My breath was blown away .. My eyes were closed, my jar was swirling and soon my mouth 'lightly' said 'Ah ..' .. and I felt the water from my lamps coming out of my lamps, My body took 3-4 shocks and I was cold

My eye was open and I looked at Farhan and he was looking at me only.
Both of our shorts were wet. We did not talk to each other. Farhan computerized and we both went silently to sleep on our own bed.

In the same way, both of us watch the movie and at the top of the shorts, they take their lamps in the grip and beat them. All this was going on like a routine work, none of us both thought it strange anymore.

I have no hesitation in saying that I liked Gandu sex too. I was enjoying watching gay movies of 'gay'. But such movies were not common. Occasionally a CD was found in. There were 'gay' sex movies.

One day I got a CD like that which was 'Purely' gay porn. There were only men in it ... there was no woman.

Both of us were watching the movie that a scene came in. In which two young boys were dildos in each other's guns, the two of them were very cool.

I enjoyed seeing those scenes and I enjoyed it very much, and on the short side, I was able to take my short to the knees in my eyes and take my lund in my hand and start swinging fast.

Farhan saw me in this condition and shocked him and he screamed and said, 'Brother, what are you doing?

I said - leave it. I got fed up with everyday and stopped my daily routine and washed my shorts every night. Both of us know that we do this .. why do not you open the door. You also take off your short .. and watch the movie man .. We openly enjoy.

By saying this to Farhan, I turned my stance back towards the computer and started connecting with me again. After hesitation for some time, Farhan also dared and pulled out his lund from the short.

I saw Farhan in this condition and smiled. Now suddenly our focus shifted from the computer screen to each other's lund. Farhan's lund was about 6 inches at that time .. while I was about six and a half inches. The hat of Farhan's lund was a little pink. While my lund was colored with some red-black mix.

Farhan said, "Brothers, why are our lund small .. Where are the big lund in the movies?"
I said - our size is very normal .. While in movies, only they are taken. Those whose lund are big and thick. Look like common heroes like all heroes etc are very wrestler and attractive .. are strict body. Where is a common boy, a hero in a film?

After a few moments, we again started to meditate on the movie and start fist
Now both of us were having more fun in handling their faces. Because in our eyes, now there was Real Lund.

When I was close to being discharged .. Then I separated my short from my legs and started running very fast on my lund.

Then suddenly my lund started to hit the whistle and all the water started falling on my chest and stomach. Seeing this, Farhan also started discharging. After the discharge, we both cleaned our body with tissue and went to wash in the bathroom alternately.

Since that day, we shifted the computer to our room and every night before sleeping, we were naked and watched the movie and watching the movie-watching the movie.

One night, we were shooting in the same way as watching the movie .. that suddenly the light went away. We both got very disappointed and I started giving abuses to the electricity in the flurry. Farhan tried to get up from his chair, because of the darkness suddenly, the hand of Farhan touched with my lund and an 'ah' was rejected from my mouth.
Farhan said immediately- sorry brother ..

I said - no matter man ..
but having a hand touching someone other than your hands came to be a lot of fun. Whether it was fun of a Moment.
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