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Flight to New York

My name is Sarika, 26 yrs old. I am sharing my experiences here mainly of those that happened after I left the shores of India and on landing in the land of opportunity USA. I am originally from Mumbai and had my share of sexual experiences from college and work. I got married to an IT software engineer and since he had to leave back immediately I stayed back for 3 months to get the visa etc. The marriage was arranged as my parents had got fed up with me for always coming late and having boyfriends they did not like. I also got married since i had a breakup and wanted to leave the place and go to USA. I was disappointed after marriage as my husband did not had sex with me nor fondled me. However I thought maybe it was due to him having only 1 week vacation after marriage and not much privacy available at his house. After the breakup for the last 5 months I was longing for sex from my husband but did not get any after marriage. 3 months passed and I was desperate to have sex.

I boarded the Air India flight to New York and as I was struggling to keep my cabin bag in the compartment above, a handsome 5'10" tall guy standing behind me offered to help me. I noticed he was very well built and wearing a tight blue t shirt and track pants. As I sat down at the window seat, he smiled and sat next to me and introduced as Vicky. Let me tell you about myself, I am 5'6" tall with a fair complexion, shoulder length hair and have a well maintained body with a 36-29-35 figure. On that day I was wearing a long 3/4th length black skirt and a loose green top. As i looked at Vicky i remembered my husband, a 5'8" tall...thin guy and got excited with the feeling that I will share the next 20 hrs with someone like Vicky so close. Soon an old lady came and occupied the third seat. I guess she and the other air-hostesses took us to be husband and wife. Soon the flight took off and Vicky with his talks made me laugh. He would occasionally come near me and whisper in my ear and that sent some current in my body. We talked about our relationships and learnt that he had divorced his wife 4 months back and had come to India to settle a few things. I felt sorry and wondered why would any wife leave someone like Vicky. He also commented me on my looks and said how much lucky my husband is to have me.

Soon we had our dinner. Vicky again came close to me and said, "Today is our first night, are you excited". I was taken aback but somehow I smiled back at which he said, "goood, you too are excited, lets hope the lights go off early". I said, "Noo, I am not excited. And anyways the flight is crowded." Vicky said " Don't worry, I will take care of that. When you go to the toilet, just remove your bra and panty and I will get the message whether you are excited or not." Saying that he asked the old lady to excuse and said "Come on. Lets go." I got up and followed Vicky. He open one of the toilets and asked me to go. As I was about to go in, as some privacy was available in between the two row of toilets, he kept his hands on my waist and came near me and said "I promise, you will enjoy" and blinked his eyes as he moved his hand from the waist slowly to my thighs and around over my ass. I went in and closed the toilet. As I stood there I smiled to myself in the mirror and was very excited with the whole thing. After getting a bit fresh, I unhooked my bra and took it off and also dropped the panties and kept them in the purse. I felt good that I had shaved my pussy in the morning. I came out and Vicky was waiting for me outside. I did not look up at him and walked to the seats. He followed with his hand on my waist and as we waited for the lady to get up he pressed his cock on my ass and also lowered his hands and had a feel of my ass again. He also removed his blanket from his cabin luggage and gave it to me. The blanket was big enough for both of us and also thick. As we settled beneath the blanket, he also removed the handrest in between and kept his left hand over my shoulder. I rested my head on his arms and looked at him and smiled. He tried to come forward and kiss me but I moved away my face. I was scared since the lights where still on. He asked me what all i like doing while having sex. He touched my boobs gave a slight squeeze and said, "You do have good shaped boobs, I would love to suck them shortly". Soon the lights went off. He now moved my face towards him as he came close and gave a slight kiss on my lips. It was very sensual and I immediately rested my head on his arms and closed my eyes and smiled. He again kissed me but this time our lips parted. We kissed for some time making sure that we don't make a noise. He soon moved his position and was now sleeping on one side facing me. With his well built body I was now completely hidden from everyone as I moved closer to him. We again kissed each other and his right hand now massaged my boobs. His hand now moved down and went beneath my t-shirt as he roamed his hands over my stomach and navel for sometime. he talked sensually with me and kissed me in between. He then moved his hands up as he circled my bare boobs and pinched my erect nipples. With his thumb he started playing with my nipple making it more erect. He also squeezed the boobs and his kisses became more wild. He then moved his hands on to my thighs and tried lifting the skirt. He did not succeed in doing that so told me to lift myself a bit so that he could push the skirt up. I did as he told and he made sure my back side of the skirt was up near my buttocks. He now had his right hand on my right knee as he slowly moved up pressing my thighs and moving his hands between my legs. I had kept my legs close to each other but as his hands moves over my bare thighs I got excited and parted them a bit. He got the message as he moved his hands up near my pussy. I sighed as his hands touched my pussy and made me pushed my legs wider. He now had his whole palm rubbing my pussy and at the same time kissing me on my lips. He soon had his finger exploring the other portion on my vagina and he slowly inserted his finger into my pussy. I moaned slightly and took an edge of the blanket and kept in my mouth. He by now had 3 of his fingers inside my pussy and gently moving it up and down. I was very excited and rubbed his penis over his track pants. I felt it to be very long and thick and slowly moved my hands inside his pants and began stroking his penis. He had shaven his hair and that excited me even more. We continued our session for about 10 minutes as he continued finger fucking me and I kept stroking his penis. I soon was wet and had juices coming out from my pussy. He then moved his hands back to my boobs and started squeezing them. He pushed a portion of the blanket down and my right boob was exposed. He squeezed it and slowly moved his lips over it. He kissed my nipples and made circular motion with his tongue around my exposed nipple. He then started sucking it as he continued squeezing my left boob. He then moved his right hand down to my pussy and inserted his fingers inside while he continued sucking my right boob. I felt awesome, I looked around and saw that my co-passengers where fast sleep and that made me feel safe and more excited.

After some time he told me to change position and have my back touching him. I did as he told and we where now sitting on our sides with me pressed against his body. He had also removed his penis by pushing his track pants down a bit. I moved my hand behind to again check the size of his penis. It covered my whole palm and was quite long as I moved my palm over it up and down for some time. He tried to press his penis over my ass but the skirt was coming in between. He then unhooked the skirt and pushed it below as it drop below my knees. His long erect penis was now touching my bare ass as he pressed it a few times. His left hand was now underneath me and covering my left boob while he moved his right hand over my right boob and started squeezing both of them. Slowly he then moved his right hand below and rubbed my pussy and pushed his fingers in and out for some time. I lifted my right leg a bit as he pushed his penis in between my legs. I felt his tip touching my pussy as he slowly directed it inside my pussy with his hands. I could now feel at least about 4 inches of his huge cock inside me as he slowly started moving it up and down. I was controlling my moaning with the blanket as he continued doing it for some time. It was feeling wonderful and I helped him by also moving my ass up and down slowly so that he could manage to get more of his penis inside me. We both where soon sweating in the AC and after ramming me slowly for around 15 mins he increased his speed and soon discharged his cum inside my pussy as we both felt exhausted. It was one of the best sex I ever had. As we returned to our normal sitting position, I bent down below and lifted my skirt back up and adjusted my T-shirt. We both went to sleep soon after.

In the morning when I got up, the lights where already on and Vicky was awake. He greeted me "Good Morning" and came near me and asked "How was your night?". I smiled and gave him a kiss on his lips. I excused myself to go the toilet. I got fresh and put the bra and panty back and came back and sat on the seat. Vicky said "I wish I would get a chance to lick my pussy" I in my mind said "yes. And I wish I could get my mouth over your cock" We soon had breakfast and then it was announced that the flight will reach London and those travelling to USA can stay in the flight if they wish to as it is only one and half hours halt. Vicky said "Wow, we should plan on doing something, you want to get licked. right?" The flight landed in London and most of the people got out from the plane. We had only about 4 people staying back in our section and they where about 5 rows behind. Soon one cleaner came and was cleaning the toilets in the first class area in the front. As soon as he was done, Vicky told me to get up and we went to the toilet.
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