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Extra Marital Affair Redefined Part 5

The sounds she made were almost similar to the sounds she makes when she is about to cum. Not able to take RajivJi's onslaught she pulled him for a passionate kiss. She took the lead in this kiss as she devoured his mouth, probing it with her tongue. RajivJi in no time had his hands into her pants and was squeezing her wholesome butt.

It was time for RajivJi to take the next step. He moved one of his hands from her butt to her crotch and starting massaging her groin area. Mahuya responded to his manipulations by grinding into him. I guess he was using his fingers to massage her cunt lips over her panties. They were playing it very dangerously now, as it was just a matter of minutes before they have to get into the final act. Mahuya was the first one to realize how close they were to getting caught.

"RajivJi we are taking too many chances," she whispered to him breaking her kiss.

"Come on let's move into the spare bedroom," RajivJi said to her letting her know his intentions of screwing her.

"No, we could get caught if Ravi wakes up," she reasoned

"I can't take it anymore," he urged. "I have to have you."

"We have to do it some other time. Not now," she quickly replied.

"Okay why don't you play with my dick then?"

Hearing that Mahuya moved her hand inside his pajamas and massaged his prick. She probably wanted to check his equipment before they parted their ways for tonight. RajivJi motioned her to kneel in front of him and check his equipment in a more comfortable position. In a trance she kneeled down in front of him and was staring at his bulge hidden under his pajamas. From my vantage point it did look sizeable and judging from her earlier reactions every time she handled his equipment it had to be of decent size.

She still didn't have the courage to unleash his manhood. RajivJi was toying with her silky brown hair, urging her to take the next step. She hesitated but taking a deep breath and stealing a glance towards the staircase moved her hands onto his bulge. She gave it a gentle squeeze before moving her hands towards his waistband. Without much ado she pulled down his pajamas to reveal RajivJi's boxer shorts.

I could now see it in even more detail. Now that his equipment was hidden only by a thin piece of underwear. I was eager to see if her mate would be well endowed as they have always been in my fantasies. I didn't have to wait for long. Mahuya pulled down his underwear in an effort to unearth RajivJi's equipment. But being sizeable equipment she had pull it out of the hiding by her hand.

It was definitely something to marvel about. It was the darkest thing I had ever seen and was almost twice my size. Mine is a decent 5 inches when erect. His was much thicker too. While I had seen such and many more magnificent pricks during my bachelorhood in many porn movies, I had never seen such in real life. It was indeed pretty large by Indian standards. His prick stood out majestically amidst graying patch of hair, which was normal for a man of his age.

"How do you like it?" he asked her with a smirk on his face.

She didn't respond but kept on staring at it. I was sure that Mahuya had chosen a well-endowed man to be her mate. Now, it was just a question of his performance in bed. With the kind of equipment RajivJi possessed he had to be only as good as I am to beat me hands down in the sex department. I wondered if he had bull-sized testicles to produce copious semen in order to impregnate her.

"If you had conceived from this. I can assure you, your son would have had an equipment this size," RajivJi said very proudly.

She was still staring at his equipment with awe. She had wrapped her fingers around him and still there was almost half of his prick showing. His knob was all wet with his precum from the foreplay earlier. She was in a state of trance as she started jacking him slowly. It was a very slow and deliberate movement.

After about two minutes of jacking, Mahuya moved her other hand onto his manhood to pull back his foreskin. The large purplish knob stared at her as soon as she pulled his foreskin back. The knob was much larger than mine both in length and width. While she did this, involuntarily her head moved closer to his prick, perhaps to examine his knob in detail.

It was an unimaginable site. Her pinkish red lips were just inches away from his purplish knob engorged with blood. It was not long before she had the urge to taste his equipment. She tentatively leaned forward and gave a small peck on his knob. RajivJi's hand was playing with her hair and urging her to take more of him in her mouth.

Her kisses became more and more wet and then I saw her take his knob in her mouth. She was doing it very carefully as if it was her most prestigious possession. In the meantime, RajivJi managed to lower his pajamas further until they fell down on the floor. His boxers were pulled down to around his knee and now Mahuya had complete access to his prized genitals.

Her hands now moved to his testicles and she gently massaged them as she skillfully used her tongue on his knob. She uses tip of her tongue to make an attempt to penetrate the pee-hole on the penis. This act gives immense pleasure to me and I am sure RajivJi was enjoying the same treatment.

She moved his penis out to make way for his testicles and then I could see her sucking his testicles into her mouth. His testicles were much larger in size as I was hoping. Given a chance he surely would impregnate her in no time. I was particularly concerned about this as Mahuya cannot handle the pill and hence we resort to using a condom for sex. She does use diaphragms on special occasions, which made me wonder if she would let RajivJi take her bareback.

Having sucked on his large semen-producing testicles she moved them out of her way and started kissing him under his testicles. She knows that perineum for a man is a very sensitive spot and she many a times pleases me by tickling with her tongue over there. She never performed analingus on me although I have pleaded to her several times for this. In the position RajivJi was standing it was difficult for her to reach that sensitive area and within no time she abandoned her futile attempts.

She moved her attention back to his penis and this time she proceeded to give him a full-fledged blowjob. Gradually her head started bobbing on his dick. She could only manage to take a little beyond his knob because of his huge size. Nevertheless, her intentions were clear.

Unlike many women I read about, Mahuya doesn't tire of giving blowjobs. Men complain about their women not able to give blowjobs for longer durations because of tiring jaw muscles. Mahuya could go on for almost half-an-hour at a stretch.

She was trying to slowly stuff more of that monster in her mouth gradually. After about five minutes she was able to suck almost half of his dick in her mouth.

RajivJi had started to slowly hump her mouth. He held her head while he seesawed his penis in and out of her mouth, all the while trying to push more of his dick in her. It was only after fifteen minutes of non-stop sucking did RajivJi showed signs of ejaculating. Sensing his approaching orgasm, Mahuya sucked on him even more fervently. RajivJi couldn't withstand the added vigor and drove his prick in, one last time, as much as he could and ejaculated in her mouth. Mahuya pulled away only a little bit to avoid choking but didn't let go of his prick and let him deposit his sperm in her mouth. She tried to gulp in as much as she could.

Only after he had completely emptied his balls into her mouth did he let her go. Even after that Mahuya still continued sucking on RajivJi's prick, ensuring that she lapped up every drop of his cum. I had never seen this kind of passion in her. She had tasted sperm earlier on my insistence but never really enjoyed the taste of it. This time, however, she seemed to be enjoying the taste, as she continued to clean his prick until it was spic and span. Only after that she excused herself to clean up. Mahuya came upstairs to clean up and make herself presentable. I had moved into the bed very smartly and woke up as soon as she got out of washroom.

"Mahuya has the match started?" I asked her in a sleepy tone.

"Not yet, there is still half an hour more," she replied nonchalantly.
(to be continued)
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