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Car ride- a villain in my life?

It is a long story long long ago. In those days I was working in Delhi. I was t geyt marries with in 15 days. I have started in the TN bound train in my pre booked seat. Friends who came to the rly station has started telling jokes on the after marriage stories. It was just before the start I have met kabir ,the tea supplier of our bank. He has told that he is also going to madras. So all were happy that I have a known company in the train. Even though I was in 1st class ,he could meet me in major stations. Thus the journey has started. .I have soon forgotten the kabir's matter and has slept for long time The next thing I remember was the stoppage of my train. It was that time when the ' Andhra Pradesh toofan' has destroyed the state and neighbourhood. When ourtrain has reached in some station ar M.P It was declared as cancelled. The only solution was to return with out reservations. Or to reach in a airport to fly ,or too move in a vehicle up to a junction where the connections are available. There were many trucks ready to carry people. BUt I being a sophisticated lady was not ready for that. Then as a god sent ,came kabir. He has also requested me to travel in a truck. In fact he has almost arranged it. Since there was at least 20 or so in a truck with tarpaulin cover it will be safe ,he has advised. Finally I have agreed for a car drive with only one family and kabir. We have stared at the eve and had a dinner in the nearest town. .Luckily the driver was known to kabir and so has charged us moderately only. The family has got down at a small village. We have also derived up to their place to have a small nap before the further drive. Their house was quite large for us. I was given a room and others like driver and kabir sheared another. The lady was about 40 and found as a bit orthodox in a fully covered dress. IT was about 2 in the night. We have planed to reach the junction by 8 in the morning or so..
In my sleep I have felt that some one is touching me. I have jumped up.but it was total darkness. He has simply climbed over me and pressed me to the bed. I could only shout. He has told me that he does not mind that. and in fact he likes girls cry when he enjoys. I have called kabir, but of no avail. He Has told that they are in a locked room. Only I had a choice of simply stay calm and enjoy or surrender. He has told me that none of his girls have escaped . The dresses were removed with utmost precision. .Then the light has come. To my surprise the begam also was in that room. She has smiled and advised to corporate,or will be totally crushed..In the start he has kissed my pussee ans has started with his tongue. .I have tried to push and beat him with hand. Then came a call as mini. soom the lady in burkha has moved towards me and has sought my hands over my head. .From then I have just agreed all for him. He has kissed me and has i've bitten my soft parts and has introduced his dick in my mouth. But even after many sucking he has failed to erect it. .Thus all was over after about an hour. THen she has gone out and has bought kabir with out any dress. I have astonished to see his tall body with the mote that 10 inch dick with the bright red tip in a state of erection. .A black man with a beard and hairless scalp was ready for a fuck. Before telling ant thing he has kissed me in mouth with forcible sucking of my tongue. My breasts were by then was crushed to pulp. I could know the real sex from a male. .I was a 5.6 girl with flawless golden skin and sophisticated and high status in life never could think of such a crude man ploughing through me. .BY then both the couples were watching all as if a blue film in a tight embrace. I have never tried to resist and has agreed for all his commands. His prick has reached till my throat till I have lost my breath. He used to call me all bad words. He told me that he was looking for a chance to simply come near. But luck has favoured him with my naked body for a fuck. He has made me to answer all his nasty questions.He has asked about my mother and sisters ans has kissed me as if it was their pussee. He has taken my toes in his mouth as if a lolly pop. .All was ready for me but for his entry . Finally that too have happened. .My cry would have made a tremor in that area. But nothing have happened. His pumping was so speedy and heavy that I have remembered only for some time only.It was later in my life I have understood the reason for this long time fucking was due to the sunnath done by his religion.. It was in the second trip again I have understood the real push and the filling in my womb. Later I came to know that all were his plan. the place was small brothel and the owner was a eunuch. I have slept for about an hour before starting journey. But before that I was to surrender to his friend the driver. In front of kabir that was a boy. But he has licked me telling that I am a hoori. He has told me that he has never seen such a mall in life. fuck has lasted only 10 minutes only.
Soon I have reached station and then to my house. Kabir was nowhere from the station. I felt lucky in not selling me to a brothel. and I have thanked him for that in mind
Marriage was forced. I Had no chance to escape. Still I have told him that I was forced by a group etc. He was not taken that seriously .Probably in front of my beauty he has fallen for mr..and we had our honey moon in Swiss . later I have reached to Delhi and has entered to my profession. Hus was in adm service posted in delhi UP boarder. So we used to stay together and was happy slowly the old accident has gone out of mind. Then ha has met me with a series of photos with the driver and the eunuch. He has blackmailed me for money. I have fallen to it. .By then one day when I was alone in night he has reached . I have not opened the door ,but later did so by his warnings. I was pregnant for 6 months then. But he does not matter. My husband was avoiding me for my security. But he has asked for my body. I have sucked him for hours with a hot comming in mouth, which he has forced me to drink. .He in fact was ready to fuck. I have fallen at his feet and so he has done a annal fuck. It was painful in the start, but later was enjoyed. If no other way to avoid why not enjoying and stay happy?. He has made me busy through out my pregnancy. Even the last month I was to drink and annal fuck was done. .Later my Hus have left to states on deputation and child have attended school. so my sex happiness was due to kabir. I used to think that who could give a 10 inch dick and that tall black figure with muscular hairy chest forme. I used to enjoy those photographs where the black gient enjoying a frail golden beauty in my personal videos. He has serviced me till his 50th year when he was killed in a riot. It was heard that he has many ladies in his life apart of his 4 wives. I was one other woman. I still doubt that my younger son ,who was a boxer and in the state team was his creation. Not sure but the figure shows like that But colour and features were of mine.The boxers ruthlessness was definitely not of our charactor.Now we are happy and lives together. Am I miss his dick occasionally ? even in this age.
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