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A Cuckold's Tale Part 6

"Wh...I...did...who...uh..." I put my hand against my mouth and tried to gather my thoughts as I exhaled deeply. "How did this happen?"
"What are you thinking right now? How do you feel?" Anghsu analyzed me.
"I, I don't know. This doesn't even make sense to me. I don't know what's going on. You have to tell me!"
"I can imagine it's hard to make sense of it. Those e-mails are incomplete. I deleted a lot of them. We've had some very revealing conversations. I only wanted you to see a handful of them so you'd know I wasn't bullshitting you when I tell you about your wife," Anghsu refilled my cup with liquor and handed it to me.
"Did you fuck my wife?" I asked, barely able to utter the words without clearing my throat.
Anghsu smiled and brought his hand to his chin as if he were debating his answer. "I knew you would ask that. No, I haven't fucked her yet. But I will if you ask nicely."

I tipped my cup back and took another drink. My conflicted mind was half way between fantasy land and painful reality, I wasn't sure if I was relieved or disappointed. "Please don't be vague right now. I need to know exactly what's going on. She's sending you pictures of herself and telling you personal shit! How did this happen, Anghsu!"
Anghsu squinted. "Change your tone, and ask me nicely."

"If you're going to be a cuckold it's important for you to respect the man that owns your wife's pussy. SUMITA has to always see that I am in charge. Now, if you want to hear this, ask properly," Anghsu brashly demanded.
I was too stunned by his sudden change in demeanor to speak at first, but finally relented. "Anghsu, please explain this to me. I'm asking as a friend."
Anghsu sat beside me and patted me on the back. "That's a good start. Did you bring what I asked you for?"
I nodded, pulling a balled up pair of SUMITA's panties from my pocket.
Anghsu took them from me and pressed them against his face. "Mmmmmm. She got fucked the day she wore these. Her pussy was ripe. She must have been wet all day." Anghsu removed her panties from his face and began to explain. "I began chatting with her shortly after you and I began talking. One of those photo's you sent of her, it was taken at a company gathering, yes?"
I thought about it then nodded.

"The name of her company was in big letters on a banner in the background. I looked them up on line and found a company directory. It wasn't hard to find her. I found an obviously Bengali first name with your last name and I knew it was your wife. Sumita Kapoor?" Anghsu chuckled at the name.
"very smart," I said.

"So I e-mailed her. I told her that I'd been browsing the website and come across her name, which was the same as the last name of an old friend of mine who I'd lost contact with from the same town. I asked if there was any chance she was related to Sanjay Kapoor. Of course she informed me that she was your wife.
"She was very friendly and helpful right from the beginning. She offered to take my contact info and pass it on to you, but I told her not to, that I wanted to come into town and make a surprise visit.

"I started out by asking questions about you and how things were, how long she'd been married to you, things like that. Your wife is quite a chatterbox, my friend! And trusting too, just like you. She was more than happy to tell me whatever I wanted to know, and plenty more that I didn't even ask...like you," Anghsu chuckled.
"You guys are two peas in a pod, that's for sure. No wonder you wound up together. Never once doubted that I was who I said I was. But she had no reason too, after all I knew a lot about you from all of our e-mail exchanges.

"I won her over pretty easily. I showed her I had a sense of humor right away. I'd crack jokes about you, like how boring you are, how you spend too much time on the computer, and all of the other things you told me she complained about. That resonated with her so she knew she didn't have to pretend that your marriage was perfect just for my sake. In fact, before I knew it I became the complaint department for all things involving you."
I shook my head, "Telling all of our personal business to a stranger."
"You should talk," Anghsu said, sarcastically, raising an eyebrow.
I bowed my head and took a drink.

"When a woman wants to vent about her man, there is no one she'd rather talk to than someone who knows her man. And there I was, unassuming, non judgmental, a good listener, and I could cheer her up by making her laugh. You should thank me, because I pulled your ass out of a sling more than once, whether you know it or not!"

Anghsu stopped talking and stared at me, and I realized he'd meant it. "Thank you," I said.
"Your welcome. Because it got to the point where the bitch would never shut up. I had to listen and pretend to care about every stupid little thing that went wrong in her life. Car problems, money problems, she hates her job, her boss, she broke a nail, her friend wore an ugly dress, you name it, I had to hear it all. But it all paid off. By pretending to give a shit about all the little things, I got her to open up about the big thing."
"Sex," I stated dryly, now hanging on every word.

"Oh yes, my friend. I cracked a few jokes about how you never were a ladies man and she had a field day talking about your lack of performance in the bedroom. Did you know she's never had an orgasm with you?"
I didn't answer, but the way I shrunk into my shirt must have told him how I felt. I downed the rest of my MacDowell .
"She wasn't happy at all. You remember that phase the two of you went through? The issues were many, but that was at the top of it. She was going to leave you," Anghsu said, sympathetically.

"Leave me?" My words came out in a whisper. I felt like I'd just been punched in the stomach.
"Don't sit there looking like a lost puppy. Once again, I saved your ass. I convinced her she should fuck other men," He stated easily.
"You did what!" I crowed, having to fight off a spell of dizziness.
"Would it be better if you were single? Because that's what would have happened if I hadn't worked my magic on her."
"Who, Anghsu? Who did she fuck? How long has it been going on?"
"Hold your horses. I didn't say she fucked anyone," Anghsu looked irritated.
"Did she?" I waited with baited breath.

Anghsu cleared his throat and ignored my question. "I got to give it to her, she loves you enough that she didn't want to cheat on you. Most sluts like her wouldn't think twice about getting their needy pussies filled. She was absolutely convinced that the right thing to do was to get a divorce. In a conventional relationship, she'd have been right. Unfortunately you kept your little fantasy from her so she had no idea that she wasn't in a conventional relationship.
"It wasn't very hard to convince her. First I had to get her off the idea of divorce. I made a strong case that it would hurt you a lot more if she left you than if you found out she'd cheated. I even managed to convince her that you were the type of guy who would forgive her if she got caught. I practically guaranteed it.

"Don't worry, I didn't tell her you were a perv who liked the idea of her getting her pussy stretched by strange cock. It was some shit about you being more driven by your emotions than your sexual needs. What a load of crap, huh?" Anghsu laughed.
"She really didn't want to leave you; she just couldn't cope with idea of never having a fulfilling sex life. I gave her an out, made her feel like she had a get out of jail free card, so-to-speak."

The feeling of relief that came with hearing that she still loved me allowed me to drift completely back into fantasyland. I sat up straight and waited anxiously for him to continue.
"She couldn't talk to you about it, you know? Not wanting to hurt your feelings and all. You're lucky I was there," Anghsu said, proudly.
"Thank you," I assumed was what he was waiting to hear.
"I can't believe she never mentioned you though. All this time?"

Anghsu smiled. "I thought about that too. Women are tricky though; they can keep their dirty secrets. I think she looks at me more like her friend than yours at this point. Plus, things have gotten pretty flirtatious between us. I'm quite positive that she wants me to fuck her. Maybe she thinks I'll just forget about reconnecting with you and be her lover on the side. She's hinted at it."
"Oh, fuck," I gasped. My cock was as stiff as ever, and my head was doubly clouded by fantasy and liquor.

Anghsu gave me a knowing grin and continued. "This all came about within the first couple of months I chatted her up. I got her to exchange some photos with me. Nothing risqué at first, but it gave me an opportunity to compliment her and flirt a little. But the ball rolled pretty quickly. She's a horny little bitch, let me tell you! Sorry you only get to see it when she's drunk, but she just isn't comfortable with you in the sex department. You make her feel awkward."
"She told you that?"

Anghsu rolled his eyes. "Then the photo's became more frequent, and more daring. She's asked several times if I'd like to see her naked. I told her I'd like to save that for when we met. She told me she couldn't wait. I'm savoring the anticipation. That's why I've never asked you for that nude photo you have of her. But I'd like to think you would have at least offered it, since I'm the one responsible for you getting it!"
"What? How? She was drunk that night, she get's that way."
"Not like that, you know better. True, she was out drinking, but I got her all wet and worked up. We were having phone sex via text message while she was at the bar that night. She calls it 'sexting'."

"Did you tell her to do that?"
"The photos, or the prostate massage?" Anghsu laughed. "She said she felt guilty about the phone sex, it was sort of the first time she'd cheated...by her standards. So I told her to go give you a spicy time when she got home.
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